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The Interactive FanFiction Story

One of the longest-running fanfiction stories on the 'net.

Chapter 10: Johanna

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Chapter 10: Johanna

written by Maria J S

added on: 05 Aug 2002 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Girls room, Liberty High

Rickie pushes open the door to the girls room, he meets Sharon in the door.

Sharon: Rickie! Hi! Come here. (Grabs his arm and pulls him into the room) Rickie, I need to talk to you...

Rickie: Uhu...

Sharon: I'm desperate! Kyle is driving me crazy. I tried to talk to him but his like NOT listening. Why are guys such... Guys?! I mean... No I don't no what I mean. I'm never gonna talk to him again. Ever! Not with any guy, until I know I'm really, truly in love... I know I've said it before, but this time I'm gonna stick to it... (Remembers she actually talking to someone) I'm sorry Rickie, it's just... So,'s angela doing?

Rickie: (Kinda surprised she's actually asking him something)Um, she's fine. Angela's fine... Um basically she's like a little confused I guess. About this whole thing... eh...

(enter short, really blond girl)

"Blond girl": (shy look) Hi.

Rickie: Eh...Hi.

Sharon: Hi.

"Blond girl": (To Rickie) You're Rickie?

Rickie: Eh, well... yeah.

"Blond girl": (Pause) This girl said I should talk to you. About... hmm... I dont know, I didn't really get it... (embaressed look) I'm sorry, this kind of things always happen to me. I'm hopeless.

Rickie: That's OK, so am I.

"Blond girl": (Thankful smile)I'm sorry I'm bothering you. It's like, I have Katimsky, did I say it right? Anyway, I have him in English, or I will, I'm like new and... Eh you like kinda know him, huh? Katimsky I mean...

Rickie: Eh... yeah I guess so...

"Blond girl": Good! Could you like help me talk to him some day?

Rickie: You need help talking to him?

"Blond girl": Eh... well, yeah it's like complicated...

Rickie: (Confused look at Sharon) Sure, I'll do that.

"Blond girl": (Big smile) Thank you! So see you later. (Starting to leave) Oh I forgot! I'm Johanna, just so you know. That's like my name...

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