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Chapter 13: Gentle Persuasions

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Chapter 13: Gentle Persuasions

written by Joie

added on: 26 Oct 2001 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman


(ANGELA wanders into her room, shuts the door, flops onto her bed. A rap at the door.)


(The door opens, DANIELLE stands there.)

DANIELLE: Where've you been?

ANGELA: Danielle. Why aren't you in bed?

DANIELLE: I dunno...

(DANIELLE wanders into the room, strangely un-hostile. ANGELA regards her.)

DANIELLE: Kinda wondered where you were. Mom and Dad have been freaking all night.

ANGELA: I bet. You know, like, they ask me what happened, and then, when I tell them, they don't even believe me! Like, why do they even bother asking?

DANIELLE: (duh) Because they're parents?

ANGELA: Hah! (Beat) Hey, Danielle, can you do me a favour?

DANIELLE: Depends...

ANGELA: No, it's nothing, can you just... I *have* to go tell someone something. It's really important. Can you cover for me, until I get back?

DANIELLE: Well how long are you gonna be?

ANGELA: Not long, okay.

DANIELLE: Well what am I supposed to say?

ANGELA: Tell them... I'm in the shower, or something. Please?

(DANIELLE looks doubtful. Then, she says:

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