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Chapter 12: What Really Matters!

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Chapter 12: What Really Matters!

written by Aubry :)

added on: 27 Jul 2001 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Angela gets in Jordan's car after a moment passes by.

Angela: So, like what do you want to talk about?
Angela VO: Like sometimes I couldn't like believe his audacity. Like he expects me to like do everything he says, and if I don't he thinks there's something wrong with me. Like not everybody agrees on everything all the time.

Jordan: I thought maybe we could like go somewhere or something and talk or whatever.

Angela VO: Sometimes you just want a person to say like what he means. Jordan was like this enigma and he was so apathetic about everything you like couldn't tell like what mattered to him. If I like mattered to him?

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