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Chapter 7: Leaving For A Date With Brian Krakow

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Chapter 7: Leaving For A Date With Brian Krakow

written by Sig

added on: 17 Oct 2002 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Patty, Graham, and Danielle are in the living room. Danielle is watching TV, Patty is reading a book, and Graham is reading a newspaper. The doorbell rings.

PATTY: Danielle, will you get that?

DANIELLE: (sighs) Fine. (opens door, sees Brian standing outside.) Oh. Hi.

BRIAN: Is Angela, uh, here?

GRAHAM: (looking up from paper) She's upstairs.

PATTY: (screaming up the stairway) Angela! Brian Krakow is here!

Angela appears at the top of the stairs.

ANGLEA (VOICE OVER): I cannot believe I'm doing this. I have to assert myself to him. I cannot let him think I want a relationship with him. (takes a deep breath, walks down the stairs)

ANGELA: Hi Brian.

BRIAN: Uh...Hi. So, what movie do you want to see?

(Patty and Graham exchange glances)

ANGELA: Uh...Mom, Dad, I'm going with Brian.

PATTY: (cautiously) That's fine...

(Angela and Brian walk out the front door. Patty and Graham watch them. Brian grabs Angela's hand as the door closes Angela wriggles away. The door closes.)

GRAHAM: What in the world?

PATTY: Did our daughter just leave on a date with Brian Krakow?

GRAHAM: They're going to have a terrible time...

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