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Chapter 12: Friendly Advice

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Chapter 12: Friendly Advice

written by Joie

added on: 31 Oct 2000 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman


(RAYANNE and RICKIE at RICKIE's locker)

RAYANNE: Who else?

RICKIE: Uh...Nadia Brunner. Definitely.

RAYANNE: Remind me.

RICKIE: You know (JORDAN stands behind RICKIE's open locker door, they don't see him) Nose ring, got ripped out during that fight she had with...uh....

RAYANNE: Claire Chambers?

RICKIE: Yeah. Well, anyway, her. She is a definite.

RAYANNE: How come?

RICKIE: She's in my homeroom. Her eyebrows, are, like, brown and her hair is, like- (closes locker, sees JORDAN behind it. Startled, steps back) Woah!

JORDAN: Uh hi.



JORDAN: You two are, like, friends, or whatever with Angela. Yeah?


JORDAN: Uh, it's not, like, whatever, but I need to know. What's happening with her and Brain. Because I can't talk to her. Now. And Brain doesn't make...uh...sense. So. Kinda wondering if you, either of you, did. Know. About it.

(RAYANNE and RICKIE exchange looks)

RAYANNE: Look, Catalano. The person to talk to is Angela because....

RICKIE: ...only Angela really knows the situation and...

RAYANNE: .....if we were to tell you....

RICKIE: way or the other then....

RAYANNE: ....I mean, it might not be right.

RICKIE: Like, on the one hand, I'd say that....

RAYANNE: ....there is totally, nothing at all, on any level...

RICKIE: ....between Brian and Angela but......

RAYANNE: .... see on another level it kind of depends

RICKIE: ....on many things.

RAYANNE: Like pressure....

RICKIE: ....parental pressure, emotional pressure....

RAYANNE: ..... your own relationship at the time....

RICKIE: The best thing is just to talk to Angela. Talk to her properly. Don't argue with her, don't, like, walk off or whatever. I mean, this is between you two, and it's totally not our business but...

RAYANNE: Listen, Catalano, you need to sort it out. She's unhappy and she needs some kind of...

RICKIE: Resolution. To all this.

(JORDAN has been looking from face to face. He sighs)

JORDAN: So right. Talk to her.


RAYANNE: (looks at clock) Agh! Gotta go. Guidance. (to RICKIE) Later girlfriend! (Exits)

JORDAN (stares after her) So, like. Where is, Angela. So I can talk to her.

RICKIE: Uh...possibly in there. I'll see if she is.

(RICKIE enters Girl's Room. JORDAN stares at the door)

JORDAN: So weird.

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