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Chapter 9: Mistakes

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Chapter 9: Mistakes

written by Angela (for real)

added on: 17 Jan 2003 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Jordan walks in, with a look of shock on his face.
Angela: (pushing Brian away) Get off me !
Brian: (opens eyes)what? uhh (looks at Jordan) sorry?
Angela runs out the door
Jordan looks at Brian and walks out

At the CHASE house:

Patty: Danielle! Telephone!
Danielle: Who is it?
Patty: Some boy. Jason something...
Danielle: Uhh...I'll take it upstairs (flings hair and runs up the stairs)
Patty is holding the reciever, with a small smile on her face.
Patty: Hello?
Danielle: Hang up!
Patty hangs up, shakes her head and goes to the sink to wash dishes.
Angela storms into the house and runs up the stairs
Patty: Angela? Is everything ok honey? (goes up to Angela's room, where Angela is sitting on her bed, head buried in her hands)
Patty: Angela?
Angela: Please- just...leave ok?
Patty: Oh Angela...look, I know you don't think I can help you but, you know, I was 15 once too. And I had problems, with boys, and with friends.
Angela:(Looks up) No you couldn't just- i'm not you ok?
Patty: Well yes, i mean no. Ofcourse not. All I'm saying is that I remember what it's like to be in highschool and have those types of problems. I mean- maybe it'll help if-
Angela: No. It wont (starts getting teary-eyed) Can you just like please...(in crying voice) just leave.
Patty: Angela-
Angela: Please mom. Please. I want...I need...I need to be alone ok? (Buries her head in her hands again)
Patty: Allright. But I'm here for you whenever you need me. (Starts to hug her but pulls back. Leaves the room and quietly closes the door looking worried)
AngelaVO: Have you ever done something really really stupid? Like so stupid that you just want to go sit in a corner and die? And it just keeps haunting your mind. Like..playings itself over and over in your until you absolutely have to do something else to just like, distract your brain?
(Angela gets up and starts cleaning her room, obsessively arranging everything, smoothing out her bed covers...)
AngelaVO: I just couldnt believe myself. I ruined everything. For like, no reason. It was almost like, I wanted to get back at Jordan for what he did to me with Ryanne. But like...why did it have to be with Brian Krakow, of all people? just makes me sick...just like even thinking about it (makes a disgusted face)...because like, Brian Krakow is almost like, my brother or something. So kissing him was like...completely.......incestuous (makes another disgusted face)
There's a knock on the door.
Angela: Come in.
Patty opens the door
Patty:Honey, Jordan's downstairs.

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