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Chapter 11: secrets are hard to keep

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Chapter 11: secrets are hard to keep

written by screenbich

added on: 05 Feb 2000 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

At school the next day. Angela and Jordan are in the corridor together. Rayanne comes up to them...

rayanne: hey angela what's up
angela: hey rayanne
rayanne: so i guess this means you two are back on. what happened did you take him back to your house and make up in private?
angela: rayanne!
rayanne: what?
*angela is blushing*
oh my god, you did didn't you! Angela chase what would your mother say.
jordan: um i think i'm gonna go to class or something. i'll catch you later.
angela: yeah see ya.*to rayanne* rayanne you r so embarrasing. you even scared jordan off
Rayanne: you heard him he had to go to class
angela: since when does jordan ever go to class
rayane: so what's happening with you two?
angela: we're back on
rayanne: i can see that. i mean did you two finally do it?
*people in the corridor turn to see. angela groans*
rayanne: oh come on i'm your best friend
Angela: ok yes we finally 'did it'
rayanne: oh my god that is so cool, i'm so happy for you, i mean it is what you want isn't it?
angela: yeah i guess its just...
* ricky comes up to them*
ricky: hey guys
angela and rayanne: hey
ricky: angela has something happened you're looking kinda weird
angela:weird how, no nothings happened
rayanne: her and jordan had sex yesterday
angela: rayanne!
rayanne: what?
ricky:what, oh my god this is like so big ! why did no-one tell me? so are you guys back on then or is that not how it was - sorry am i being like really nosy
angela: no, we're back on
rayanne : (joking) ricky i'm not sure we can hang around angela now. she may be a bad influence
ricky: i know what you mean
* they run off laughing with angela following*
angela: guys wait. so could you like really tell just by looking at me?

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