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Chapter 9: Don't Struggle Alone

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Chapter 9: Don't Struggle Alone

written by Joie

added on: 18 Feb 2002 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

ANGELA and JORDAN slowly break apart. JORDAN, embarrassed, brushes his tears off with his sleeve. He gives a shaky laugh.

JORDAN: So... yeah. Now you know.


ANGELA: So what are you gonna do?

JORDAN: Uh... like I said, I guess. Move into my own place. There're some places over by Station road. The rent's not too bad, so... yeah.

ANGELA: What about school?

JORDAN: Well, what about it, I guess I can still... you know, come or whatever.

But JORDAN doesn't sound convinced himself. ANGELA looks at him.

JORDAN: (quietly) I dunno. We'll see what happens, I guess. Like it's really doing so much for me.

ANGELA: Yeah, well. You won't get anywhere if you drop out now.

JORDAN: Well, what choice do I have?

ANGELA: Maybe you could talk to Ms. Krzyzanowski about it, or someone.

JORDAN: That counsellor lady? (ANGELA nods. JORDAN chuckles) No way. She hates my guts.

Beat. ANGELA runs a hand through her hair.

ANGELA: What about... *my* parents?

JORDAN looks at her.

JORDAN: What about'em?

ANGELA: Do you wanna talk with them about it?

JORDAN chuckles nervously.

JORDAN: Um... how to say it... not really. No offence.

ANGELA: Jordan, please. I *beg* of you, please... don't move out, and disappear, and just... get into more trouble, please *talk* to someone first.

ANGELA looks at JORDAN, tears of desperation in her eyes. JORDAN regards her.


ANGELA pushes the front door open, and holds it for JORDAN. She takes her coat off, hangs it up.

ANGELA: You can take your coat off.

JORDAN: No, it's fine.

They place their shoes by the door, and walk into the house. PATTY and GRAHAM are going through some papers at the table, and half watching the news on TV.

PATTY: (not looking up) Hi. Your dinner is in the fridge, just put it in the microwave.

ANGELA: Thanks. Um, mom?

PATTY: Yes honey?

PATTY looks up. Sees JORDAN standing there, awkward. Her face breaks into a smile. GRAHAM looks up too.

PATTY: We--, Jordan, how nice to see you again.

JORDAN: Hi, Mrs. Chase, Mr. Chase.


PATTY: Do you want something to eat too, Jordan?

JORDAN looks at ANGELA, ANGELA looks back at him. JORDAN shrugs.


PATTY gets up to get something for JORDAN. ANGELA and JORDAN follow her.

ANGELA: Um, mom... can we ask you something?

PATTY's face freezes.


ANGELA, JORDAN, PATTY and GRAHAM sit around the kitchen table, whilst ANGELA and JORDAN finish their meal.

ANGELA: So... that's the situation.

PATTY and GRAHAM look serious.

PATTY: You know, Jordan... moving out on your own... if you don't have any way to support yourself, you're going to run into a lot of trouble.

JORDAN: I know, but... I was intending to like, get a job.

GRAHAM: What about school?

JORDAN: (vague) It'll be okay.

PATTY and GRAHAM exchange looks.

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