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Chapter 8: Love with brian

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Chapter 8: Love with brian

written by kristen

added on: 24 Jul 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

BRIAN: are you having fun? because if your not there is'nt any point in this is there?
Angela: well, brian, you surprised me. i thought this was going to be really bad( laughs)
brian: but...
angela: but i'm having a great time. i think i um ....
brian: you think....
angela: i think i like you okay!
brian is silent for a while.
brian: thats good
angela looks at brian
brian: i mean...if i was like planning on kissing you or whatever, its good to know that you won't like be mad or whatever
angela: (speaking softly) yea thats good
brian: yea um so.....
brian leans in and kisses angela softly and quickly
angela: what was that! (laughing)
brian laughs also and leans in and kisses angela passionatly.
angela pulls away
anglea: oh brian, i had no idea
brian: well...(looks down)...did you like, like the kiss?
angela: why?
brian: because i want to know if it made you happy
anglea: it made me happier than you could ever know
brian: well thats good.
angela and brian get up and walk off

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