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Chapter 13: Tears Before Bedtime

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Chapter 13: Tears Before Bedtime

written by Joie

added on: 22 Jun 2001 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman


(ANGELA looks away, tears in her eyes.)

ANGELA: Well, okay, maybe they do. You know, maybe they love me, but I-I don't think they like me very much, you know? (ANGELA's voice breaks.) I-I mean, they're two different things.

JORDAN: I know.

ANGELA: I mean... my dad just.. I don't know, sometimes I think he, like, just resents me, and all of us, 'cause now he's got, like responsibilities that he never had before... and my mom, just... she wants this, like, perfect daughter, which I obviously am not. They both hate all my friends, my clothes, my music, everything about me...

(ANGELA sobs. JORDAN puts his arms around her.)

JORDAN: (smiles.) My dad hates all my friends too. (Beat.) I thought your mom kinda liked me.

(ANGELA laughs through her tears.)

ANGELA: Yeah, she likes you. And Sharon, I guess. And Brian, kind of. Well, I mean, she says she likes Brian, but whenever he's around, I mean, I know I find him annoying, but she always acts like he's a pain as well. I don't know.

JORDAN: She knows Brain?

ANGELA: He lives across the road from me, since, like, forever.

JORDAN: Oh, right. Yeah.

ANGELA: Look, let's go.


(ANGELA and JORDAN release the hug, JORDAN drives the car off.)


MONTAGE: JORDAN and ANGELA drink, dance a lot. Everyone is getting drunker and drunker. END MONTAGE

(ANGELA and JORDAN dance together, then ANGELA whispers something in JORDAN's ear, exits. JORDAN goes to get another drink. He waits. ANGELA does not return. JORDAN walks through the crowd to the bathroom. He taps on the door, it opens. JORDAN enters the bathroom, and sees:

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