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Chapter 14: Conflict

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Chapter 14: Conflict

written by Saria

added on: 06 Aug 2003 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Angela enters the sitting-room. Patty and Graham are deep in a conversation. They both look up angrily when they see her.
Patty: Angela, where were you until now?
Graham goes to the window, sees the Jordans car heading up the street.
Graham: Did um, Jordan leave you home?
Patty: You were out with Jordan?
Anglea: God!Like, can't you....just, God!!
Anglea runs up the stairs. Patty looks at Graham questioningly.
Patty: Is that all you could say, why have I always got to be the bad guy, couldn't you for once, just give out to her, its nearly 12.30 for gods sake Graham! She came home in a boys car at 12.30! What could she have been doing?!
Graham absently strokes Pattys hair, he's worried too about what Angela had got up to.
Patty: Graham, what if she...oh God! What if she got pregnant? I'm going up to talk to her.
Graham: No, leave her.
Patty: Don't be ridculous, I have to know.
Patty runs up the stairs, enters Angelas room without knocking.
Angela: Mum! Its called Privacy.
Patty: Did you....did you and Jordan...
Angela: What?! I was out with him and a few others, we were just out talking for a while, then he dropped me home.
Patty tries, but doesn't believe her.
Patty: I don't know what to believe anymore Angela, your only 15!
Angela: But, I didn't do..
Patty: THATS NOT THE POINT! You disobeyed my orders again, you were god knows were, with somebody who..
Angela: Just leave!
Patty looks visibly upset. How can she explain to Angela how worried she is?

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