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Chapter 10: "God don't let it be Jordan"

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Chapter 10: "God don't let it be Jordan"

written by Jonie

added on: 07 Feb 2006 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Rayanne: You know who she likes. We all know who.(with a smirk on her face)

Angela: I don't know. Tell me who.(with a look of concern)

Sharon: (As everyone stares at her waiting for an answer) Uhm, It's no big deal. It's just some guy. No one that's important.

Rayanne: Well it's important to you.(while looking at Ricky who is staring back and forth at Angela and Sharon)

Ricky: Just say it Sharon if it's just some guy.

Anglea: Yeah, uhm, what do you think I'm going to freak out or something? (now looking more puzzled because Sharon won't say a name)

VO Angela: I pray to God that its not Jordan. I don't know if I can handle someone else liking him when I don't know where exactly we stand. I mean I still, like, have feelings for him, but if Sharon likes him, will he want to be with her because 'you know' or will he give us another chance.

Angela: Well if you like Jordan just say so! (blurting out before she even has a chance to think)

Ricky, Rayanne and Sharon all stare at Angela as if she has committed the ultimate sin.

Sharon: What makes you think that it's Jordan that I like anyway? He's not my type. Don't get me wrong. He's like, cute and all, but not for me. Gees Anglea are you ok?

Angela: Yeah. I'm ok. (with a look of relief)

Rayanne: Besides it's Krakow. Ya know, like Brian Krakow! Your neighbor! (with a huge smile on her face)

Angela: You like Brian?

Sharon: Shut up Rayanne! You have such a big mouth. (To Angela) I do like Brian a little. He is real nice and sweet. He's different from most guys.

Ricky: Yeah, you can say that again.(Him and Rayanne burst into laughter)

Sharon: I'm glad the two of you find this to be funny. I'm leaving. Bye Angela

Angela: Bye.(with her head tilt to one side)

Ricky:(To Rayanne)Bye Mrs. Krakow

Rayanne:(To Ricky)Bye Mr. Krakow

VO Angela:I feel like such an idiot for asking Sharon if she liked Jordan. I just can't imagine anyone else with Jordan, but me. Does that sound crazy or what? I think I need to tell Jordan how I feel,but how do I really feel for Jordan?

Ricky: Come on that's the bell for phys. ed. and I can't miss any more classes or they'll suspend me.

Rayanne: I hate phys. ed.

Ricky: (Grabbing the two girls by their arms)Come on. Let's go.

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