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Chapter 10: Stationary Object

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Chapter 10: Stationary Object

written by Joie

added on: 18 Aug 2001 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

(ANGELA sighs. JORDAN sighs too: he knows the answer.)

ANGELA: I can't Jordan. I just can't, I mean, it's already late, and.. I've got to go.

JORDAN: Okay. I'll drop you home.

(ANGELA nods. JORDAN stands up, helps her up too.)

JORDAN: You know, you don't have to do anything... if you don't want to.

ANGELA: What do you mean?

JORDAN: I mean, you're like fifteen, right?

ANGELA: Yeah, so?

JORDAN: So... your parents can't really push you around anymore. And... I mean, if you wanna do something, you should just do it.

(ANGELA nods.)


(Outside the Chase House. ANGELA and JORDAN kiss goodnight. ANGELA opens the car door.)

ANGELA: I'll see you tomorrow.


(ANGELA goes to get out, then stops, looks at JORDAN.)

ANGELA: What you said before, about how I don't have to do what other people want me to?

JORDAN: What about it?

ANGELA: Well, it like, applies to you too. You know?

(JORDAN nods. ANGELA, a little embarrassed, but glad she said it, nods and exits the car. She slowly wanders up the driveway.)

ANGELA (VO): Sometimes, with Jordan Catalano, it seems like he's always trying to get something, like, we can never just be together, we have to do something, or go somewhere. But at the same time, we never go anywhere.

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  • Jody gave this chapter a 5.0/5 5.0/5 rating and commented on 05 Nov 2010:
    Great work -- keeps the realism of the language, and navigates an important converrsation well.

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