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The Interactive FanFiction Story

One of the longest-running fanfiction stories on the 'net.

Chapter 9: *friends come over*

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Chapter 9: *friends come over*

written by Alexandria

added on: 10 Aug 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

sharon : omg what happened?!

angela : uh..hi

rickie : she was drinking to much but this time it isnt that bad so she will be ok...

sharon : good because angela's mom will freak if she see's her!

angela : look lets just put her in my bed until she's better, rickie call her mom and let her know that rayanne's staying over.

rayanne : im staying over?! woo hoo!!

sharon : i'll stay too... rayanne shut up and stay quiet unless you want to get into trouble.

rayanne : whatever!!

sharon : ugh...

door bell rings

angela : i'll get it...omg...

brian : ..hi..

angela : hey...

brian : i--its just--angela i--

sharon to angela : we'll take care of rayanne...*wink*

angela : brian...

angelaVO : its so weird how sometimes your brain, like, dies and you cant seem to say now... brian was right there...what am i going to do?? as he was just standing there he seemed different...somehow...he was like, cuter...omg..i'm thinking that brian krakow is "cute"... but he kinda is...hmm... brian has always been there for me... and i guess i do like him more than a friend...and the was so wonderful...

brian : angela--its just ...i like think...i dont know--maybe we should,like, talk...or something...i mean...

angela : brian..i loved the letter you wrote for meant a lot...and it did make mr feel better... brian do you,like,...

brian : angela i...meant everything in the letter...i mean... i like you...but more than a friend.. since ...well,like, as long as i can remember...its just...

angela :

brian : ya...

angela : brian..i mean ya i like you too...i mean notices her friends start to sit on the stairs trying to listen even though they were too late...omg..we're getting really emotional...nods her head toward them

brian : ya...i guess i better--

angela : NO..dont go..please stay...

brian :...?

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