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Chapter 9: "is real, for like, real?"

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Chapter 9: "is real, for like, real?"

written by Joe

added on: 02 Aug 2002 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

jordan: so like, ok but later after shcool.

"later at school rayann, ricki, and angela talk neck to angela's locker"

Angela: so like last night, jordan and i talked, about how we feel about eachother or soemthing.
Rayann: So you guys are back together?
Angela: I guess so, i mean, he admited to like, loving me or whatever.
Ricki: thats so romantic.
Rayann: so did you 2 like do it or something?
Angela: No, we chould have but it seems just like enough that we like, talked, or whatever.
Ricki: "looking cute and sad" I wish i had sombody to talk to like that.
Angela: were supposed to meet after school, and like discuss tings more.
"the bell rings, and now angela is sitting in class, staring off into space, thinking about what will hapen after school with jordan"
Angela VO: I keep running the converstation over in my head. Everything we like, talked about. It seamed unreal, like, maybe i was really asleep and it was a dream, except it was real. I know i sould feel like, its real, but for some reason it feels, false, like not, real or soemthing. soemtimes i dont know how to feel. other times, i know how to feel but like, soemething is holding me back.
"rayann and ricki walk by the door and angela snaps out of her daze and notices them. Later after class, school's over for the dan and angela is waiting in the parking lot for jorda"

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