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The Interactive FanFiction Story

One of the longest-running fanfiction stories on the 'net.

Chapter 8: History Repeats

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Chapter 8: History Repeats

written by jacquetta

added on: 23 Jul 2000 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

BK: I should really, like, just go home. My mum's expecting me, and she'll freak if I don't show....balanced meals and that.
AC: Oh! (They both stare at the ground, waiting for something) Why don't you come over later then, perhaps in about an hour or so?
BK: What for?
AC: Just to talk, or something. Or we could just sit here again.
BK: Okay, I'll meet you on the step in an hour (Brian smiles, turns and walks away. As he walks his smile turns to a grin, and in the background Angela too is grinning!)

(The hour passes - slowly - and Brian is waiting on the step outside the Chase's house for Angela when Ricky turns up)
RV: Hey Brian, what are you doing there?
BK: Waiting for Angela, you's like an arrangement we have to
RV: Oh. Should I go? Or is this like the dance where I go, then Angela gets mad at you for telling me to go, then the two of you end up not talking?
BK: I don't know. She asked me to come over, and actually meet with her. Plus her and Jordan broke up again for good.
So maybe you should go...But it might be good if you stayed...I don't know.
RV: Look, I'll stay for a few minutes, I'll make an excuse why I came over - I know I want to borrow a receipe, but look her dad's not home, so I might as well go. That should be okay won't it?
BK: Yeah (laughs). Plus if she tries to get rid of you quicker it might mean.....
RV: Angela!
AC: Ricky, hey! Hi Brian. (Brian smiles and nods back at her) What..what are you doing here?
RV: I've come to ask your dad if I can borrow one of his receipes, is he inside?
AC: No, he's still at the restaurant, but my mum might be able to find it for you.
RV: No, I think it was one he made up, like, when I stayed, so I'll have to wait and see it okay if I hang here for a while?
AC: Well, yeah, if you want, but, it's like, well, Brian and, well, me were, you know, going to, like, talk about, well, some stuff that's know.
RV: Oh right. No that's fine, Rayanne is going to some party that Tino heard about so I might go and tag along with her.
AC: Are you sure? I don't want you to think I'm throwing you out or anything.
RV: No it's fine (Turns and smiles at Brian) I'm sure it will all be fine.

(Ricky leaves, Angela sits down next to Brian)
AC: It's a nice night isn't it?
BK: Yeah, it's really clear. I've got a telescope, it's good for seeing the stars, you know, on clear nights.
(Both feel very awkward)
AC: Shall we go and try it out. I've never looked through a telescope before.
(Angela voice over - I've never looked through a telescope before....of all the lame phrases I could have used I use that one, I bet he's thinking I'm so pathetic right now)
BK: Sure, first time for everything, let's go. Should you go and tell you mom where you're going though?
(Brian voice over - Should you go and tell your mom where you're going.....of all the childish things I could have said right there I said that, I bet she's thinking I'm so pathetic right now)
AC: Yeah you're right (Turns to go inside)
(Angela voice over - wow, he was fine with what I said!)
(Brian voice over - wow, she agreed with what I said!)

(In Brian's room, both look around. Brian pulls a chair over to the telescope for Angela, as he sits on the bed)
BK: If you look through it and over to the left you can see the north star.
AC: Wow, you can see into all the neighbours houses from here with this (starts laughing as she sweeps it up and down the street - finally pausing at her own house.)
Wow, you can see into our you spy on us?
BK: (blushing immediately) I, like, occasionally see you having breakfast and stuff....but that's not it?
AC: (Angela glances back throught he telescope) I suppose not. I would look too if I had one.
BK: You can have it if you want.
AC: What! Why would you give me this? It must have cost a fortune!
BK: Well, not give to keep, give to borrow. I could like maybe come over and show you what to look at?
AC: Yeah, that sounds good.
(Both stare at each other intensly)
AC: Thanks (She leans over to kiss Brian on the cheek - he sees what's about to happen, and starts to get nervous, he moves his head suddenly and knocks heads with Angela)
BK: Oh my god I'm so sorry...I...oh god...are you, like, okay? Oh god.
AC: (holding her forehead) Yeah, it's just a bit sore - sorry I...
(Brian leans over and kisses Angela's forehead)
AC: That feels better (again they stare at each other)
(Suddenly a car pulls up outside - it's Jordan - they both stare out of the window)
BK: Maybe you should go, I don't think he's come to ask your dad for a receipe.
(With that Angela turns back to face Brian and .......

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