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Chapter 13: Totally Surreal

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Chapter 13: Totally Surreal

written by silent angel

added on: 22 Oct 2002 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Angela walks past her Mother in a rage,picks up the phone and dials Rayannes number.
Rayanne - Hello?
Angela - Yeah, did you like call me, or something,my Mom said you did.
Rayanne - Uh huh.
Angela(long pause)-Well...what?
Angelavo - Sometimes Rayanne could be so stupid.Like the time she almost got raped outside "Let's Bolt" and wrecked the guys car.That was one of these moments."A rayanne moment". Totally surreal.
Rayanne - You going to Tino's tonight then?Cause if you are then that would be...I mean it's gonna be fun and...well Ricki's going...
Angela(interupting)- Why did you really call Rayanne?
Rayanne - Angela I miss you.
Angela - I gotta go.
Rayanne - Please listen,I am so sorry for Jordan, and you know I hate apologies but...just come to Tino's...please.
Angela - I might.(she hangs up the phone.)
Patty - Was that Rayanne again?
Angela - Yeah,she wants me to stay over so we can sort us out.
Patty - Maybe you should. She must be awful lonely without you or Ricki.
Angela - I guess.
Angelavo - I had an alibi there and then, without thinking too much. I could go to Tino's or...whatever.Lieing came to easy to me now.
Angela - Yeah, I'm gonna go.
Patty - Good, you be the adult.

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