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Chapter 10: angela reaches closure - kind of

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Chapter 10: angela reaches closure - kind of

written by screenbich

added on: 26 Jan 2000 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

at the chase's house.

angela: um so do you want a drink or something?
jordan:no not relly
Angela:oh ok. so...
jordan:look angela why did you bring me back here?
angela:because we need to sort this whole thing out without people like Brian being there. Jordan i need to know whats happening with us . I mean one minute we're all over each other and the next we're not even talking...
jordan: geez angela give me a break
angela: look i'm just sick of all these complications, and its making me wonder if its all worth it
jordan:hey you're the one whos making all the complications like all that stuff with the stupid letter
angela:thats because everything i thought you were feeling you really weren't, and i guess i thought you were laughing at me, * angela starts speaking faster, raising her voice * and then there's the fact that brian and you are now like best friends or something, i mean not wanting to sound selfish but do i like figure anywhere in that lttle equasion, and..
* jordan pulls angela towards him, kissing her*
jordan:can you just like stop speaking
angela: oh so is that the only reason you're kissing me now, to shut me up
*they both laugh and start kissing again*
jordan:angela, when you asked me to take you home what were you thinking um.. would happen?
angela:*she blushes* i guess something like this or i don't know um something more, oh god um...
*jordan kisses her gently then takes her hand and leads her upstairs*

in angela's bedroom. angela and jordan are on the bed kissing. angela pushes jordan away...

angela: wait, there's something i need to know
jordan: uh ok
angela:is this like a one-off or are we like back together?
jordan: well it'd probably be the most complicated one night stand i've had, so... i guess it'd be easier just to say we're back together. *he grins*

they continue kissing. the screen fades

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Angela Chase, Episode 1: "My So-Called Life (Pilot)"