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The Interactive FanFiction Story

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Chapter 10: save the emus

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Chapter 10: save the emus

written by Jenna

added on: 06 Oct 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

angela and jordan are looking for brian. They pull over on the side of the highway when they see brian's bike

angela: whoa, its really creepy out here.
JOrdan: holy crap, what the heck is the brain doing all the way out here.
angela: i dont know but ive been really worried about him lately. hes been acting pretty strange.
jordan: maybe hes involved in some government agency program.
Angela: Jordan, dont even joke about that, it's suppose to be a secret!
Jordan:man your touchy lately.
angela: I shouldn't have even told you, your such a jerk.
JOrdan: I'm sorrry okay, can we just forget about it and go find brillow pad head or whatever his name is.
angela: yeah, your right.
angela and jordan walk off into an open field to look for brian. they see a faint light coming from a few yards away and head toward it. Finally, they spot brian.
Angela: brian, what are you doing out here, ive been really worried about you.
brian: its none of your business angela, cant you just stay out of my business for once? cant i have anything to nyself for once? to cherish as my own! huh, can i have that please?
Jordan: dude what in the world coluld you have out here thats worth anything?
brian: my wole world is out here jordan. the essence of my very being lives within these fields. I'll show you.
Jordan: this is freaky dude...
brian: follow me.
angela and jordan follow brian to a small gatedd pasture.
brian: look into the night and see, see the beauty!!!
angela and jordan look into the field to see several dozen emu frollicking playfully in the night.
angela: This is your big secret? EMUS?
brian: yes, they are my passion and my reason for living. i love them so. i eeven named one after you angela.
angela: um..thanks, i guess.
brian: and jordan, this one here, is a stupid one, i named him after you.
Jordan: cool! can i ride it?
brian:why of course!

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