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Chapter 15: A night together

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Chapter 15: A night together

written by anonymous

added on: 19 Jun 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Patty: Angela, I'm just trying to explain that you can not stay out with a boy all hours of the night

Angela: I said Leave.

Patty: I will not leave

Angela gets up and goes out her bedroom door and yells

Angela: Fine! I'll leave then.

Patty: Angela, get back here now!

(Angela continues down the stairs and out the door)

Graham: Where are you--(door slams) going?

Patty(running down the stairs) Graham. You just let her leave?

Graham: What was I supposed to do? Drag her back in by the hair?

Patty: You were just supposed to support me in this, whay can't you even do that?

The words hang in the air, the two just stare at each other

cut to Angela walking towards Jordan's house

Angela(vo): I had the most amazing experience of my life with Jordan Catalono, he loves me. And then I have to go home and deal with that. I can't even believe her. Who does she think she is? I'm 15 I don't have to explain everything to her(she appraches Jordan's house and knocks on the door. Jordan opens it)

Jordan: Angela? what's wrong?

Angela: Everything, nothing I don't know.

Jordan: Well uh, come in,(she enters and they stand there) Are-are you ok?

Angela just grabs him and starts kissing him, they make their way up the stairs and into his bedroom where they start taking each others clothes off.

Cut to sometime later

Jordan: Umm, not that I'm complaining, but what brought you over here

Angela(sighs) I got in a huge fight with my mom, and I left and I just came here.

Jordan: Oh, well, I'm glad you came here.

Angela: Jordan, I want to stay here tonight.

Jordan: I want you to stay.

They fall asleep together

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