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Chapter 10: Matchmaker, matchmaker

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Chapter 10: Matchmaker, matchmaker

written by Joie

added on: 03 Nov 2000 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

(RICKIE sits on bench outside GUIDANCE OFFICE. RAYANNE comes out, smiling.)


RAYANNE: Uh (laughing) God, that woman! She makes me laugh, I swear.

RICKIE: I thought she was, like, supposed to be counselling you, not working her stand-up routine on you.

RAYANNE: Yeah, well. What's the difference? (gets lollies out, puts one in RICKIE's mouth)

RICKIE: Have you talked to Angela?

RAYANNE: (shrugs) Mm mm.

RICKIE: I'm starting to feel like every structure in my life is falling apart.

RAYANNE: (looks at roof) School's still hanging in there.

RICKIE: (stops, looks at her) Rayanne, sort this out. You want to be her friend, she wants to be your friend. I want you both to be friends. Say the magic words, and mean it.

RAYANNE: Yeah, yeah. Catcha later!

RICKIE: Rayanne!

RAYANNE: Later! I'm late for 'Our Town'.... (Exits)

(RICKIE continues walking. He spots BRIAN at his locker)

RICKIE: Hey, Brian.

BRIAN: Oh. Hi.

RICKIE: Listen, Brian. I know you this isn't really my business, but I need to know. Do you, like, seriously intend to, like, try a relationship with Angela?

BRIAN: (looking round nervously) You think I haven't been trying?

RICKIE: No, seriously.


RICKIE: Because I happen to know that someone else really likes you, and I want to know how things are, before, I, like, give them my evaluation.

BRIAN: What, is that what happens in the girls room? (RICKIE shrugs) Wait...uh. Who is this?
That you're talking about, I's know.

RICKIE: It's's just a friend, right?

BRIAN: Oh my's, like, not Rayanne is it?

RICKIE: (sniggers) Rayanne? Uh, no. (looks around) Look, it's Delia, right?

BRIAN: (disbelief) Delia? But,, that is. I mean, she, like

RICKIE: Hates you? Yeah, I thought so too. But, apparently not. I mean, think about it. Why would she hate you so much if she wasn't so hurt by what you did?

BRIAN: Don't analyse things, please. My parents do it to my all the time. It drives me crazy.

RICKIE: Hey, be glad they bother. Anyway, that's the deal Brian. I, like, seriously, do not want to see Delia get hurt. Or Angela, for that matter.

(RICKIE goes. BRIAN stares after him)

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