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Chapter 9: Everyone Loves to Make-up

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Chapter 9: Everyone Loves to Make-up

written by anonymous author

added on: 28 Aug 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

JORDAN: You will. But, I mean, Angela, I can't, you know, I can't show you that now.

ANGELA: That's true. You can't. Listen...(VO) I can find a way to forgive him I know I can. It's just so hard to forget everything. I know he cares what happens to us instead of just forgetting we ever happened I me-

Jordan interrupts her thoughts

Jordan: Angela? Im listening or whatever so...what?(half-laughs)
Angela: oh sorry. Well I guess like were together now? ok? And I forgive you for everything.
Jordan: really?
Angela: yeah...just like...dont do it again.

They both laugh a little bit then Jordan takes her hand and leads her inside the school. Everyone stops what they're doing to look at them and they slowly turn to look at one another and smile. Camera cuts. We see Rickie in the Girls bathroom with Rayanne.

Rayanne: This is like so...stupid. I mean really why do they even bother to like say that?
Rickie: Oh I know! Its so-

He's cut off by Angela coming in the bathroom with a huge smile on her face. As she leans on the elevator Sharon bursts through the door excitedly, it's obvious she followed Angela.

Sharon: I soo just saw that in the hallway Angela!
Rickie Rayanne: What happened?
Sharon: I mean when did this happen?
Rickie Rayanne: When did what happen?
Sharon: Why did I not hear about this?
Rickie Rayanne: Hear what?

While they continue on like this Angela is just lost. With a confused expression on her face like when are you gonna let me talk, but she is really not paying much attention to their questions. Just the fact that theyre askin some.

Angela (vo): Wow. Jordan...cares...FOR ME! He actually wants to try. God its like things were so messed up and then he took the effort to say something and it changed everything. He took the time to tell me his feelings. I dont think I could ever be mad at him again.
Sharon: ok Angela...what the hell are you doing? Tell me!
Angela: ok...he came to talk to me and he said that he was sorry and that he really cared and that he took me for granted. He said he would show that he is making a commitment. He wants to try. ( a huge smile comes across her face as she says the last sentence)

Angela leaves the room to go to her locker. On her way Brian is just staring at her with questioning eyes, wondering why she is smiling. Then the bell rings and Angela walks into her class and takes a seat. She's sittin at an angle so she see the door clearly.

Angela(vo): life cannot get any better. I swear.

Just after she says this she looks up to see Jordan in the hallway smiling at her. He waves and then leaves. We see him nervously pacing around Angela's locker until he finally places a small note in there.

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