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Chapter 9: The Conversation

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Chapter 9: The Conversation

written by Dominika

added on: 21 Sep 2005 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Angela crying bumps into Rayanne.
Rayanne: (hesitates for a second) Are you, like, okay?
Angela Voice Over: Okay? I can't believe she, like, asked me that. Jordan and I are, like, over, for good. And it's like all her fault.
Angela: (very abruptly while walking away) I'm fine.
Rayanne: Look I know you like hate me, or something, but I'm sorry. And you're like not okay.
Angela: I said I was fine. God can you not just leave me alone? (Angela walks off)
Rayanne: (Rayanne grabs her by the arm) Angela, I'm sorry. I know you hate me but you're like so not okay and i care about you. So if you need to talk i'm like here.
Angela: I don't need to talk. VO: God I wish I could like just talk to her. Everything is like so messed up. (Angela pulls away and walks off but Rayanne stops here again)
Rayanne: Look Angela, i like keep saying I'm sorry. i miss you, you know. I just want things to be, like back to normal. but fine if you don't want to talk then like that's just fine, i like have better things to do.

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