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MSCL meets Dawson's Creek

written by Laura

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Published: 1997 | Size: 98 KB (18571 words) | Language: english | Rating: PG-13
Average: 4.2/5   4.2/5 (57 votes)

based on stories and characters created by Winnie Holzman

Let's just say for fiction's sake that Mr. Katimski decides to take his sophomore English classes on a trip to Salem to further their study of Arthur Miller's The Crucible. On the way there, the bus gets a flat tire and they find themselves stranded in a small town on the Massachusetts coast, Capeside.

Background info. Angela has told Jordan off about the letter, but she and Brian aren't together either. Rayanne and Angela aren't on speaking terms yet. Sharon and Kyle have broken up. Rickie is still staying at Katimski's, Rayanne's still drinkin' and druggin'. Joseph has moved out of Katimski's apartment, since he is sick of having to keep their relationship a secret. They intercept the Dawson's Creek cast at the point right after "In the Company of Men" , which means Jen and Dawson have just broken up, and Dawson is still unaware of Joey's hidden feelings for him. Tamara has left Capeside, so Pacey is alone.


Angela is sitting next to Rickie near the front of the bus. Jordan is sitting a few seats away, alone. He eyes her nervously, but she is staring out the window in a daze. Rayanne and Sharon are sitting behind Angela and Rickie. Rayanne is sucking on a lollypop. Brian is sitting by himself at the front of the bus, near the teachers. Sharon blows a huge bubble with her gum, and Rayanne shrieks.

RAYANNE: Vasquez! Look at this! (Angela and Rickie turn, seeing the bubble just before it pops.) Have you ever seen a bubble that big before? Sharon, you have talent. (Sharon laughs. Angela smiles a little at Sharon, then turns to look back out the window without achknowledging Rayanne. Rayanne sinks back into her seat.)

RICKIE: Rayanne, are you really *that* bored?

RAYANNE: *Yeah*. Rickie, this trip is going to *rot*. Someone needs to make something happen. (She sticks her lollypop back into her mouth and rolls her eyes.)

SHARON: It could be *fun*, you never know...there could be some cute guys in Salem.

RAYANNE: Goody. A new pool of men to sleep with.(thinking) You're right, Cherski, this trip *could* be beneficial to both of us!

SHARON: *Rayanne*!

RAYANNE: Joke, Cherski. (She sighs and sits up straight in her seat, trying to see everyone who is on the bus. She spots Brian and gets a wicked smile on her face. She jumps up and goes to the front of the bus, and sits next to him.) Hey, Krakow.

BRIAN: Um...hey.

RAYANNE: (moving close to him) What do you say,, me, bathroom, in 5 minutes? Liven things up a little?

BRIAN: (uncomfortable) You're really sick, Rayanne.

RAYANNE: I know. That's what makes this all such fun. (Brian just shifts awkwardly in his seat towards the window. Rickie gets up and pulls Rayanne back to her seat.)

RICKIE: Sorry, Brian. I forgot to give Rayanne her medicine this morning. (Rayanne flops back into her seat, sticking her tongue out at Rickie. Suddenly the bus jolts violently. Everyone looks up, alarmed.)

ANGELA: What was that? (Her eyes meet with Jordan's as she looks around her, and she quickly looks down to the floor. Jordan's face falls.)

RICKIE: I don't know. It felt like we hit something. (The driver pulls the bus off to the side of the road, and everyone starts asking questions. He stands up and whispers something to Katimski and goes outside. Katimski stands up, gesturing for everyone to quiet down.)

KATIMSKI: Everyone...uh...the bus driver...thinks we may have, uh, blown a tire out...(he touches his forehead) will you all just remain in your seats...and um, this matter should be resolved soon.

RAYANNE: Great. Stranded in the middle of nowhere with a bunch of idiots. (Rickie laughs at her.)

RICKIE: Well, Rayanne, you're the one who wanted something to happen. (Rayanne throws him a dirty look. Angela settles back into her seat and resumes her deep thinking.)


The group of tired, weary students piles into the small restaurant. Bessie runs back to the kitchen, looking frazzled. Bodie looks up, having no idea what's going on outside.

BESSIE: (panicked) Bodie! About 40 students and teachers have just come in-we better get a move on if we don't want 40 *angry* students and teachers out there! (Bodie laughs.)

BODIE: Right away, chief. (He throws more hamburgers onto the grill with a smile as Bessie runs back out into the restaurant. She spots Pacey, Joey, Dawson and Jen coming in, and races to them frantically.)

BESSIE: Joey! Great, you're just in time. Big crowd is here, as you can see. Thank god Alexander is at the sitter's! We need your help-we were *not* expecting this today. Dawson, Pacey, Jen, if you guys would help out...?

DAWSON: (smiling) Sure, we'll help you.

BESSIE: (kissing him on the cheek) I'm forever indebted. (Dawson and Joey lead the way into the kitchen, with Pacey and Jen following behind. Dawson grabs two pads of paper and hands one to Jen.)

DAWSON: Okay, Pacey, why don't you stay back here and help Bodie with the food. Jen, come with me. (Joey glares at Jen as Jen and Dawson head back out into the main restaurant. Pacey laughs and playfully shoves Joey.)

PACEY: Stop sending subliminal death waves to Jen and get to work, Miss Josephine. (Joey throws him a dirty look.)

JOEY: Bite me, Pacey. (She stalks off, leaving Pacey standing there, just smiling to himself. He heads over to help Bodie as Dawson starts attending to the Liberty High students. He approaches Mr. Katimski.)

DAWSON: Hello, sir. I'm Dawson, I'll be your server today. What would you like?

KATIMSKI: Um...well, I'll just have a... (Dawson looks at him, trying not to roll his eyes.) Well, gee whiz, I'll just have a hot dog...I suppose. (Dawson writes it down and gives Mr. Katimski a fake smile.)

DAWSON: It'll be right out. (Dawson hurries to the counter and passes the slip to Joey.) Joey, this is going to be *hell*.

JOEY: (smiling bitterly) Look on the bright side, Dawson. Maybe you could use it as a script idea in the future. (She hands the piece of paper to Bodie through the service window behind her. Rayanne comes running in from outside to join Rickie and Sharon at the counter. Angela walks in more slowly, looking around her cautiously.)

ANGELA: (VO) When you walk into a place you've never been's like, *unreal*. There's all these people you don't know...and you can just feel their eyes like...*burning* into you or, trying to figure out who you *are*. Which must be pretty hard since *I* don't even know who I am. (She sits down at a table, not realizing Brian is sitting next to her. She looks over, and awkwardly gives him a smile and then buries her face in the menu. Dawson makes his way over to the table, his eyes searching the room for Jen. Not able to find her, he looks down at Angela with his best service smile.)

DAWSON: Hi, I'm Dawson. I'll be your server today. What can I get for you? (Angela looks up, and Dawson's mannerisms change. He finds her attractive. She smiles back at him. Brian watches her nervously. She glances back at her menu. Brian steps into the conversation.)

BRIAN: Um...I'll just have a hamburger...I guess... (Dawson writes this down and looks at Angela expectantly. Their eyes meet, and she quickly looks away.)

ANGELA: I...I guess I'll have a hamburger too. (Dawson notes this and looks at Angela again.)

DAWSON: Great...(He stares at her for a moment, until Joey breaks his daze.)

JOEY: Dawson! Table 6, come on! (Dawson looks over at his best friend, embarassed.)

DAWSON: Okay, Joey! (He glances at Angela one more time and then walks away, trying to get back into a "normal" mode. Joey looks over to where Angela is sitting suspiciously and jealously. Brian looks at Angela too, and she feels his eyes on her.)

ANGELA: (defensive) *What*, Krakow?

BRIAN: Nothing. (The shot switches to Rickie, Rayanne and Sharon sitting at the counter. Jen walks up to them behind the counter.)

JEN: Hey, everyone. What would you all like? (Rayanne looks Jen up and down, obviously judging her. Jen eyes her back.)

SHARON: Um, do you have, like, salad here?

JEN: Yeah, but nothing fancy. Just a garden salad.

SHARON: (smiling at Jen) Sounds great. I'll have that.

RICKIE: I'll just have a hot dog.

RAYANNE: You wouldn't happen to have any alcohol around here, would you? (She looks at Jen, hopefully. Jen looks disgusted.)

JEN: No. We can't serve to minors anyway. (Rayanne rolls her eyes.)

RAYANNE: Damn. I need to find Tino. Vasquez, have you seen Tino? (Rickie shakes his head.)

RICKIE: I haven't seen him since we got off the bus.

SHARON: Who is Tino?

RAYANNE: (digging her flask out of her bag and turning it upside down, trying to shake drops out of it.) If I don't find Tino soon I might go crazy. (Jen looks out at all the students and sees Jordan sitting by himself near the windows. Sharon sees her staring.)

SHARON: That's Jordan Catalano. Don't bother. He's a wasted cause.

JEN: (laughing) Well, I've always liked a *challenge*.

RAYANNE: No, Blondie, he's taken. He has it *bad* for Angelika. (She gestures to Angela, who is sitting uncomfortably with Brian.)

JEN: (let down) Oh.

RAYANNE: Too bad she hates his guts now. (Jen looks at her questioningly) Long story. I won't get into it. (Jen continues to scan the crowd. She spots Kyle sitting with his jock friends.)

JEN: Who's the football stud?

SHARON: (disgusted) That's Kyle. My ex-boyfriend. He's a jerk. (Jen shrugs.)

JEN: All girls think that about their exes. (She spots Dawson, and re-considers.) Well, most do. I'll go turn in your order. (She smiles and walks away.)


Dawson is standing in the doorway, staring at Angela. Pacey walks up and taps him on the shoulder. Dawson jumps and Pacey laughs.

PACEY: You've *got* to stop drooling over Jen, man. It's over between you and her. (Dawson just continues staring at Angela. Pacey follows his gaze.) Or have we found a new object for your affections?

DAWSON: I wonder who she is. (He watches as a tall boy with longish brown hair, wearing a brown corduroy jacket, uneasily makes his way over to her table.)

PACEY: (laughing) If that's your competition, Dawson, you've already lost. (Jordan sits down next to Angela and Brian quickly gets up and walks away. Jordan seems to be trying to talk to Angela, but she's unresponsive. After a few minutes, Jordan stands up and leaves. Angela sinks back into her chair and runs her hands through her hair, distressed. Jordan walks to the counter and sits down.)


Joey approaches the counter as Jordan sits down. He sighs and places his hands on the countertop, and they quickly become the focus of his attention. Joey drops her notebook onto the counter with a bang and he looks up, startled.

JOEY: May I help you?

JORDAN: thanks. (Joey stares into his big, blue eyes for a moment, until he sullenly looks back down at his hands. She quickly regains her sarcastic, bitter feelings as she notices Jordan glance over at Angela.)

JOEY: Okay...let me guess, you're one of those James Dean-"Rebel Without a Cause"-wannabes, right? (Jordan looks at her puzzled.)

JORDAN: James who? (Joey rolls her eyes. Jordan eyes her weirdly, then glances at Angela again. She starts to say something else, but Jordan gets up and walks out of the restaurant. She watches him go, puzzled. Dawson makes his way over to Joey, excited.)

DAWSON: Jo, you will not believe this girl I met.

JOEY: (not looking at him.) I'm sure I won't.

DAWSON: She's totally beautiful, Jo. But not in a traditional way, you know what I mean? She's got an Audrey Hepburn quality.

JOEY: (not amused) Does she. (She slams the cash register drawer shut violently.) I'm assuming this is the red head I saw you staring at, right? (Rickie hears this, and looks over at the two of them, alarmed.)

RICKIE: The red head? (Joey looks at Rickie.) That's Angela.

DAWSON: (excited) Angela who?

RICKIE: Chase. Why?

JOEY: Dawson, just go over and talk to her. I can't stand listening to you talk about *her* like you talked about Jen. It's pathetic. (Dawson looks at her.)

DAWSON: Gee, thanks, Jo. Nice to know you're there for me. (Joey smirks.)

JOEY: Anytime. (Dawson's gaze falls back on Angela, who is still sitting alone.) *Go over*, Dawson. (Dawson glances at Joey nervously. She pushes him towards her. He walks around the counter and slowly approaches Angela. Joey starts wiping the counter furiously. Bessie runs past her, still all in a flurry. Joey mutters to herself under her breath) Real swift, Jo. Push him *towards another girl*. Damn the obligations of friendship. (Rickie watches her, his curiousity piqued. Joey looks at him.) Yeah, what are *you* looking at? (She stalks off. Rayanne eyes Rickie, stifling laughter.)

RAYANNE: Wow, *there's* a prize winner for you. (Dawson pulls out the chair beside Angela and she is startled.)

DAWSON: (smiling) Do you mind if I join you? (Angela smiles at him.)

ANGELA: (VO) Do I mind? I wonder what would happen if I said I *did* mind...that's one of those impossible questions that you just *have* to say yes to. (She looks at Dawson.) But I'm beginning to think I wouldn't want the *no* option anyway. (out loud) No...go right ahead. (Dawson sits down happily.)



Katimski is standing near the front counter, trying to get everyone's attention. The room is packed with students. Dawson is still sitting with Angela. Joey comes out from the kitchen and sits next to Brian, having a perfect view of Dawson from the seat. Brian looks at her, but she doesn't notice. Pacey sees Rayanne and nudges Jen.

PACEY: Who's that girl?

JEN: Um...Rayanne, I think her name is? Don't even *think* about it, Pacey. I see her as a drunken slut type.

PACEY: (laughing) Well, takes one to know one. (Jen looks at him, shocked.)

JEN: You better retract *that* statement before I kill you.

PACEY: *Relax*, Jennifer. It was a joke. You should know by now not to take me seriously. (Jen smiles.)

JEN: True. (Mr. Katimski climbs up on a chair.)

KATIMSKI: Everyone! Please quiet down! (Bessie comes out of the kitchen, obviously stressed.)

BESSIE: (yelling) Would everyone shut the hell up so this guy can say what he wants to say? *God*! (She storms back into the kitchen, leaving the room a deathly quiet. Joey sinks in her seat, embarassed.)

KATIMSKI: you... (He pauses, a bit stunned, then continues) Anyway, I have *found* a place for us to stay for the night... (This is met with a chorus of groans.) Now, now, kids, we'll be back on the road in the morning. I know it's...disappointing to miss a day in Salem, but...I'm sure there's plenty of things to do here.

JOEY: (snorting) He's in for a *big* surprise. (Brian laughs a little to himself.)

KATIMSKI: The hotel is a little ways up the road. We'll have to take our things and walk up there. (The students groan again as Katimski steps down and heads for the door. Dawson turns to Angela.)

DAWSON: So, it looks like you're stuck here, huh?

ANGELA: Looks like it. (Rayanne eyes Angela and Dawson and nudges Sharon.)

RAYANNE: Seems as if Angela has a new *friend*. Bet Catalano and Krakow are steaming. (She laughs.) This might prove to be an *interesting* evening.

DAWSON: Are you taking your things up to the hotel? (Angela nods.) Can I help you at all? I mean, it's the least I could do.

ANGELA: (Standing up) I think I can handle it, but thanks for the offer.

DAWSON: (practically jumping up after her) Then how about I take you out tonight? Show you around town? (Angela looks at him, surprised.)

ANGELA: (quickly thinking it over.) Sure...sounds great. (Dawson beams, and looks at his watch.)

DAWSON: Well... *great*! How about...we meet back here in an hour? (Angela checks her own watch and nods.)

ANGELA: Okay...I'll see you then?

DAWSON: Yep, see you then. (Angela heads for the door slowly. She gives him a slightly giddy wave.)

ANGELA: Bye...

DAWSON: Bye! (Angela follows the last of her fellow classmates out of the restaurant. Dawson watches her go.)


Angela giggles to herself as she walks in the direction of the broken down bus.

ANGELA: (VO) I can't believe it. For the first time in my life...someone asked me out on an actual *date*. Jordan never did that. It was always..."whatever happens, happens." (She smiles to herself. She suddenly notices Sharon walking beside her.) Oh! Sharon! Hi!

SHARON: Hi! What are you so happy about? (Angela doesn't reply) Who was that guy you were talking to?

ANGELA: (happily) Dawson. Dawson Leery. He lives here.

SHARON: (laughing) Well, I figured he *lived* here, since he obviously wasn't on the bus with *us*! What's he like? (Sharon looks at Angela inquiringly.)

ANGELA: (thinking) What's he *like*? I don't know...he's *nice*...*really* nice. I feel like I can talk to him...he asked me to go out...tonight....

SHARON: (alarmed) You're not *going*, are you? (Rayanne, who is walking nearby, buts in.)

RAYANNE: Going where?

ANGELA: (awkwardly) Um....this guy I met...

SHARON: Asked her out! She just met him! And you accepted, right? (Angela nods.) Angela! For all you know he could be a crazy psycho murderer!

ANGELA: (laughing) Yeah, he's a *classic* example, Sharon. You know, those 15 year old aspiring *film makers* dressed in *khakis* will get you *every* time. (Sharon sighs, aggravated.)

SHARON: Angela, you *know* what I meant.

RAYANNE: Come on, Cherski. Let Ange have her fun. (Sharon glares at Rayanne as Angela continues walking.)

ANGELA: Sharon, I promise I won't go into any secluded, dark alleyways with Dawson, okay? (They approach the bus. Jordan is sitting on the back bumper, smoking. He jumps up and looks around the corner of the bus, hearing Angela's voice.)

JORDAN: Dawson who?

ANGELA: (looking away) Nobody. (She disappears into the bus, and Rayanne follows her. Sharon starts to, but Jordan grabs her arm.)

JORDAN: Wait, Sharon-who's Dawson?

SHARON: (pulling away) Just a guy. (Sharon hurriedly climbs out of view. Jordan sighs and tosses his cigarette to the ground. He picks up his duffel bag from the ground by his feet and walks away.)


Rayanne jumps over seats to get to her things. Sharon grabs her own bag, and hands Angela hers. Sharon then turns to leave ths bus again.

SHARON: Come on-we have to get our suitcases from the baggage compartment. (She starts to climb down the stairs, but stops as no one follows her.)

RAYANNE: Sharon? You go out...I need to talk to Angela. Alone. (Angela is startled and suspicious. Sharon nods, a bit suspicious herself.)

SHARON: Um...sure...I'll wait outside. (Sharon leaves, and Angela eyes Rayanne wearily. They are both silent.)

ANGELA: So...what did you want to talk to me about? (Rayanne is nervous, so she absentmindedly starts picking lint off the seat next to her. She glances at Angela, then looks back down.)

RAYANNE: I wasn't...I wasn't planning on doing this...right now...but I figure now is as good of a time as any...

ANGELA: (Sighing) Look, I really don't want to talk about what happened between you and Jordan.

RAYANNE: (looking Angela directly in the eyes.) Well I *do* want to talk about it! (Angela is taken aback.) Angela...I've been waltzing around, trying to pretend that I can live without you, but the truth is that I can't. Everyday I wake up and think, "Maybe Angela will just say hi to me today. Maybe she'll look at me in study hall and smile. Maybe she'll show me *some* sign that she forgives me." But then you never do... (Angela tries to remain callous to Rayanne's pleading eyes. She bites her lip to try to stop her jaw from shaking.)

ANGELA: I can't forgive you if you've never apologized, Rayanne.

RAYANNE: (stunned) *What*? You don't see that I am *sorry* about all this? Believe me, I *never* wanted this to happen, *ever*. I'd go back in time and change it all if I could.

ANGELA: (turning to go, near tears) Well, you can't. (VO) It's hard to forgive someone and just...let them back into your life so simply. When someone breaks your trust and betrays you, like Rayanne did to me...I'll never really be sure if the pain stopped. (Tears run down Rayanne's cheeks as Angela walks down the stairs of the bus and goes outside.)

RAYANNE: Angela, please! I'm sorry! (Angela disappears, and Rayanne flops into a seat, wiping her face. Suddenly Angela races back onto the bus.)

ANGELA: Look, I want you to room with Sharon, Rickie and me. (Rayanne breaks out into a smile.) I'm *not* forgiving you. Yet.

RAYANNE: (laughing) So? We have to start somewhere! (Rayanne cruises past Angela, grabbing her hand and pulling her down off the bus to stand on the pavement. Rayanne glances at the Ice House.) And telling me *everything* about *Dawson* is a good place to start. (Angela smiles.) Do you want to jump him?

ANGELA: *Rayanne*! (She takes her suitcase as Sharon hands it to her.) Come on, Sharon. Rayanne is still undergoing the process of evolution. (She starts to walk down the street, laughing slightly to herself.) Call me when you catch up with us, okay Rayanne? (Rayanne pretends to take offense.)

RAYANNE: Watch what you say, Chase. I'm not the one sizing up a Capeside boy.

SHARON: (As Rayanne runs up to them) But I'm sure you will be! (Rayanne just rolls her eyes)


Dawson watches as Angela walks away. A smile creeps over his face as Joey walks up behind him, sweeping the floor. She coughs, breaking his concentration. He turns to her happily.

DAWSON: Jo, I think I am over Jen.

JOEY: (looking at him, knowing what he is thinking) *Please* Dawson. Do *not* tell me you have fallen for a girl you just met. First, you barely know her, and second, she's *leaving* tomorrow-never to come back. You don't see a problem with that?

DAWSON: (in an attempt to convince Joey) A problem? No. See, Joey, you keep everything in reality check at all times. But there are moments in life...when you just *know*, for some unexplainable just know. And you can't control how you feel, no matter how hard you try.

JOEY: (skeptical) So what are you saying? This was love at first sight?

DAWSON: Don't you believe in love at first sight? In fate?

JOEY: You should know by now that Sleepless in Seattle sentiment holds no value in my heart *or* mind. (Dawson just looks out the window in the direction Angela had gone.)

DAWSON: Maybe you don't believe in it now...but someday you will. (He looks at his watch.) I have to go get ready.

JOEY: (alarmed) Ready for what?

DAWSON: I'm taking Angela out tonight. Jo, you need to come over and help me prepare. (He looks at her pleadingly.) I'm begging you.

JOEY: (untying her apron) Fine, I'll be over in a little while. (Dawson smiles)

DAWSON: Great! I gotta run-see you in a few. (He claps his hands together and races out the door. Joey's face falls and she continues to sweep. After a moment she drops the broom and sits down at a table, putting her head in her hands. Pacey walks in from the kitchen, coming to clear away dishes from the now empty tables.)

PACEY: Joey, where's Dawson? He's *supposed* to be helping out. (Joey gets up.)

JOEY: He left. (She heads for the door.)

PACEY: Where are *you* going? (Joey heads outside.)

JOEY: (calling back to him as she walks away.) I have something to do!

PACEY: Who's going to help me with all this?

JOEY: Ask Miss Teen New York! (Joey turns the corner. Pacey sighs and heads back into the kitchen.)

PACEY: *Great*. Ask *Jen* for help. (He shakes his head, annoyed.)


Dawson is searching his closet for the perfect thing to wear. Joey climbs in the window. He looks at her, annoyed.

DAWSON: What took you so long? (Joey rolls her eyes and flops onto his bed.)

JOEY: Sorry-I had other things to do besides help *you* get ready for a date with whoever that girl is.

DAWSON: Angela. Isn't that a great name?

JOEY: You know, Dawson, someday your romantic ideas and pathetic hopes will get you into deep trouble.

DAWSON: (changing into a blue shirt) Romance is what life is made of. It would be boring without it. (Joey buries her face with a pillow. Dawson laughs.) Don't worry, Jo, someday you'll feel the same way.

JOEY: Sure, right. Anyway, you didn't happen to notice the guy eyeing your new found love the whole day, did you? You know, *exceptionally* good-looking, seemingly mysterious?

DAWSON: (checking his hair in the mirror) As a matter of fact, I *did* notice him. But I'm not worried. It seemed like she was giving him the cold shoulder.

JOEY: (sitting up) Well, I don't know, Dawson...any guy *that hot* could present serious problems. And I got the definite impression that there's more going on between Angela and him than meets the eye. (Dawson turns to Joey, annoyed.)

DAWSON: Jo, I appreciate you looking out for me and all, but she accepted *my* invitation to take her out. If I didn't know you any better I'd say you have a teeny crush on this guy.

JOEY: *Please*, don't make me gag.

DAWSON: (smoothing his clothes.) Well, that other guy doesn't make a difference to *me* unless she somehow indicates he does. (He sighs, checking his room, making sure he's all set to go.), I'm going downstairs to get something to eat before I go. You want something?

JOEY: (heading for the window.) No thanks. I couldn't possibly keep anything down after ingesting all this romantic garbage. (She steps out onto the ladder.) I'll see you later, Romeo. (Dawson opens his bedroom door and heads downstairs.)

DAWSON: Bye, Joey. (She disappears from sight, as does he, leaving his room empty.)


Dawson waits patiently by the front doors to the restaurant. He starts to click his heels together nervously. He sees Angela walking down the street, with two other girls and a guy. He sighs.

DAWSON: (to himself) I didn't want this to be a *group* thing. (His face falls, but then brightens as the rest of Angela's friends depart at the corner of the street, and Angela crosses to meet him, alone. She smiles.)

ANGELA: Hi, Dawson.

DAWSON: Hi. You look really nice. (Angela blushes and looks down at her outfit. It's her purple flowered dress, and she doesn't seem to think of it as pretty.)

ANGELA: Thanks. So...where are we going?

DAWSON: (smiling) Well, I was thinking we could just head down this way-I'll give you a small tour. And it *will* be small. This town has to be the most tiny place on earth. (He gestures down the street, and Angela nods.)

ANGELA: Sounds nice. (They start to walk down the sidewalk.)



Rayanne and Sharon have met up with Jen, and the three of them are walking down the path towards the beach. Rayanne takes a swig of something from her flask. Jen eyes her suspiciously.

SHARON: So, where are you taking us?

JEN: Well, a bunch of these football players have these parties down at the beach on Saturday nights. They can be fun...sometimes.

RAYANNE: Any of these football players cute? (Sharon raises her eyebrow, wondering the same thing.)

JEN: Come on. You can see for yourself. (They disappear down the steep path towards the shoreline.)


Dawson and Angela stop in front of the video store. He seems to be explaining something to her, and she looks genuinely interested.

ANGELA: (VO) I really like him. Which could be considered a bad thing...since we're leaving tomorrow morning. (She gazes up at Dawson.) But I guess I'll just go with the flow for once in my life.

DAWSON: This is where me and my friend Pacey work.

ANGELA: Oh, you have a job?


ANGELA: (a bit depressed) I don't. I haven't really had the need for one yet.

DAWSON: (jokingly) Well, I need some extra cash to finance my *big blockbuster* motion pictures, you know.

ANGELA: (crossing her arms in front of her as they continue walking.) I think it's really great that you know what you want to do with your life already. (She sighs.) I'm still searching for something...that *impassions* me. (Dawson smiles.)

DAWSON: Have you ever considered film? You'd look great on camera.

ANGELA: (laughing) *Me*? No...I'm way too shy for that. I...I don't like attention. *Rayanne* would be great for that.

DAWSON: (curious) Who's Rayanne?

ANGELA: Oh, she's my bes- my *ex* best friend. The girl in the wild clothes? She...she likes to be in the spotlight.

DAWSON: (nudging Angela slightly) Well, there's nothing wrong with being in the background either. It's why I'm working behind camera instead of in front. (Dawson starts to say something else, but stops as Jordan comes out of the drug store a few feet in front of them. Angela sees him, and becomes uncomfortable. Jordan looks at her and they both just stare at each other for a moment. Angela breaks the gaze, and Jordan crosses the street, glancing back once. Dawson looks at Angela questioningly.) What was that about?

ANGELA: (a little shaken.) It was nothing. Really. (She forces a smile, which quickly falls.) What were you saying? (She turns her attention back to him, but Dawson finds it hard to focus on their conversation.)


There is a large group of people gathered on the beach. The music is booming, and the drinks are flowing. Sharon and Jen are located in the middle of the party. Sharon is talking to Cliff, who seems very interested in her. Jen is in deep conversation with Kyle. He seems a bit spaced out, but she doesn't seem to mind. Rayanne is nowhere to be seen.


Rayanne wanders down the path, heading back into the main part of town. She approaches someone sitting on a bench, alone. Giddily, she plops down next to him. It's Pacey. He looks at her, surprised.

RAYANNE: Hey. What are you doing sitting here alone?

PACEY: (he eyes Rayanne) Thinking.

RAYANNE: About what?

PACEY: Well, right now, I'm trying to figure out who you are. (Rayanne laughs)

RAYANNE: In that case, let me introduce myself. (She extends her hand.) Rayanne Graff, slut of Pittsburgh. And you are?

PACEY: (laughing) Pacey Witter, loser of Capeside.

RAYANNE: (taking a swig out of the beer bottle she is holding.) Pacey...your parents don't like you much, huh?

PACEY: Actually, they really don't. I wouldn't talk anyway, Rayanne ain't such a normal name either.

RAYANNE: My parents were hippies. At least I have an excuse. (Pacey smiles.) So, loser, why don't your parents like you?

PACEY: Cause I'm a screw-up, plain and simple. My Dad's the Chief of Police, and he expects nothing less than the best from *any* of his children.

RAYANNE: Better than my dad.

PACEY: (curious) Why, what's your dad like?

RAYANNE: (shrugging) Haven't got a clue anymore. But the last time I saw him he was a drunken idiot cheating on my Mom, so... (She takes another drink, then thrusts the bottle towards Pacey. He pushes it back towards her.) You're boring.

PACEY: (rolling his eyes) Thanks.

RAYANNE: (looking around her.) I need to find Tino. Have you seen Tino?

PACEY: (confused) Who's Tino?

RAYANNE: Forget it. You wouldn't know him anyway. This town sucks. There is *nothing* to do. Sharon and that Jen girl are off hitting on some football players. Even Angela has a date with that Dawson-freak. (Pacey looks at her, surprised.)

PACEY: Wait-is Angela as in the girl with the red hair? (Rayanne nods.) Dawson actually got a date with her? Wow.

RAYANNE: Oh, you know Dawson? What's the scoop? Is he a psychotic killer or what?

PACEY: (laughing) Far from it. He's a complete goody-goody. (Rayanne rolls her eyes.)

RAYANNE: Exactly Angela's type. (She eyes Pacey.) So...*Pacey*...what about you? Are you the type to go at it now and then?

PACEY: If you're asking whether I'm a virgin or not, I'm happy to inform you that I am not. (cockily) Why, are you suggesting something? (Rayanne looks down at her hands, and starts to grin wickedly, getting an idea.)

RAYANNE: Well...I'm staying at this hotel. All my roomates are I was thinking...I've never done it with a Massachusetts boy before...At least..not that I remember...(She moves closer to him, and Pacey smiles.)

PACEY: You're serious about this?

RAYANNE: (Brushing her lips against his.) Course I am. (Pacey pulls away.)

PACEY: Sorry, I wouldn't like to make a habit of having sex with girls I barely know.

RAYANNE: (laughing at him) Don't worry-I wasn't any where near serious. (Pacey looks at her, annoyed. She gets up, taking lip gloss out of her big bag and putting some on.) You're not any where near my type. (She skitters off, leaving Pacey sitting alone, feeling embarassed.)


Joey walks down the pier outside the ice house, staring up at the night sky. She nears the end of the dock, and finally realizes there's someone standing there. She looks at him, alarmed.

JOEY: Oh, sorry-I didn't realize you were already here. (The guy looks at her, as alarmed as she is. It's Brian Krakow. Joey turns to go.)

BRIAN: (quickly) No-you don't have to go. I'll leave. (Brian walks past her, and she sighs.)

JOEY: Wait! Aren't you one of the students from Pittsburgh? (Brian looks at her nervously.)

BRIAN: Yeah. Why? (She walks over to him, uneasily.)

JOEY: Look, I know this is going to sound a little weird, but what do you know about a girl named Angela?

BRIAN: Who-Angela Chase?

JOEY: Yeah, I think that's her.

BRIAN: (suspiciously) What do you want to know and why?

JOEY: My best friend, Dawson, is out on a date with her right now.

BRIAN: (secretly hurt Angela has a date, he becomes rude.) Why do *you* care who he goes out with? Are you his mother or something?

JOEY: Are *you* always this rude?

BRIAN: (repenting) I'm's just...I'm not having a very good day.

JOEY: Me neither. (She walks to the edge of the pier and sits down, dangling her feet over the water.)

BRIAN: Oh yeah? Why not? (He sits down next to her. They make an odd pair, Brian in his plaid shirt, dockers, loafers, sweater and uncontrollable curly hair, and Joey, in her sandals, shorts, red tank top and sleek brown hair. She looks at him.)

JOEY: (as if deciding something.) Well, I'm probably never going to see you again as long as I live, but if I tell you something, will you promise not to tell anyone while you're stuck here? (Brian nods.) Okay...see...Dawson? The guy Angela is out with? I...he's been my best friend...for my whole life practically...and...I've never actually said this out loud before, but...

BRIAN: You're in love with him?

JOEY: (stunned.) Yeah...I'd you know?

BRIAN: (laughing nervously) Cause Angela? The girl he's out with? I sort of...I mean, everyone knows it but her.

JOEY: Know the feeling. Dawson's completely oblivious. (They both laugh, relieving some of the tension.)

BRIAN: See...Angela sort of knows now... it's a long story, but basically it's made it, like, very clear to me that I like, have no real chance with her, or whatever. She...she was in love with Jordan...Catalano...for a really long time...than this, like, thing happened...and I thought maybe, I'd, you know, have a chance...but, she's clearly moved on or something...

JOEY: Is Jordan that guy that was talking to her? (Brian nods.) What was the *thing* that happened.

BRIAN: (blushing) Well, Jordan...sort of...had like, sex with Angela's best friend. Rayanne. (He blurts it out quickly, almost embarassed to be discussing it. Joey is shocked.)

JOEY: While they were going out?

BRIAN: exactly. I mean, they had broken up...*technically*, or whatever...but they still spent like, every living moment together. (all of a sudden, Rayanne plops down next to Brian, scaring him half out of his mind. Rickie sits down behind them. Joey looks at Rayanne, disgusted.)

RAYANNE: Krakow, are you going over my life story again? I *know* it's so incredibly entertaining and all, but please? Telling it to the common townspeople? (She glances at Joey.) I mean after all, we must have some standards. (Joey rolls her eyes. Brian moves away from Rayanne. Rickie extends his hand to Joey.)

RICKIE: Hi, I'm Rickie. What's your name?

JOEY: (wearily) Joey.

RAYANNE: I'm Rayanne. And this is Krakow. He's my secret lover. (She laughs, and Brian stands up.)

BRIAN: I'm leaving. (He walks down the pier. Rayanne pouts.)

RAYANNE: Aw, come on, Krakow! I was kidding! (She turns to Rickie) You know I was kidding, right? (Rickie nods.) See, Bri, Rickie even says I was kidding. (She gets up and runs after Brian. Joey starts to stand up, but Rickie smiles at her and she stops.)

RICKIE: Listen...I didn't mean to like...*eavesdrop* on you and Brian...but I heard what you said.

JOEY: (sickened) About me and Dawson?

RICKIE: Yeah. How long have you two been friends?

JOEY: Since we were seven.

RICKIE: Wow, long time.

JOEY: Yeah...after my mom died...we got really close.

RICKIE: What happened to her?

JOEY: Cancer. My dad's in jail. What about your parents?

RICKIE: My parents? Um...I don't know. They pretty much abandoned me to live with my Aunt and Uncle or something. But my Uncle, like, beat me up, and eventually kicked me out. Right now I'm staying at my english teacher's apartment.

JOEY: And I thought I had it rough.

RICKIE: (thoughtfully) Everyone has it rough, in one way or another.

JOEY: Not Dawson. He has this...*perfect* life...and he doesn't even know it.

RICKIE: (smiling) Yeah, that's how Angela is. She has this nice house...and a family...and Christmas dinners and family reunions...

JOEY: Great. Her and Dawson are meant for one another. (She sighs.)

RICKIE: Look...I know we don't like...*know* each other or anything...but let me just tell you that something like doesn't happen everyday. It's really special. Not that I would, like, *know* or anything...since I've never been in love...but if I ever found that *right* person...I'd let him know...right away. Because you keep putting it off...and putting it off...and then you never say it. (Joey looks at Rickie, thoughtfully.) Or whatever. Cause, you could end Brian! He waited too long and Angela found someone else. And you deserve to be happy.

JOEY: It's a real pity you don't go to my school. I'd love to have you as a permanent friend. (She smiles at him. Rickie smiles back, whole-heartedly.)

RICKIE: I think I'd like to have you as a friend too. (they both giggle a little, and Joey stands up, offering him her hand.)

JOEY: Come on. I'll show you around this rinky-dink town. (Rickie takes her hand and stands up, happily.)


Angela and Dawson are sitting at a table, looking cozy. They both have ice cream sundaes, Angela's is caramel and Dawson's is hot fudge. They are eating slowly, since they are too involved in their conversation to eat. Sharon and Jen come in, their respective football-playing "buddies" trailing behind. They are laughing loudly.

ANGELA: (not noticing anyone else in the room except Dawson) (VO) This is amazing. This is the first guy I have ever found who is interested in what I have to say. He doesn't make me work hard to understand what he means...or what he wants. (Her words trail off as Dawson lightly sets his hand over hers on the tabletop. She smiles widely. He smiles back, relieved the gesture was accepted. Sharon glances across the restaurant and is a bit surprised. She nudges Jen.)

SHARON: Jen-look at that. Isn't it sweet? (Jen follows Sharon's gaze and tries to smile over her surprising, jealous feelings.)

JEN: (tightly) They're cute. (Cliff takes his wallet out of his back pocket and looks at Sharon.)

CLIFF: Sharon, what would you like? (Sharon smiles.)

SHARON: Cliff! You don't have to pay for me! (Cliff smiles reassuringly)

CLIFF: I don't *have* to, but I'd like to, if that's all right with you. (Kyle follows Cliff's example, and takes out his own wallet. The shot pans back to Dawson and Angela.)

DAWSON: So, I'm hoping to get all the editing done this week so I can mail it into the festival. If I win this Boston Critic's Award, it would mean a lot to my career. It'd look unbelievable on a resumé. (Angela smiles, and takes a spoonful of hot fudge from Dawson's dish and puts it on her own.)

ANGELA: It's amazing how...*together* you are. I really admire that. (Dawson beams, then notices her mixing the hot fudge and caramel.)

DAWSON: Please don't tell me you do that too!

ANGELA: (alarmed) Do what? Oh, the hot fudge-I'm sorry. It's like a sick habit or something. I like to mix the caramel and fudge together. Weird, I know. (Dawson laughs.)

DAWSON: You know, I thought I was the only person on the planet who did that. (Angela laughs too.)

ANGELA: I can't believe you mix them too. I guess we're *both* weird, huh? (Dawson takes a scoop of her caramel. He looks at her, and is stunned to see her face has suddenly fallen into a state of sadness and she's half-way to panic.)

DAWSON: What's the matter? (She's looking past him, towards the door. Dawson turns to see what she's looking at. Jordan has just walked in. Jordan makes his way over to the pair. Sharon sees him, and she gets worried.)

SHARON: (to herself) Oh no...

ANGELA: (VO) When you're trapped in a room, with a guy you're not totally *over*...(She looks at Jordan, approaching) and the guy you're just getting *into*...(She glances at Dawson.) it makes you suddenly understand what *hell* must be like. (Dawson is stunned as Jordan stops next to Angela, and looks directly into her eyes. Jordan doesn't even achknowledge Dawson's presence. Angela looks up at him.)

JORDAN: (nervously, but trying to keep his cool facade.) Angela...can we talk? For a second? (She sighs.) Just for a second. (She throws her napkin onto the table.)

ANGELA: Dawson...I hate to do this. I'll be right back, okay? (Dawson nods, a bit unsure of the significance of what's happening. Angela and Jordan walk outside to talk.)


Angela turns to Jordan, trying to keep herself angry. He sticks his hands in his coat pockets, then takes them out. Then he tucks his hair behind his ear. Angela unconsciously does the same thing.

ANGELA: So...?

JORDAN: Look...Angela...I can't...I can't...


JORDAN: I tried to tell you...I'm...

ANGELA: (annoyed) What did you want to talk about, Jordan? Spit it out.

JORDAN: I *know* that an...*apology* can' can't solve anything now...

ANGELA: (turning away) Did you reach that conclusion on your own or did *Brian* write it down for you? (Jordan is affected by this.)

JORDAN: Angela...I *meant* what was written, you know, in that letter? I asked help me. You know I can't write like that, or whatever...I can't do anything... (Angela turns back, her eyes welling up.) I didn't know how to tell you...there wasn't...I wanted you to forgive me...I was...desperate...or something... (Angela walks towards the door.)

ANGELA: (through tears) I can't do this...I can't do this anymore. Not with you. (She puts her hand on the door, Jordan looks near tears himself, but he quickly bite them back.)

JORDAN: Angela, please-I...(She opens the door.) Angela, I love you.

ANGELA: (wiping her face) I don't believe you. (She walks back into the restaurant. Jordan stands there, watching her leave, sadly.)


Angela hurries in and grabs her jacket from the chair next to Dawson. He looks at her concerned. She wipes her face again.

DAWSON: Angela, what's wrong?

ANGELA: (quickly) Can we get out of here? Please? (Dawson knows enough to not ask questions.)

DAWSON: Sure. (He grabs his jacket and leads her outside through the opposite door. Jen looks at the two, puzzled and curious.)

JEN: (to Sharon) What was all *that* about? (Sharon turns from Cliff)

SHARON: You don't want to know. (Kyle taps Jen on the shoulder.)

KYLE: So, Jen...what do you want to eat?



Joey and Rickie are sitting at a table, both happy. Mr. Katimski comes in, and waves to Rickie. Rickie smiles and gets up.

RICKIE: Mr. Katimski! Hi!

KATIMSKI: Hello, Enrique. How are you doing?

RICKIE: Fine. Oh, this is my new friend, Joey. Joey, this is my English teacher, and well, the guy I stay with, (Katimski laughs.) Mr. Katimski. (Katimski shakes Joey's hand a bit absentmindedly.)

KATIMSKI: Well, good. Nice to meet you...uh..

JOEY: Joey.

KATIMSKI: (touching his forehead) Right, of course. Nice to meet you Joey. I'm going to go get some coffee. Remember, it's midnight for curfew, Enrique. (Rickie nods. Joey watches Mr. Katimski walk away, then turns back to Rickie. Mr. Katimski walks up to the counter as the bell rings, signaling another person has walked into the café. Mr. Katimski looks over. It's Mr. Gold. The woman behind the counter looks at Katimski expectantly.) Oh, oh, right. Just a medium coffee. Black.

GOLD: (chuckling) Ah, so you're one of the strange ones who doesn't take anything in their coffee. (Katimski looks at him, surprised.)

KATIMSKI: Excuse me?

GOLD: Sorry, just trying to jumpstart a conversation with you. You're the teacher with all these kids from Pennsylvania right?

KATIMSKI: did you know? (Gold smiles as Katimski is handed his coffee. The woman looks at Mr. Gold.)

GOLD: It's a small town. Word travels fast. The usual, Grace. (She nods, and turns to the coffee machine.) It must be hard to be in charge of so many children on a trip like this. Where were you all originally headed? (Grace hands him a cup and Katimski and Gold head over to a table.)

KATIMSKI: Oh, uh...Salem. You know...studying The Crucible, and

GOLD: (smiling) Ah, I love the movie version. Daniel Day-Lewis played John Proctor beautifully. (Katimski nods.)

KATIMSKI: Yes...I thought so...too.

GOLD: I made the students watch it in class once. We were discussing how important it is for actors and actresses to expand their film roles to all different types of characters. I felt Winona Ryder was an excellent example of that. You know, from wholesome Jo in Little Women, to her popularity-craving-than-hating character in Heathers, to the evil and lying Abagail in The Crucible. I think it's important to stretch young minds to new boundaries.

KATIMSKI: I take it you're teacher?

GOLD: Yes. I love teaching. It brings so much joy, doesn't it? (Katimski nods with a smile.)

KATIMSKI: I know...the kids are very...*special*... (The camera switches back to Joey and Rickie. Joey looks very alarmed.)

JOEY: Why do I love Dawson? (Rickie waits expectantly) I don't know. Why does anybody love anybody? You

RICKIE: But what do you think of? Like, when you're falling asleep at night? (Joey blushes.)

JOEY: I...I think of...his smile...and his eyes...(She giggles) Rickie, this is embarassing. I don't see what this has to do with anything.

RICKIE: (smiling knowingly) It has a lot to do with everything.

JOEY: (Sighing reluctantly) Well...I guess I just think of how he's always there for me...and how hard he tries to understand...and to help...

RICKIE: Then you have to tell him how you feel.

JOEY: Why? Because I think he's understanding and has a nice smile?

RICKIE: (tugging her sleeve) No...cause I just saw a look in your eyes that only comes when you talk about Dawson. This is the real deal, Joey. It doesn't happen everyday. (He pauses) Not that I'd like...*know*...or whatever.

JOEY: (thinking) I'm just...I'm scared of what he'll he'll react... (She sighs. Camera pans back to Katimski and Gold.)

KATIMSKI: Well...I've been having a...*rough* time of it lately, I'm afraid. Recently broken up...

GOLD: Same here. So depressing, isn't it? One minute you have someone to share your life with and the next minute you're completely alone... (He shakes his head.)

KATIMSKI: Yes...that seems to be the way of it...One day he just packed up his things and left. Just like that. (Gold looks at him, stunned.)

GOLD: *He*?

KATIMSKI: (alarmed he let it slip out.) What?

GOLD: You said *he*. Are you gay?

KATIMSKI: Well...I...

GOLD: (trying to put Katimski at ease again) Believe me, I know how hard it is. Being a teacher and all? If the word got out-do you know what would happen to my career?

KATIMSKI: (stunned, he speaks quietly) You mean *you're* gay?

GOLD: Well, yeah. But I keep it quiet. My last partner couldn't handle living in secret, so he bolted.

KATIMSKI: (sighing) Same thing happened to me...I'm afraid. (Gold nods sympathetically as Katimski takes a sip of his coffee.)


Angela and Dawson are sitting on the ground, staring up at the night sky. He glances at her, almost nervously. They are both silent. Angela shifts, nervously.

DAWSON: (slowly and quietly)'s okay if you don't want to talk about this...but...I'd really appreciate if you enlightened me on what happened back at the Ice House.

ANGELA:'s...a long story...

DAWSON: I'm not going anywhere. (He gives her a re-assuring smile.)

ANGELA: (sighing, and looking at Dawson.) That Jordan Catalano. He's my...*ex*-boyfriend.


ANGELA: He just...wanted whatever. About something.

DAWSON: That something got you pretty upset. Why?

ANGELA: (VO) He's so direct. He doesn't play games. I like that. (She looks at Dawson thoughtfully.) Jordan has caused me...*a lot* of pain, in the past. We've been and on...for half a year. First, he dumped me cause of my...*beliefs* or what have you...about you know...*not* having sex...

DAWSON: You're a virgin?

ANGELA: (VO) So...he's *very* direct. (Blushing and looking at the ground.) Yeah...

DAWSON: I think that's great. I mean, I am too. (Angela smiles at him.)

ANGELA: Well...Jordan certainly isn't... (She looks up at the sky) We never really...*broke up*, though. We spent more time together *after* the breakup than night he got drunk...and best friend-at the time-was drunk...and...

DAWSON: (disbelieving) They didn't.

ANGELA: (pulling her knees close to her) They did. (Dawson looks at her, stunned.)

DAWSON: Your *best friend*? How could anyone do that? (Angela sighs sadly.)

ANGELA: But she did... (Dawson sighs too.)

DAWSON: Is that what he wanted to talk about?

ANGELA: Yeah...and this whole letter thing. (Dawson looks at her, confused.) See...he wanted to find a way to...apologize or whatever...a meaningful, he asked Brian...the guy with the really big hair? To...write this...*letter*, or whatever, to me. For him.

DAWSON: I can't believe this guy.

ANGELA: Outside...back there...he apologized *again*...and he told me all these things...and that he loved me.

DAWSON: Wow...that is really...*a lot* of stuff to deal with at once. (Angela nods.) What are you going to do now?

ANGELA: I don't know...what would *you* do if *your* best friend slept with *your* girlfriend? (Dawson starts to laugh.)

DAWSON: I'd have a huge load of questions! (Angela is confused.) See, my best friend is a girl. Joey Potter. She was the girl with the long brown hair working at the Ice House. (Angela smiles.)

ANGELA: How long have you been friends?

DAWSON: (sentimentally) Oh...forever. She's like a sister to me. We have sleepovers, and movie nights...I mean...we pretty much do everything together.

ANGELA: It must be have that with someone.

DAWSON: You've never been that close to someone? (Angela thinks a minute.)

ANGELA: and Sharon used to be pretty tight...but now I hang with Rickie all the time. But I'm not really...super close with anyone right now.

DAWSON: I couldn't imagine my life if I never met Joey. She's sort the other half of me, you know? (He laughs slightly) The better half, actually.

ANGELA: (smiling) What is she like?

DAWSON: She's into movies, like me...she's really sarcastic and a huge tomboy, really. She's a great listener...and great friend. (His thoughts sort of drift off, and Angela just watches his face.) I don't know what I'd do without her.

ANGELA: (slowly, a thought creeping into her mind) I'd like to meet her, sometime. (Dawson jumps up, and offers her his hand.)

DAWSON: Come on. We'll go find her. She's probably down at the café tonight. (Angela stands up.) You need some cheering up. It'll be fun.(Angela nods, and they walk down the path back towards town.)


Katimski and Gold are gone. Pacey has joined Joey and Rickie, and they all seem to be having a good time together, though Joey occasionally throws Pacey a dirty look, which he of course receives with mock pain. Rickie is highly entertained by the pair's sarcastic battles. The bell above the door rings, and they all look over, startled. Dawson leads Angela in, holding her hand. She looks unsure, and uncomfortable with all the eyes in the room suddenly focusing on her. She sees Rickie.

ANGELA: Rickie! (He gets up and hurries to her, happy to see her.)

RICKIE: Angela! Hey! (They hug each other and exchange kisses, much to Dawson's dismay. He relaxes as it becomes clear that they're just friends. Pacey stands up as Dawson, Angela and Rickie make their way back to the table. Joey's good mood has suddenly fleeted. Pacey flashes Angela a debonaire smile, which she returns.)

PACEY: And this must be the famous Angela, right? (Angela look alarmed. Pacey echoes Mr. Gold's words.) It's a small town. News travels fast. (Dawson sits down, and Angela sits next to him.) I'm Pacey Witter. (Angela shakes his hand, and Pacey turns to Joey, with biting sarcasm.) And this *wonderful* creature here is Josephine Potter. (She rolls her eyes.)

JOEY: Bite me, Pacey. (She looks at Angela, who outstretches her hand, smiling. Joey sighs and shakes it.) Everyone calls me Joey.

ANGELA: It's nice to meet you both. Dawson already told me all about you. Especially about you, Joey. (She glances at Dawson, who smiles at Joey. Joey just puts on an obviously fake smile.)

JOEY: (rolling her eyes at Angela.) How nice. I love having people I don't even know know *all* the details of my private life. (Angela is taken aback, and self-consciously looks down. Rickie tries to think of something to say.)

ANGELA: (VO) Sometimes you can just *sense* that someone doesn't like you. It's like, disturbing. Especially when it's someone who hates you for no apparent reason other than the fact you exist. (She looks across at Joey, who is glaring at her. Dawson looks confused.)

JOEY: (contempuously)Do you dye your hair?

ANGELA: (confused.) I used''s growing out. (She glances at Rickie, then at Pacey. Pacey just shrugs.)

DAWSON: So...Angela...want something to drink? (He stands up, gesturing towards the counter. Angela stands up, relieved.)

ANGELA: Sure. (They walk to the counter.)

PACEY: (looking at Joey) Jo, what is up with the Ice Queen act? You just met her-is this another Jen thing? Cause she's gonna be gone tomorrow and Dawson'll be all yours again. You could be a decent person for once and treat her with *some* courtesy.

JOEY: Shut up, Pacey. I don't care if she's with Dawson. She just annoys me. (Rickie sighs.)

RICKIE: Joey, you know that Angela didn't come here to hurt your feelings. She obviously just wanted to meet you. Dawson clearly made you out to be a great person, judging from how eager Angela was to meet you. (Joey leans back in her chair, letting out a long breath as she thinks about Angela and Dawson. At the counter, Dawson leans towards Angela, apologetic.)

DAWSON: I'm really sorry about that. She must be in a really bad mood or something. I mean, she's not normally like this. (Angela glances over at Joey, who is staring at Dawson. Angela sees a look in Joey's eyes, a look she recognizes as a look she herself had reserved only for Jordan Catalano. She smiles at Dawson, knowing why Joey's acting this way.)

ANGELA: It's okay. Really. I know...I know she's really a sweet person. Everyone has bad days. (Dawson looks relieved Angela's not mad. He turns to Grace and orders something to drink. Suddenly Rayanne bursts through the door, looking totally excited. She sees Angela and shrieks.)

RAYANNE: Angelika! Ohmigod! (Angela turns to her, surprised. Rayanne runs to her and wraps her arms around her friend.) I am *so* happy to see you! You will *not* believe-You will not believe-Angela-(She gives up on that sentence and turns to Grace, laughing.) Do you have a radio in here?

GRACE: Um...yeah.

RAYANNE: Turn on 101.1. Quick! (Grace turns on the radio, and sound fills the room. Angela hears only a few chords of the song and her jaw drops. She looks at Rayanne. Rickie jumps up, amazed.)

RICKIE: Angela! It's the song! (Angela just stands there, stunned. She looks at Rayanne, who is beyond excited.)

ANGELA: It's...Oh my god... (VO) I couldn't believe it. The idea that an actual radio station could be playing that song was impossible. (out loud) can't be-

RICKIE: (running to her) It is! (Pacey stands up, anxious.)

PACEY: Hang a second-what song is this?

JOEY: And what's so important? (They looks at Angela, who is still very pale. She sits down at a table, looking as if she's about to faint.)

ANGELA: I can't believe it...It's Jordan's song... (The room is silent, and the chorus to "Red" can clearly be heard over the radio. Rayanne sits down next to Angela.)

RAYANNE: Do you know what this means?

ANGELA: I do. (She pauses.) What does it mean?

RAYANNE: It means, that somehow, some way, *Jordan Catalano* got some radio station here to actually *play* his song. Do you know how *jazzed* Tino will be? This is great for the Embryos. Or Residue. Or whatever they are now.

DAWSON: (looking at Angela) So...hang on. What's going on?

RICKIE: (seeing Pacey, Joey and Dawson's clueless faces.) Oh. These guys we know, have this band, Residue , I think they're called now? Anyway...this is one of Jordan's songs. He like, wrote it, awhile back. They must have gotten someone to play it.

RAYANNE: (looking at everyone) And you know what the best part is? This song is about Angela.

ANGELA: *Rayanne*!


ANGELA: Everyone did *not* need to know that. (Rickie bites his tongue, remembering when Jordan told him it was about his car. Dawson just stands there, not knowing what to say.)

JOEY: I think it's interesting. What do you think, Dawson? (Before Dawson can speak, the song ends.)

ANNOUNCER: And there's a brand new one from a new band in Pittsburgh, called Residue. I know we don't normally showcase out of town unknowns, but I thought that this one deserved a chance. (The announcer laughs slightly.) The singer of this song asked me to please say "Angela, if you're out there and you're listening, this song is for you." He said he "can not live without you" and he thinks you have every right to hate him. But all he asks is forgiveness. He knows he doesn't "deserve your love" but he would do anything for another chance. (The announcer starts to announce the next few artists going to be heard, and everyone in the room focuses on Angela, except Joey, who looks at the stunned Dawson. Dawson sits down next to Angela.)

RAYANNE: (laughing) Now that's one hell of an apology! (Angela just looks down at her hands, stunned herself. Rickie tries to get her attention, concerned.)

RICKIE: Angela, are you okay? (Angela nods.)

ANGELA: Yeah...yeah, I'm fine.

PACEY: So, it's safe for me to assume the radio Angela is *you Angela*? (Joey just rolls her eyes at him. Rayanne snorts. Dawson sets his hand lightly on her arm.)

DAWSON: What are you going to do now? (Angela sighs.)

ANGELA: I'm...going to keep going on like I never heard that song before in my life. (She gets up.) I'm...I'm going for a walk. (She puts a lid on her drink. Rayanne looks at her, stunned.)

RAYANNE: That's it?

ANGELA: Yeah, I guess that's it. (VO) And it was. It. (She heads for the door.) Um...Dawson, do you want to come? (Dawson stands up.)

DAWSON: Sure. (He looks relieved, and Joey looks digusted. Rickie walks to Angela and looks her in the eyes.)

RICKIE: Are you *sure* you're okay?

ANGELA: No....Yes. Yes, I'm fine. Of course I'm fine. It's completely over between me and Jordan Catalano. I'm...moving on. Really. (She opens the door and goes outside. Dawson grabs his jacket. Joey looks at him, getting angry at him for everything and anything.)

JOEY: She's leaving tomorrow, Dawson. It's not going to happen. People just don't fall in love in one day.

DAWSON: (bitingly) Joey, for once, why can't you be supportive? I like her, I really do. And you're totally bent on treating her just like you treated Jen.

JOEY: Dawson, you're going to get hurt. It's plain and simple. Long-distance relationships don't work. And besides, she's going to go back to that Jordan person. I can see it in her eyes.

DAWSON: (getting angry) Jo, enough! Why can't you just accept things for what they are? Why can't you accept reality the way it is?

JOEY: Oh, *I'm* the one with a reality problem? Get a clue, Dawson. You're the one living in the movies. You don't just *meet* a girl and fall in love.

DAWSON: (heading for the door.) Joey, you don't even understand love.

JOEY: (rushing past him and opening the door.) *I* don't understand love, Dawson? *I* don't understand it? One day you're going to open your eyes and realize I understand it a lot more than you ever will. (She runs outside, past Angela, who she almost knocks over. Dawson sighs and walks out, meeting a confused Angela.)


ANGELA: What's going on?

DAWSON: I don't know. (They start walking.)


The door shuts as Dawson slips out, leaving the room in utter silence. Rayanne suddenly starts to laugh. Rickie looks apalled.

RICKIE: Rayanne, what's funny about this?

RAYANNE: (looking at Pacey.) Man, are things *always* this intense here? It's like, I come here and suddenly everyone's problems just explode and it's like an all-out daytime soap or something! It's wicked!

PACEY: Try living here. You'll change your mind. (Rayanne heads for the door.)

RICKIE: Where are you going?

RAYANNE: (looking at her watch) Come on, it's only 10:00. We can still have some fun. (Pacey smiles wickedly.)

PACEY: You know, slut of Pittsburgh, you might want to change your title to something more flattering. You're too cool for a slut.

RAYANNE: Why, thank you. (She looks at Rickie) Now why can't more people have that attitude? (She laughs and heads out of the cafe.)

RICKIE: I'm going to go find Joey. (Rickie leaves too, then Pacey follows, shaking his head as he laughs to himself.)



Angela and Dawson are walking along the path, in deep conversation. Dawson seems upset.

DAWSON: It's so...unlike her. She gets this way whenever I go out with someone. I've told her repeatedly that no one could replace her..but she doesn't seem to understand. (He sighs.)

ANGELA: (thoughtfully) Have you ever thought about...what she said? About her understanding love more than you?

DAWSON: Yeah, but I can't figure it out. She's had a hard life...and I'm the closest person to her...she usually tells me everything. But lately it's like she has this horrible secret. And she won't tell me what's wrong.

ANGELA: (stopping) Um...well...I sort of might know, like, what's wrong.

DAWSON: (interested) You do?

ANGELA: Dawson, have you ever told Joey how you feel about her?

DAWSON: (confused) Of course I have. She knows how much she means to me. (Angela sighs.)

ANGELA: Do *you* know how much she means to you?

DAWSON: I...don't follow.

ANGELA: Listen...I think you're a great guy. You're pretty much a girl's dream guy, actually.

DAWSON: (blushing) I don't think so.

ANGELA: You are. I mean, I normally don't say things like this...or *anything* like this...but you have this one problem...

DAWSON: (curious and alarmed) What?

ANGELA: You're looking for something that you already have. (She sits down on the bench along the path, and Dawson sits next to her. He's more confused than ever.) You're in love with her, Dawson.

DAWSON: With who? Joey? Joey's my best friend. I'm not in *love* with her.

ANGELA: Yes, you are. I mean...everyone sees it, but you. I can see it every time you talk about her. Every time you even hear her name. (Dawson looks stunned.) And I think it's time you told her.


ANGELA: Not that I...think I know all about you or her...or your relationship...but...I've only been here a day and I can see it. It may be all I know of you but it's something...and it's something you clearly don't know yourself. (She sighs, a bit embarrassed after being so straightforward and outspoken. It's very unlike her. Dawson looks directly into her eyes.)


ANGELA: You are...what?

DAWSON: I'm in love with her. (He buries his head in his hands.) I can't believe this.

ANGELA: You have to tell her.

DAWSON: I can't just...I can't do that! What is she doesn't feel the same way? (Angela puts her hand on his shoulder.)

ANGELA: You know she loves you. Don't make excuses to put it off. Just tell her. (Dawson falls silent. Angela becomes worried) Sorry. It's not any of my business. I just...I know that honesty makes relationships stronger...not weaker. (Dawson is still silent.) Maybe...I better go. (She gets up and starts to walk away. Dawson sits there for a second, then gets up and runs after her. He pulls her into his arms and kisses her. She is surprised at first, then relaxes in his embrace. After a minute or so, Dawson pulls away.)

DAWSON: (softly) I'm sorry.

ANGELA: (quietly) For what?

DAWSON: I've been wanting to do that ever since I saw you. (Angela smiles.) I knew when I asked you out that it'd never amount to anything. But...I'd like it to be something. I want you as a friend, Angela. Promise me you'll write me, or call or something?

ANGELA: (Sweetly) Of course. Only if you do one thing for me.

DAWSON: Anything.

ANGELA: Tell Joey how you feel tonight. (Dawson immediately looks nervous.)

DAWSON: Okay. If you get a condition, do I get one? (She nods.) Okay then, you have to find Jordan tonight and talk this out. (She shifts her stance.) Cause Angela...he sounds like he was a jerk, and a loser...and all that...but I think he's changed. (She doesn't look at Dawson.) Just promise me you'll talk to him. (Angela smiles as Dawson touches her face.)

ANGELA: Okay. (He moves away from her.) Dawson, we're leaving tomorrow at eight, from the parking lot behind the IceHouse. Will you come say goodbye?

DAWSON: All right. (He laughs) I'll come with Joey. (They both walk away from each other, reassured in their own way.)


Sharon and Cliff are walking along the street, holding hands. Jen and Kyle follow behind. They're discussing what the four of them want to do for the rest of their free time.

SHARON: We could go see a movie?

JEN: Isn't curfew for you midnight?

KYLE: Well...yeah. But if we went right now, we could be out by 11:45. We could make it back in time.

CLIFF: Anyone know what's playing? (Jen stops in her tracks, looking across the street.)

JEN: Hey, isn't that your friend-

SHARON: Rayanne? (She sees Rayanne running along the other side of the street, with Pacey.)

JEN: And she's with Pace. *Great*.

SHARON: (taking offense) Hey, Rayanne isn't a *bad* person.

JEN: Oh, I didn't mean- (Rayanne sees Sharon and drags Pacey across the street. They are both laughing hysterically.)

SHARON: What's so funny?

RAYANNE: We just egged his closet-case brother-

PACEY: While he was out on a date!

RAYANNE: With this girl, who could have been...(She stops, laughing)

PACEY: Jen, I swear it was a guy dressed as a girl.

JEN: Pacey, won't your Dad *and* Doug beat your ass about this?

PACEY: (shrugging) Probably. But it was worth it, believe me. You should have *seen* the look on his face.

JEN: (rolling her eyes) Yeah, I bet it was hysterical. (She looks at Pacey.) Pacey, are you drunk?

PACEY: (pretending to be appalled.) Of course not!

RAYANNE: (laughing, she leans towards Jen as if to tell her a secret, but talks loudly.) We're just a little buzzed. How 'bout you?

JEN: (disgusted) We were just about to go to the movies, so, we'll see you later. (Kyle gets the hint that Jen doesn't like Rayanne and shoots her a dirty look as they walk away. Cliff gives them both a half-smile as an effort to be polite, but Sharon just gives Rayanne and Pacey a completely rude and obvious look of disgust. Rayanne is a bit hurt by this, since she considers Sharon to be her friend. She laughs it off.)

RAYANNE: God, what's their problem? (Jen hears Rayanne say this, and turns back to her, very angry.)

JEN: My *problem* is you! You don't get it, do you? You can't just run around like a drunk idiot for your whole life! You sleep around, you do drugs, you drink, and now you're influencing Pacey to screw up his life more than he already has! I don't know where you get off trouncing into this town and thinking you have control over everything-

RAYANNE: Well where the hell do *you* get off? You don't know me! You don't have any idea who I am or what I do! (Jen just walks closer to Rayanne, staring her right in the eyes. She starts to speak in a calm, quiet, dangerous tone.)

JEN: I know *exactly* who you are. Cause I used to be just like you. (Rayanne grows uncomfortable as Jen doesn't break the stare.) It's a road that leads nowhere and I suggest you choose another path. (Jen just looks at her for a moment in silence, then turns and walks away. Cliff looks completely puzzled, since Jen never told him about her past. Kyle glances at Sharon, and neither of them know what to do. Sharon just looks from Rayanne to Pacey, then starts to follow Jen. Both guys shrug and follow their dates. Rayanne nervously shifts her feet, and looks at the ground.)

PACEY: Well...that certainly puts a damper on our fun night, doesn't it? (Rayanne just sits down on the ground. Pacey sits next to her.) Hey...Jen was just a little upset. She didn't mean everything she said.

RAYANNE: She's right, though.

PACEY: No, she-

RAYANNE: She is. I mean, I know what I am. And I'm not proud of it, or anything. It's's who I am and I can't change that now. It's too late.

PACEY: Oh come on, you don't think people can change?

RAYANNE: Even if people change, you think the world sees them any differently? I'm always going to be seen as a drunken slut.

PACEY: (Shaking his head) No. If you-

RAYANNE: If I what? Pacey, you honestly think that if you suddenly started doing your school work and took everything seriously, your family wouldn't think you were a screw-up anymore? You've already been stereotyped. You can't break it. (Pacey is shaken by this. Rayanne sighs.) I mean, it's not like a big deal though. I can deal with it. I just make it into a joke. If no one takes me seriously...then why should I take myself seriously?

PACEY: (sighing) Know *that* feeling. (Rayanne looks at him.)

RAYANNE: Yeah...I guess you do... (They both look at each other for a moment. Both Rayanne and Pacey just continue to sit there in the middle of the sidewalk in silence, trying to figure things out in their heads.)


Dawson is walking along the path, slowly, his hands in his pockets. He's alone. He looks up to the starry sky as he thinks about how he's going to tell Joey. When Dawson looks back down to where he's going, he sees Jordan sitting on a bench a little further down the path, and walks over, almost a bit afraid. Cautiously he sits down, startling Jordan. He looks at Dawson and then looks away. He lets a slow steady stream of smoke out and taps some ashes onto the ground.

DAWSON:'re Jordan...right?

JORDAN: Um...yeah.... (He pauses, thinking.)

DAWSON: I'm Dawson. I-

JORDAN: I know who you are. (He tosses his cigarette to the ground and rubs it out with his shoe.)

DAWSON: I just wanted you to know that Angela is looking for you.

JORDAN: (hopeful) Is she?

DAWSON: Yeah. You should probably-

JORDAN: (standing up) I'll go find her.

DAWSON: (he stands up too, as Jordan starts to walk away.) Listen-I know I really don't have a right to get involved in this...but... (Jordan looks at him expectantly.) Jordan, Angela's a great girl. She told me what happened, between you two...

JORDAN: (tightly) Did she.

DAWSON: (mustering up some courage) Yes, and frankly, I don't think you deserve to be in the same room with her, let alone get back together with her. I don't know what you're going to do now, but if you hurt her ever again (He starts walking towards Jordan) I swear, I will come to Pittsburgh and I will beat the crap out of you. (He stares Jordan straight in the eyes. Jordan is uncomfortable. Normally he would've laughed, considering Dawson's body size and lack of muscles, but there's something in his voice that tells Jordan that Dawson is perfectly capable of getting angry enough. He takes a step back from Dawson and nods.)

JORDAN: I don't plan on hurting her again, don't worry. (Dawson nods back, and Jordan walks away. Dawson lets out a deep breath of relief and relaxes. He turns and heads down the path.)

DAWSON: (to himself) God, that is the last time I *ever* threaten a guy who could easily throw me across a football field. (He shakes his head and laughs a little.) I can't believe I just did that.


Rickie and Joey are sitting on the sand, talking. Joey is still upset over what happened in the cafe, and Rickie is doing his best to comfort her.

JOEY: I can't believe...sometimes I just wish he would see it. I've made it so obvious.

RICKIE: He's probably scared, Jo.

JOEY: But of what? I don't get him. I understand that getting romantically involved could possibly jeopordize our friendship if it didn't work out, but...the chances of it not working out are so minimal. Just sitting here and denying our feelings for each other is just pushing us apart. It's destroying the friendship he's afraid to wreck.

RICKIE: I know I'm not like...experienced in love or what have you...but I know that it's change. Change scares everyone. I mean, Dawson probably had this image in his mind, of what his life is going to be or something. And he probably made that image before he realized he was in love with you. I think you need to help him adjust...tell him it's going to be okay. And that you'll always be his best friend no matter what happens. (Joey is silent for a moment, then looks at him.)

JOEY: You should write a book someday. You're amazing. (Rickie laughs slightly.)

RICKIE: Go find him. And tell him. (Joey smiles.)

JOEY: Okay. I'll do whatever you want me to. (She kisses him on the cheek and stands up.) Thanks, Rickie. For everything and anything. I'd never be able to do this without your help.

RICKIE: You're welcome.

JOEY: (starting to walk away.) I'm beginning to think maybe your bus broke down here for a reason.

RICKIE: (laughing) All part of God's plan?

JOEY: (shrugging) Something like that. I'll see you tomorrow before you leave, okay? (Rickie nods.) Bye.

RICKIE: Bye. (She turns to walk up the beach towards Capeside.) Joey? (She looks back.) Good luck.

JOEY: Thanks. (Joey leaves, and Rickie looks out at the water, smiling.)



Dawson comes into his room, looking tired. He tosses his jacket onto the bed, and looks at his clock. It's already twelve fifteen. He's been walking around Capeside looking for Joey for over an hour. He closes his eyes, thinking. Joey slowly comes out of Dawson's closet, and tiptoes over to the bed. She's about to jump on the bed to scare him, when he suddenly sits up and grabs her. She shrieks as he starts to tickle her.

DAWSON: No way, Joey, you're not scaring me. Where have you been? I was looking all over for you. (She laughs hysterically and tries to swat his hands away.)

JOEY: Dawson, stop!


JOEY: Kay, I give! I give! (He lets her go and she sits up, her hair flying about wildly. She pats it down.) I was on the beach, thinking.

DAWSON: (slowly) About what?

JOEY: I'm sorry about the way I acted in the cafe. I was really immature...I just...

DAWSON: No, Joey, it's okay. You were right, anyway. Things never would've worked with her. I never expected them to.

JOEY: (looking away) Why didn't you expect them to?

DAWSON: (quietly) Because I've fallen in love with someone else. (Joey looks at him, stunned.) I've *been* in love with someone for a long time now. (Joey stands up, uncomfortable. She doesn't know if he means her or someone like Jen.)

JOEY: Who is it?

DAWSON: (trying to play it cool, he stands up and walks over to her.) This really great girl I know. I'm not sure if she feels the same way as me though. (He looks down at her hands, and takes one of them. He lightly touches her fingers.) I've been meaning to tell you... (Dawson looks directly in her eyes, and she doesn't waver.)

JOEY: (softly) Tell me what?

DAWSON: This. (He kisses her gently. After a moment he pulls away, and she opens her eyes slowly. He waits for a response. She smiles slightly)

JOEY: (whispering) I have something to tell you too.

DAWSON: (hopeful) You do?

JOEY: (leaning towards him) Hm-hm... (She kisses him back, and they relax into each other's arms. The camera draws back as the continue to kiss.)


Angela and Rickie are sitting on one bed, and Sharon and Rayanne are on the other. They're passing around a bag of chips, laughing and talking. The clock reads twelve-thirty. The TV is on, but no one is watching it.

ANGELA: So, Enrique, you talked to Joey?

RICKIE: Yeah. What about Dawson?

ANGELA: (smiling) Yeah...we talked.

RAYANNE: And how is *Dawson*? Is he a good kisser?

ANGELA: (embarassed) *Rayanne*!

SHARON: Come on, Angela. Details. I can see it from the look on your face. He kissed you.

ANGELA: What if he did? (Rickie smiles knowingly) It's private.

RAYANNE: *Well*, then don't expect me to tell you about Pacey.

SHARON: What about Pacey?

RAYANNE: (looking around, coyly) Well...

ANGELA: Rayanne, you didn't. Please tell me you didn't.

RAYANNE: Only if you tell me what you did.

ANGELA: Fine. We kissed, it was amazing. Please tell me you didn't mess with a guy you don't even know.

RAYANNE: (laughing) Relax, Angelfood. I didn't even kiss him. (thinking) He was actually a pretty decent guy, really.

RICKIE: Decent? Rayanne, that's the nicest thing you've said about a guy in your life.

RAYANNE: Shut up, Vasquez. (She hands the bag of chips to Angela.) So, Sharon, we've all revealed our secrets from the night, what about you? (Sharon smiles and digs something out of her bag.)

SHARON: Well...we just walked around for awhile-

RICKIE: We who?

SHARON: Me and Jen, and *Kyle*, and this really cute football player named Cliff. (She hands Angela a string of pictures.) Me and Cliff had our pictures taken together, you know, in one of those booths?

ANGELA: Aw, that's adorable. (Rickie looks at the photos, checking out Cliff.)

RICKIE: Hmm, pretty cute. Wasn't it weird being with him, when Kyle was right there?

SHARON: Actually, no, it wasn't really. He was smitten with Jen, and sort of followed her around like a puppy dog or something. I don't think she liked him *as* much though. Or at all. (She giggles. The room then falls silent. Rayanne looks at Angela questioningly.)


RAYANNE: I get the distinct feeling that you are keeping something from us. (Angela looks shocked.)

ANGELA: What the-we were talking about Sharon's night! We've moved on! We can't go back to discussing me again.

SHARON: Well my story is done. That means we can go back to you if we want.

RAYANNE: So? What's the other half to *your* story?

ANGELA: There isn't any...other half. I told him he had to tell Joey he loved her and he told me that I had to talk to Jordan and work things out. That's all. We're going to stay friends. (She sighs and flops down onto her half of the bed.)

RAYANNE: (shrugging) Well, that wasn't nearly as exciting as I thought it was going to be.

RICKIE: So, wait, Angela-Dawson's going to tell her tonight?

ANGELA: He better. If he hasn't told her by the time he comes to meet me to say goodbye, *I'm* going to tell her how he feels. Someone has to give them a push.

SHARON: Are you okay, Angela? You're usually so...

ANGELA: I know...I guess I'm just sick of people playing games with each other. If you feel a certain should just come out and say it. I guess...when I see two people who belong together...and nothing is keeping them apart but their own pisses me off. I've never had it so easy and they're *afraid* of it. (Rickie leans over and gives Angela a hug.)

RICKIE: Angela... (Angela sighs. Rayanne smiles.)

RAYANNE: Look on the bright side. You could be like Brian Krakow.

ANGELA: (burying her face with her pillow) I don't want to even *think* about him right now. (Sharon and Rickie exchange sad looks.)


The tired students are loading up the bus with their suitcases. Katimski and Gold are talking, off to the side. Joey and Dawson are standing with Pacey and Jen, who are looking at the pair, confused. Joey is beaming, and Dawson is holding her hand. Angela comes down the path towards them. Camera switches back to the two teachers.

KATIMSKI: was a pleasure meeting you, Benji. (They shake hands, and Mr. Gold slips him a piece of paper.)

GOLD: Nice meeting you too, Richard. (Katimski looks at the piece of paper. It's Mr. Gold's address and phone number. Katimski smiles and nods. Mr. Gold smiles back and walks away. Shot goes back to Angela and Dawson. Rickie is saying goodbye to Joey at the same time. As Angela and Dawson speak, you can see Joey and Rickie speaking, but can't hear what they're saying. Joey hugs Rickie, and he heads toward the bus.)

ANGELA: I'm really glad we met, Dawson. (Dawson smiles, and squeezes Joey's hand. She smiles.)

DAWSON: So am I. (Angela kisses him on the cheek.)

ANGELA: Keep in touch, all right? (Dawson nods. Angela looks at Joey. Out of nowhere Joey throws her arms around Angela. She's completely surprised.)

JOEY: Sorry I was such a bitch. (Angela laughs.)

ANGELA: It's okay. I understand. Dawson has my address...if you want to write, I'd love to like, *correspond*, or whatever. (She smiles, as does Joey.)

JOEY: (nodding) I'd like that. (Dawson drops Joey's hand for a second as Angela turns to go, and hugs Angela.)

DAWSON: (whispering) Thanks.

ANGELA: You're welcome. (She tucks her hair behind her ear, and looks toward the bus. Jordan walks off the bus and sees her, and walks over.)

JORDAN: Hey. (Jordan nods to the group and Dawson looks at Angela.)

DAWSON: Hey. (Angela smiles as Jordan looks at her, and takes her hand.)

JORDAN: Ready to go?

ANGELA: Yeah, just one second. (She turns back to Dawson. Jordan backs away for a moment, letting Angela talk.)

DAWSON: You talked to him?

ANGELA: Yeah...this morning. We worked things out. (They both smile for a second. Dawson takes her hand and squeezes it.)

DAWSON: Good luck. (Angela readjusts her backpack on her shoulder.)

ANGELA: (turning to go) You too. (Joey and Dawson wave to her as she takes Jordan's hand and they walk to the bus together. Sharon walks over to Jen sadly.)

SHARON: It was really nice to meeting you, Jen.

JEN: Yeah, it was nice meeting you too. Call me or something, k?

SHARON: (nodding) Okay. (She smiles and turns to Cliff, and gives him a hug, as Kyle comes to Jen. Jen says something briefly to Kyle, and he walks away.) Got my number, right, Cliff?

CLIFF: (taking the number out of his jacket pocket to show her) Of course. (Sharon kisses him lightly on the lips and turns to go. He grins. The shot switches back to Pacey, who has been approached by Rayanne. The crowd is thinning out-most everyone is on the bus now. As Sharon walks back to the bus, Rayanne suddenly pulls Pacey to her and kisses him. When she breaks away, Pacey looks stunned. She just hands him a piece of paper and laughs as she starts to walk away.)

RAYANNE: Let me know if you're ever in town, loser. (Pacey smiles.)

PACEY: Sure thing. (Rayanne runs onto the bus as the engine starts up. The doors of the bus shut, and the parking lot grows silent.)


Katimski is standing at the front of the bus, counting to himself as he checks to see if everyone's on the bus. Angela is sitting in the back seat, with Jordan. Brian is sitting towards the front, alone. He glances back at Jordan and Angela and sighs. Sharon is sitting with Rayanne, and she takes out the pictures of her and Cliff and stares at them sadly. Rickie is sitting across from Rayanne and they are talking.Katimski nods and turns to the bus driver.

KATIMSKI: Okay, everyone is on. Let's roll. (The bus starts to pull away. Angela looks out the back window to wave to Dawson and Joey, and the rest of them.)


Dawson is still standing with Joey, and Jen, Pacey and Cliff are standing nearby. Dawson sees Angela waving to them, and waves back. Joey smiles and joins him in saying good bye.

JOEY: It's too bad they have to leave. I was starting to get attatched to them all.

DAWSON: (smiling) Hey, maybe they'll stop on the way back. (Angela stops waving and turns away from the window. Dawson looks at the bus as it drives farther away, then looks at Joey.)

JOEY: (as Dawson leans over to kiss her) Maybe they will. (They kiss.)


Angela turns away from the window, and faces Jordan. He gives her a half-smile and runs his hand through her hair.

JORDAN: (slowly and thoughtfully, and a bit embarassed.) I love you, Angela. I just want you to like, know that. (She smiles back, and leans over to kiss him. The shot draws back to reveal the whole bus, the fades to black.)

ANGELA: (VO as scene fades) There's so many different people in the world...and they all affect you in different ways. (she pauses) It's hard to understand everyone, but I realize now that it's important to at least *try* and understand. Because things change and you have to re-evaluate friendships...and relationships. (The scene fades into:


Angela is sitting on her window seat, writing in her journal. She stops for a minute, thinking. She gazes out the window up at the full moon and the starry sky.

ANGELA: (VO) We were supposed to learn about witches and superstitions, and history on that trip. I didn't learn much about that. But I learned more about myself in Capeside then I could have learned anywhere else. (The shot focuses on the sky, then pans down to reveal:


Dawson is standing out on his front porch, looking up at the moon. He smiles to himself, thinking. His thoughts are interuppted by Joey opening the front door.

JOEY: Dawson! Are you coming? (He is shaken from his own little world, and he turns to look at his best friend, now girlfriend. He smiles.)

DAWSON: Yeah, Jo. Be right there. (He takes one last look at the sky and goes inside.)


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  • leo commented on 23 Aug 2005:
    that was really cute. at parts almost to cute, but well it was good.
  • Einah26 gave this story a 3.0/5 3.0/5 rating and commented on 22 Apr 2008:
    I liked it, I thought it did seem a little too cutesy though.
  • Jordan's Real Girlfriend. gave this story a 3.0/5 3.0/5 rating and commented on 10 Jun 2008:
    it was a little too cute to be Angela and Jordan, i mean the whole radio thing? jordan would never do that. same about the whole "i love you thing".
    it seems like too much of dawsons creek and not enough of MSCL. but other than that i enjoyed it, just couldn't really see the MSCL characters in what you wrote.

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“And, you know, with your hair like that? It hurts to look at you.”

Rayanne Graff, Episode 1: "My So-Called Life (Pilot)"