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The Interactive FanFiction Story

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Chapter 8: Honesty

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Chapter 8: Honesty

written by Joie

added on: 22 Jun 2001 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

(ANGELA looks at RICKIE, trying to hold RAYANNE up, fussing over her while ANGELA considers.)

ANGELA (VO): I've seen this scene, like, so many times. Like, it's a movie that's stuck, and it just playing the same part over and over again, like, in my mind. (Beat.) And I just can't seem to get it play beyond that point. I don't know. The good thing about movies is, that you can always press the power off. You can't, in reality.

RICKIE: Rayanne, no-no, stand up. Come on... look... okay.. (to ANGELA.) Sorry, uh, sorry, she wasn't... this was my idea, I think we should go.

ANGELA: No, come in. Here, I'll...

(ANGELA goes on the other side of RAYANNE, helps RICKIE drag her inside.)

ANGELA (VO): Maybe that's why some people love movies so much... like Rickie. (ANGELA looks sideways at RICKIE.) Because... it's not reality. And when something bad happens, you can just switch it off, or change channels, or something.

(ANGELA and RICKIE drag RAYANNE into ANGELA's BEDROOM, dump her on the bed. RAYANNE drifts in and out of coherence.)

ANGELA: You guys were out?

RICKIE: (sigh.) Yeah. Well, Rayanne... there was this party, at a friend of Tino's, you know, and so of course Rayanne wanted to go, and... I don't know. I just went too. I didn't think you'd wanna come.

ANGELA: No, you're right.

RAYANNE: Where's Pattycake... and your dad?

ANGELA: Here. So be quiet, they'll go crazy if they see you like this.

RAYANNE: (loud whisper.) Oooh! Mustn't... musn't... upset Pattycake. No drinking. Shhh!

ANGELA: (cold.) Well, since this is their house, they have the right.

RICKIE: I'm really sorry Angela. I ... don't know what I was thinking.

ANGELA: It's okay... look

RAYANNE: No, 'cause I wanted to come.


ANGELA: Okay...

RAYANNE: 'Cause I... I wanted to say I'm sorry (sob.) and I'm really really sorry, and I-I never meant to hurt you, I was so glad when you forgave me, and now it's all screwed, and I.. I only changed roles, so I could help you! For you, and I didn't know, right, that Jordan changed, I-I mean, I have no interest in him, and he.. he definately has no interest in me...

(RAYANNE turns away, crying, bites her lip. ANGELA stares at her, eyes filled with tears, lip trembling.)

ANGELA: Is that true?

RAYANNE: Yes. The whole truth. I swear. And- and I haven't been drinking. I stopped, but...

(ANGELA leans forward, hugs RAYANNE. RAYANNE cries. RICKIE hugs them both. The door opens, enter:

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