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Chapter 12: the one written for her, not a car

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Chapter 12: the one written for her, not a car

written by Cookie

added on: 21 Feb 2000 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Brian is in his advanced calculus class. He starts wandering in his mind. Flashes of
Angela go through his mind: the first day she dyed her hair, the time she quit yearbook,
her playing catch with her dad.... all of those times come flooding to him.

He starts to scribble in the margins of his paper.

I never thought that
red would feel like so many things
at once. I dreamed of touching it
(her) but it was always out of my grasp
until now.
now red pulses through me,
no longer just the boy next door,
circling around just to be near the pinkish glow,
but something else
yet to be defined.
I wait on the edge,
toes just barely touching,
fingertips finding themselves smeared, but still
waiting to be bathed in crimson
waiting for her
to find my color

Brian looks up from his paper and blushes.

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