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Chapter 12: Flee in the Night

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Chapter 12: Flee in the Night

written by Joie

added on: 18 Aug 2001 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

(RAYANNE and ANGELA look at one another. The sounds of the woods are getting louder and more creepy.)

ANGELA: Rayanne...

RAYANNE: Get in the car.


RAYANNE: Angela, I'm serious, okay, get in the car! Let's go.

(ANGELA does so, panicked. RAYANNE gets in the driver's seat.)

ANGELA: Ray, what about Jordan?

RAYANNE: We can call the cops or something once we're *away from here*, okay, shut the door!

ANGELA: Can you drive?

RAYANNE: Of course I can drive.

(RAYANNE starts the car, it reverses crazily to the main road, then spins wildly. ANGELA shrieks. RAYANNE starts driving along the road. Despite the initial bad start, she's a pretty good driver she obviously knows what she's doing.)

ANGELA: You never told me you could drive!

RAYANNE: Well, I mean, I don't have a licence or anything. But my aunt's boyfriend taught me last summer. You know, 'cause if he was caught under the influence again he was gonna have his licence, like, taken or whatever, so he got me to drive him home.

ANGELA: You're pretty good. You should teach me.

RAYANNE: Better than Catalano.

ANGELA: Oh my God, Rayanne, d'you think he's okay?

RAYANNE: Angela, he's probably *fine* okay.


(RAYANNE and ANGELA talk to the desk sergeant.)

ANGELA: No, we didn't *see* anything, but there was this, like, a scream, and when we called out no one replied. I'm like worried!

COP: Did you go see if anyone was there?

RAYANNE: Are you crazy? There could've been a panther or something out there.

ANGELA: Oh my God.

COP: Okay, okay. We'll get a patrol car to go by. What's the kid's name?

ANGELA: Jordan. Catalano.

RAYANNE: And Paul ... something. I dunno, he's got, like, blonde hair.

COP: Okay. You wanna call your parents or wait here?


RAYANNE: We'll wait.



(ANGELA and RAYANNE sit on the plastic seats.)

ANGELA: It's been over an hour, my parents are gonna kill me, and they haven't even called to say about Jordan, what if he's DEAD!

RAYANNE: Would you relax? Please?

ANGELA: I'm sorry, it's just... God, Rayanne. Why haven't they found him yet?

RAYANNE: Maybe Catalano and Dumbdumb just got in the other car, and *went home*.

ANGELA: Maybe.

(The door opens. ANGELA and RAYANNE look around, and in walks:

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