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Chapter 10: Living together

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Chapter 10: Living together

written by Liz

added on: 18 Jun 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Patty: ok, kids, were going to discuss this in the other room for a minute.

thet exit

Patty: We can't let him go to the streets, he's not a bad kid, I think we should let him stay here.

Graham: I agree, but there have to be some rules first.

Patty: Definetly. Let's go tell them

They return to kitchen

Patty: Ok, we've decided. Jordan, If you'd like you can stay here for awhile, until you can afford your own place.

Graham: But there will be some rules

Patty:--yes. like one you will have the same curfew as Angela

Graham:--and, uh, you will have to sleep on the couch.

Patty:--under no circumstances will the two of you share a room, or bed or anything like that

Graham:-- I think that's about it.

Patty: Well, Jordan, What do you think?

Angela: (speaking befor Jordan can) You mean it? you guys are great! I love you guys.

Jordan: That's a really nice offer, but I,I,I just don't know, I mean I don't wanna impose or something

Patty: Jordan, we would love to have you stay.

Jordan(touched by their kindness) Sounds great.

Angela and Jordan hug

cut to the next morning

Angela creeps downstairs to see jordan lying on the couch asleep. (vo) It's amazing, Jordan is like living here now, I can't believe it, there was a time I thought I could never be really close to him, now I know like the most intimate details. I love him so much

Jordan's wakes up and looks around a look of confusion on his face, then realization, and then a look of relief.

Angela: Good morning(from the stairs)

Jordan: (looks over and smiles a genuine smile) Hey, morning. So, uh, Thanks, you know for getting me to talk to your parents,but me and you need to talk(hears people stirring upstairs) Later ok?

(Jordan and Angela in his car going to school)

Jordan: I uh, I don't want you to take this the wrong way, but, maybe me living at your house isn't the best idea.

Angela(Hurt)Why? (chin wobbling)

Jordan:Don't do that. (staring at her chin)

Angela: Do what?

Jordan: That chin wobling thing, It like distracts me

Angela: Why?

Jordan: Because It makes me want to make everything ok for you even if I cant And I really need to say this. ok?

Angela(vo): wow, Jordan just said he wants to omake things ok for me. How sweet. I guess I better listen

Jordan: So , like you know, the thing is is like I want you, Like I want to be with you *with* you

Angela: I know, and you know I'm not ready yet.

Jordan: Yeah see thing is, its gonna be harder for me to not sort of push you into being ready, if I'm staying there. I want you Angela, I want you bad, Buut I don't want to ruin things between us again ok?

Angela(leans over and kisses him) Hey, you wont ruin things ok? we both understand each other on this right?

Jordan: yeah

Angela: So it'll all work out

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