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Chapter 11: No Joke!!

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Chapter 11: No Joke!!

written by Mileena

added on: 08 Sep 2005 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

At Angela's Locker-

Angela leaning against her locker, with Rickie and Rayanne standing beside her. Other students are walking by, hanging around, minding their own business.

Rayanne: You're joking right?

Angela: No, I'm not...

Rayanne: Catalano is like, staying at your house, living with you...

Angela: (Hair tuck, grinning) Yes!!

Rickie: And you're parents are ok with this?

Angela: They're the one's who sugested it. I mean, they practically welcomed him.

Rickie: Like with me?

Angela: Yeah.

Rayanne: (Guniningly Smiling) Angelika, you vixen...he's your's in almost every way.

Angelea: (Blushes) I guess, but don't forget. There are rules!

Rayanne: (Shurgs) Oh yeah...

Rickie: Looks like you got what you wanted.

Angela beams, folding her arms, staring at the wall across the hall.

Angela (VO): This has to be a dream...I'm dreaming. Jordan Catalano is living in my house, and we're back together...boyfriend and girlfriend...The question is, can I handle it?

She see's Jordan at the end of the hall, talking to Shane and Joey. They are laughing about something, goofing around.

Angela (VO): I think I can.

Rayanne grabs Angela's hand, while Rickie puts his arm around her shoulder, bringing her out of her thoughts. Angela looks at them.

Rayanne: Come on, let's go.

Angela: Where?

Rickie: You'll see.

Angela chuckles as she leaves, glancing back at Jordan, who looks at her, and they make brief eye contact, before she is practically dragged down the hall.

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