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Chapter 9: Sharon's Bathroom Confession

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Chapter 9: Sharon's Bathroom Confession

written by Amy

added on: 25 Oct 2001 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Ricky: (checking out his eyeliner in the mirror)Sharon and, you know, that Kyle guy.

Rayanne: Blowout in front of the entire CLASS! Rock!

Angela: (somewhat concerned, and relieved no one is asking about her and Jordan)Is Sharon okay?

Sharon: (coming out of a bathroom stall, wiping her eyes)No, I'm not. It's really over this time. I mean it.

Rayanne: (Gleefully)You should have punched him!

Angela: But what happened?

Sharon: (Taking out a compact and fixing her make-up)Just his usual jock-moronic self. I overheard him bragging about how he was going to videotape us.

Ricky: (A little uncomfortable at the mention of a video)So, you like, dumped him?

Sharon: I think I like someone else, anyway.

Angela: Who?

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