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Episode No. 21 - New Beginnings

written by Laura

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Published: 1997 | Size: 60 KB (11774 words) | Language: english | Rating: PG-13
Average: 2.1/5   2.1/5 (56 votes)

based on stories and characters created by Winnie Holzman

Note: Please read Tracee Manettas "Habits" first.


Rickie is at his locker, getting his stuff out to go home. Delia comes up to him with a perky smile. Angela can be seen across the hallway at her locker. Jordan comes up to her and gives her a kiss on the cheek, then leans against a locker. Angela says something. Brian is coming down the hall, staring at the floor. He glances at Angela, who looks at him uncomfortably then turns away, as if the answers were in her locker. Brian tries not to notice, then sees Delia talking to Rickie. He goes over.

RICKIE: So, tonight? A movie?

DELIA: Yeah-are you free?

RICKIE: Actually...I'm supposed to go over to Rayanne's about tomorrow?

DELIA: Yeah-I think-(Brian stops next to her and she looks at him rudely) *What*?

BRIAN: Rickie-I *need* to talk to you.

RICKIE: About what?

BRIAN: It's about-the *thing*. With the letter? (he looks at Delia as if he wants her to go.)

RICKIE: Yeah? Look, I told you before, I'm really, really sorry I told her-I didn't know she didn't know. I thought she knew!

DELIA: What are you guys talking about?

BRIAN: Oh, that's not what I was going to talk about. It's just-I mean...have you ever considered, like, tutoring someone? Like, let's say, in English? You're good in English, right?

RICKIE: Actually, not really-why would I want to tutor someone?

BRIAN: Well, it's just that...well, I was looking for maybe take over tutoring *him*..cause I'm really not comfortable doing it know...

DELIA: You guys? Can you clue me in here? Hello? (Sharon comes out of the bathroom. Angela and Jordan head out the school doors and Brian glances over quickly at them, then looks at the ground.)

RICKIE: I wish I could help, but, I mean, I *really* have *way* too much stuff going on right now, with the play and everything. (Sharon walks up)

SHARON: Help with what?

BRIAN: I'm looking for someone to take over tutoring for know, tutoring *him*.

SHARON: Hmm...I would, but I can't. I'm sorry-I just-

DELIA: I have *no* idea who you guys are talking about! Will someone-

BRIAN: *Shut up* already! God! (he storms away. Delia stands there, surprised.)

DELIA: Geez, what's his problem? I just want to know what's going on! I mean, if you guys are going to talk about something in front of me, then, I have a *right* to know, don't you think?

SHARON: Well...

DELIA: It just proves he's really the jerk I thought he was!

RICKIE: (a bit angry) Okay, well Delia? You don't really know the whole story, kay? So just...stop it. (he slams his locker and walks away.)

DELIA: (hurt, and confused) I'm just pissing people off today, aren't I? (she pushes her hair behind her ear.)

SHARON: (putting her hands in her pockets after she throws her backpack over her shoulder) Yeah, I guess...

DELIA: What did Rickie mean by *the whole story*? What else is there that I don't know?

SHARON: (slowly, unsure) Well...I guess... I should tell you. I suppose you have a right to know. Come on. (they head outside)


Jordan pulls to a stop in front of her house. Angela tips her head to one side and looks at him thoughtfully. "Fly" by Sugar Ray is playing on the radio.

ANGELA: (VO) Sometimes, the simplest thing, like a ride home make you feel, like, special, or something. And you have no idea why. (Aloud) Thanks for the ride.

JORDAN: (casually) No problem.

ANGELA: (hopeful) Do you...have to go anywhere? (she looks at him.)

JORDAN: (he looks at her, then out the window) Me and Tino were supposed to get together...

ANGELA: (face falls) Oh.

JORDAN: (hopeful) But, I doubt he'll even show up or anything, so I don't really see the point...(he looks at her, then at the steering wheel.) So...I guess, I really don't have anything going...

ANGELA: (smiles) Do you want to hang here for awhile?

JORDAN: Sure. (they both smile)

ANGELA: Come on. (she opens the car door and gets out.) We can get something to eat.

JORDAN: Cool. (They both walk up the path to her house and go inside)


Brian is sitting on the couch. He looks out the window and sees Jordan's car pull up. He sighs. The phone rings, and he almost jumps.
BRIAN'S MOTHER: (OS) Brian! Telephone!

BRIAN: Hello? (shot goes back and forth between Delia in Sharon's house and Brian in his living room)

DELIA: Hi, Brian? It's Delia.

BRIAN: (surprised) Oh.'s up? I mean...

DELIA: (bluntly) Yeah, I know, you think I hate you, right?

BRIAN: (unsure of what to say) Well, yeah, but...I...guess...yeah...well...

DELIA: (even more bluntly) Well, I still sort-a do, but Sharon sort of, is like making me call. That's why. I'm calling.

BRIAN: (totally confused) Why...?

DELIA: It's just that, well Rickie...well, Sharon...she sort of explained to me, about you... and Angela, and-

BRIAN: (disbelieving and embarrassed) She did *what*?

DELIA: (faltering) And I just want to say, I mean, if I had *known*, like, about that...then...I think...well, I just want to say that I forgive you. Okay?

BRIAN: (even more surprised) So...what does that mean? Are we like...friends, now?

DELIA: I suppose we could, just like, say, in the hall and stuff.

BRIAN: (Amazed but happy) That'd be fine with me.

DELIA: (quickly) Okay. I gotta go. So, I'll see you in school?

BRIAN: Yeah, see ya. (Hangs up. He shakes his head, as if he's totally confused and shocked. He looks out the window, Jordan's car is still parked there. He sighs again and flops onto the couch.)


Delia comes into Sharon's bedroom and flops onto one of the floral covered beds, and puts her head in her hands. Sharon looks at her inquisitively.

SHARON: (Anxious, tugging on her skirt hem) Well? How did it go? Did you work things out?

DELIA: (indifferent) Yeah, I guess so.

SHARON: That's great. (with a look of concern) Cause you know, Delia, he really needs a friend.

DELIA: Aren't you and Rickie his friends? (pause) I forgive him, Sharon, but it's going to take a little time, to like, *like* him again.

SHARON: The thing is, that Rickie, and I? Well, I think we just, like remind him of Angela, like too much, or something. At least that what Rickie says.

DELIA: (not really seeing the connection, but nods anyway) That makes sense.

SHARON: (Gets up from the bed) Here's an idea. How about, we go to the store, get a *huge* thing of ice cream and rent a *Brad Pitt* movie. It'll take my mind off of Kyle, and yours off of...well, whatever!

DELIA: (smiles) Sounds good to me!


Jordan and Angela walk into the kitchen. Danielle and Ryan are already there, eating donuts. Danielle looks blankly at her sister.

ANGELA: Hey you guys.

DANIELLE: (looks at Jordan) Hi.

RYAN: Hi. ( he looks uncomfortable)

ANGELA: (turns to Danielle) Did Dad go shopping yet?

DANIELLE: (rolls her eyes) Yeah. Yesterday. Don't you ever pay attention to anything? I mean, you *do* live here.

ANGELA: (rolls her eyes back at Danielle) Good, that means there actually might be something edible in the house. (she opens the fridge) So, what do you want to eat?

JORDAN: (he leans on the counter) Whatever. Did you hear what happened 6th period today? (Angela hands him a glass)

ANGELA: (she gets out the milk) No, what?

JORDAN: Shane, like, broke into Foster's office and painted it bright yellow or something. Like while Foster was on his lunch break.

ANGELA: (laughing) Did he get caught? (she tosses a loaf of bread onto the counter along with some coldcuts.)

JORDAN: (laughs) Yeah. Like right in the middle of it. He's suspended for the rest of the week and has detention for the rest of the month. (he pours himself some milk) And of course he has to paint it back to the color it was before.

DANIELLE: (skeptically) I doubt he really did that. (She looks at Ryan, who nods in agreement)

ANGELA: (glares at Danielle) (VO) Little sisters are made, like, * just* to annoy their older ones. I swear it.

JORDAN: (not sure how to talk to younger kids) Oh, he did. He showed me the paint can and everything.

ANGELA: I can't believe he actually *did* it. After he put superglue on the Ms. Lerner's chair, I thought he was done with pranks for the year. (she sets a sandwich down in front of Jordan on the counter and sits down next to him with hers. Danielle and Ryan just stand there.)

DANIELLE: He sounds *weird*.

ANGELA: (frustrated) Danielle, don't you have anywhere else to be?!?!?

DANIELLE: (rolls her eyes again) Come on, Ryan, let's go. (they both leave the room.)

ANGELA: (pulling on her hair) Sorry about that...she *lives* to be a *pain*.

JORDAN: (changing the subject) So, anyway, I talked to Brain today.

ANGELA: (alarmed) You did?

JORDAN: Yeah, about tutoring. I was thinking about like, not going anymore.

ANGELA: (angry) You're going to *quit*? I mean-I know with *Brian* it's gotta be-but you're quitting it all together?

JORDAN: No, I decided not to. I might see if I can get a different...tutor or something though. If I can.

ANGELA: (relaxing) That's good. Cause it's really helping, isn't it?

JORDAN: (smiles) Yeah it is. (he leans closer to her) Thanks for signing me up. (he looks at her in the way that only he can.)

ANGELA: No problem. (she smiles back, blushing slightly. He leans in to kiss her. The door to the kitchen swings open and Patty comes in. They pull away from each other quickly. )

PATTY: (flustered) Sorry, Angela...I... I didn't know you were in here. (she's a bit surprised.) Hello, Jordan. (tosses her keys onto the counter)

JORDAN: (looks up at her) Hey.

PATTY: (hands on her hips) So, how are you both? (trying to sound casual, though she is embarrassed.)

ANGELA: (looking slightly embarassed) Good.

PATTY: (looks into the fridge out of habit) Did your father call at all?

ANGELA: Have to ask Danielle. I just got home a few minutes ago.

PATTY: A few minutes ago? Where were you?

ANGELA: (quickly) I stayed after school. Nothing important. (turns to Jordan) Wanna come upstairs?

JORDAN: Sure. (They get up and head out of the kitchen)

PATTY: (weary) Angela! (Angela turns around and looks at her.) Keep the door open.

ANGELA:(exasperated and embarrassed) Mother! (she turns and goes upstairs) (VO) Parents can be so, *obnoxious* about things.


Rickie comes out of the kitchen with a bowl of cheese doodles, which Rayanne takes. They both sit down and flip on the TV.

RICKIE: So, *how* did it go with Corey today?

RAYANNE: (jokingly) Vasquez, you are just too much.

RICKIE: Well, you have been going to his house everyday after school this week.

RAYANNE: To watch *Sesame Street*, Rickie. What do you think we do? Have *wild sex* on his parents' bed? (Rickie gives her a quick look) Just because I've done that with *other* guys before doesn't mean I will with him! I don't even *want* to with him. Geez! And besides, he wasn't feeling that great. He's probably not going to school tomorrow.

RICKIE: (smiles his "It's so romantic" smile and puts his arm over the back of the couch) You two would be so cute together, you know.

RAYANNE: (Gets wide-eyed look) Do I have to kill you? Cause believe me, I *will*. We are not *going out* we are *not* a couple, he is an annoying blister that will *not* go away! (she throws a cheese doodle at him.)

AMBER: (coming in from her bedroom) Raynie, what has Angela been up to these days?

RAYANNE: Well how the hell would I know? (She rolls her eyes, losing her energy.)

RICKIE: Well, I know she's been with Jordan Catalano for the past two days, like, non-stop.

AMBER: Jordan and Angela...hmmm...I always thought they were cute together.

RAYANNE: They are not *cute*. They are nowhere *near* cute. They are so *not* cute it's funny. (fixates her gaze on her bowl of junk food)

RICKIE: (pleading) Come on, Rayanne, you have to admit they look good together. (gets serious) And maybe they were, like meant to be together. Cause if she can, like, forgive him, after...(realizing he shouldn't say it) forget it.

RAYANNE: Forget what? (she sits up straight)

RICKIE: Nothing, really. I mean even if... (knowing he shouldn't have brought up that topic)

RAYANNE: (suddenly getting steaming mad and jumps up, spilling cheese doodles) After what, Rickie? After *I* slept with him? (she starts to talk louder) Right? So you think I'm the bad person here too? Still? I thought you forgave me!

RICKIE: Rayanne, I did forgive you. I didn't mean it know I didn't.

AMBER: Raynie, It's obvious you're a little on edge about all this, obviously. What's the matter-she's still mad at you?

RAYANNE: Yes, and clearly Rickie is still on her side about all this.

AMBER: (wraps her arms around Rayanne) Come on, Raynie, he didn't mean it like that and you know it, sweetie. Maybe you should, just *talk* to Angela.

RAYANNE: (slouches and pulls away) I can't do that. (she glares at the TV. Rickie sighs.)


Jordan and Angela are sitting on her bed, talking. Jordan occasionally glances around, like he doesn't want Angela to know he's checking out her room.

JORDAN: (playing with a corner of a pillow)There's like, this band playing at Vertigo tonight, that's supposedly really good. Joey was getting all nervous about it cause he thinks they're gonna be way better than we were. Which is a pretty easy thing to be. (Patty walks by Angela's room) I mean since last time, when Rayanne screwed us...(winces at choice of words) messed us up...anyway.

ANGELA: So, are you guys ever playing there again? (VO) Obviously, they are, or he wouldn't be talking about it. I *always* do that.

JORDAN: If there's another open mike night, probably. (Patty passes by Angela's door) We sort of have it all together now, so *hopefully* we'll be better. (He looks around at her room, then gets up walks over to look at her CD's, he's a bit uncomfortable.) You have good taste in music. (Patty passes by again)

ANGELA: (VO) If my mom walks by my door one more time, I'm going to lose my mind. It's like she expects us to be, like, *doing* something just because we're in my bedroom. (She smiles at the idea of it despite herself.)

JORDAN: (he notices) What?

ANGELA: ( she flops face first onto the bed) My mother. She keeps, like *checking* on us or something. (Jordan laughs)

JORDAN: (lays down on his stomach next to her) I was wondering about that. (joking) I thought she was just, *weird* or something.

ANGELA: Well, she is. But not usually *this* weird. (she gives him a quick peck on the cheek, playfully)


Graham comes in the front door, looking tired but happy. GRAHAM: Hello? Anyone home? (Danielle comes running in and gives him a quick hug, then calls to Ryan.)

DANIELLE: Ryan! Come on! Let's go outside! (He comes running in)

GRAHAM: (politely) Hello, Ryan.

RYAN: (very politely) Hello, Mr. Chase. (They go outside as Patty comes downstairs)

PATTY: (almost amazed) You're home early today!

GRAHAM: Yep. (he takes off his jacket)

PATTY: Have a nice day at work?

GRAHAM: (matter-of-factly) Of course. I never thought I could be this happy with anything. Me and Hallie are really getting this thing going! (He sets down his briefcase and goes into the kitchen, Patty's face tightens into a forced smile)

PATTY: So, guess who's here? (Graham looks at her blankly) Jordan.

GRAHAM: Really? That *jerk* is *here*?

PATTY: He is *not* a jerk, Graham. He's really very nice! (throws out her hands)

GRAHAM: (shocked) Patty, he slept with Rayanne-that is not *nice*.

PATTY: Graham, he didn't really, mean, to, you know. He didn't even *want* to, I think. He was drunk-

GRAHAM: (sarcastically) Well, that just changes everything! (he gets down a mug from the cupboard)

PATTY: Well, it was only because he was upset cause he thought Angela liked some kid named Corey!

GRAHAM: (throws out his hands) So he drinks when he has problems? Great! And who the hell is Corey?

PATTY: (wishing to avoid a fight) So, anyway, he's upstairs right now, in Angela's room.

GRAHAM: (completely shocked ) Her *bedroom*?

PATTY: (quickly) Don't worry, I told her the door has to remain open. And I've checked, a couple of times.

GRAHAM: Well, I wouldn't put a thing like that past Jordan, but I think we can trust Angela.

PATTY: *Why* do you hate him so much??? Angela forgave him!!!

GRAHAM: Patty! *You* only like him cause he reminds you of Tony Poole!

PATTY: You know what? Forget it. Okay? Just go back to your restaurant with your *dear* Hallie, okay?

GRAHAM: (confused) Patty? Patty! What did you mean by that?

PATTY: (turning her back to him) Nothing- absolutely *nothing*. (she walks out of the room and heads upstairs)


Rayanne, Amber and Rickie are sitting on the couch. The clock reads 6:17. They are pretty quiet. RICKIE: (standing up) Can I use the phone? I was, like supposed to call Delia, like an hour ago.

AMBER: Of course, sweetcakes! (She hands him the cordless and goes to her bedroom)

RAYANNE: (secretly hurt) God, you'd think you two were like, goin' out, the way you two act. Like you were joined at the hip, or something. (Rickie chooses to ignore her.)

RICKIE: Hello? This is Rickie-is Delia home? (pause) She's at Sharon's? No, I'll call back later, thanks. (he hangs up)

RAYANNE: So, she's not home? (looking happy about that)

RICKIE: She's at Sharon's-watching a Brad Pitt movie or whatever.

RAYANNE: Hmmm...she usually invites *Kyle* over for that sort of thing. (she laughs, for a reason unknown to Rickie, and gets up) What da' ya' say, Rickie? How about we go find Tino and party?

AMBER: Raynie? (Comes back in to the living room) I'm going out with Rusty for the night, so you're on your own. (She tugs on her bra and goes back into her room.)

RAYANNE: Yeah, whatever Mom. (she looks at Rickie) I hate Rusty. He's total slime, by like even my standards. Which about sums it up. (laughs, somewhat bitterly)

AMBER: *What* was that, Rayanne? (sticks her head out to glare at her daughter.)

RAYANNE: (sullenly) Nothing Mom. Come on, Rickie, let's get out of here. (she gets up and heads for the door, rolling her eyes.)


Jordan, Angela and Graham are standing around the kitchen, somewhat awkwardly. Jordan keeps looking at Angela, and Graham notices and starts to talk.

GRAHAM: (looking at Angela) Would you two like to eat dinner with us, or are you going some place?

ANGELA: (VO) The thought of like, spending an evening with my parents, *with* Jordan had like, given me nightmares. (aloud) I don't know...we were talking about going to see a movie or something. Would you like to stay? (VO) Please, if there's a god, make Jordan say no.

JORDAN: It doesn't matter, really. We can stay if you want to.

ANGELA: (VO) I couldn't believe he said it was up to me. Now, we *have* to stay, or I'll feel guilty. It hate it when people leave things up to you. Then there's just no way out.

GRAHAM: (pretending not to care one way or the other) Anything you guys decide is fine with me.

JORDAN: (glancing at her) Um...

GRAHAM: How about we you here or something go to the movie later? (Angela looks like she's about to scream, but she forces a smile as Jordan nods in agreement to Grahams idea.)

ANGELA: (with fake happiness) Sounds great. What time is dinner?

GRAHAM: Probably 15 minutes or so. (He stirs the sauce)

ANGELA: We'll be upstairs. (VO) My life is *hell*. (she practically runs out of the room. Graham looks at Jordan as he follows her, and Jordan wavers, feeling Graham's stare.)


Rayanne and Rickie are sitting against a wall, looking bored out of their minds.

RAYANNE: (pissed off) Where is Tino? He was supposed to be here, like, 15 minutes ago!

RICKIE: He is incapable of showing up on time, you know that? (Rayanne pulls a bottle from her bag) (alarmed) Rayanne! What are you doing with that?

RAYANNE: (sways jokingly) Relax, Vasquez, it's just one little beer! (She takes a swig and smiles)

RICKIE: You *said* you were going to stop!

RAYANNE: (giddily) So? I've been a good girl for awhile...I deserve one drink, don't you think?

RICKIE: No! Rayanne, you never take just *one* drink! (he grabs the bottle from her)

RAYANNE: (upset) Rickie! Give it back! It's mine!

RICKIE: (getting angry) No, I won't give it back! (he throws it down and it smashes)

RAYANNE: (mad/yelling) My God, Rickie! You had, like *no* right to do that! (she pushes him) *No* right!!!

RICKIE: (trying to grab her) Rayanne! Calm down! (worried) Stop it!

RAYANNE: (between yelling and screaming) No, you know what? I will *not* calm down! I am *sick* of being told what to do! Everyone keeps telling me who I should go out with, who I should like, who I should be friends with and what I should and should not do! And I am so sick and tired of hearing it! So just leave me alone! (She heads for the door)

RICKIE: (reaches for her arm) Rayanne! Wait! Where are you going??? (he starts to cry)

RAYANNE: (pulls her arm away) To Krakow's! I need someone more *pathetic* than me to hang with!

RICKIE: Brian's? (he runs after her, more concerned than ever.) Rayanne! Stop!

RAYANNE: (turns and glares at him) What?

RICKIE: (starting to cry) Why are you doing this? Why are you like this?

RAYANNE: You know what Rickie? Everyone should just mind their own business-especially you. Get your *own* life! And stay out of *mine*. (Rickie looks stunned as she stalks off. He angrily turns away and walks in the opposite direction.)


Graham, Patty, Danielle, Angela and Jordan are sitting around the table. Danielle is staring at her food, Graham is looking inquisitively at Patty who is staring at Jordan as if she is in love with him, and Angela looks petrified that something horrible is going to happen. Jordan is completely oblivious to all this as he eats.

GRAHAM: (curious) So, Jordan, what do you do, for fun?

JORDAN: Well, I have a band, Residue,

DANIELLE: (critical) Residue?

JORDAN: (not catching on) Yeah, and we practice, like constantly.

DANIELLE: That's a weird name.

ANGELA: (drops her fork) Danielle!

GRAHAM: (as Patty gives her a warning look) Eat your food, Danielle. So, you play...?

JORDAN: Guitar.

DANIELLE: *I* play the saxophone. Sort of.

GRAHAM: So...anything else? You like to do?

JORDAN: (beginning to get uncomfortable) Well, I...have a tutor now, Brain-

GRAHAM: *Brain*?

JORDAN: (nervous under Graham's gaze) I mean, Brian, and I'm getting better at school, and everything.

GRAHAM: Is that all? (Patty shoots him a deadly look, and Graham looks at his plate.)

JORDAN: (looks at Angela, than at his food.) And I hang out with Angela... (he blushes slightly, as does Angela. Patty shoots Graham another look, this time of "See? I told you so.")

PATTY: (reaches for a large bowl on the table) Jordan, would you like some more salad?

JORDAN: (relieved the questioning is over) Sure. (he hands Patty his plate.)


Brian opens the door and almost jumps in surprise.

BRIAN: (shocked) What are *you* doing here?

RAYANNE: (She has obviously managed to convince Rickie she'd be okay at Krakow's) Hello to you too. (She invites herself in, and sighs) Here I am, at the Krakow Institution...

BRIAN: (annoyed) Um...why are you, like here?

RAYANNE: Well, (plopping down on the sofa, ready to tell all.) Tino *ditched* me, *again*, Sharon is having this girls night thing with Delia, which mind you, *I* wasn't invited to, Corey's sick, and Rickie was lecturing me on drinking do's and don'ts. And Angela, we obviously *can not* discuss. That about cover it, dork boy?

BRIAN: (more annoyed) Yeah, I think so. But why don't you just go home?

RAYANNE: (rolls her eyes) My mom is having, like, her boyfriend, Rusty, over and she kicked me out for the night.

BRIAN: (sarcastically) That's nice.

RAYANNE: (looks out the window) So, I see Angelika has, *Jordan* over?

BRIAN: (sits down) His car has been there, since, like, four o'clock. (Rayanne shoots him a look ) Well, I just, like noticed, that's all.

RAYANNE: (pulls out another beer) Sure you did. Come on, Brian, you and me, we can form the Scorned by Angela club. Here. (she hands a bottle to him)

BRIAN: (disgusted) I don't drink.

RAYANNE: (rolls her eyes) I figured *that*. (smiles wickedly) There's a first time for everything, you know. (He takes it gingerly and takes a sip. Rayanne watches, amused.)

BRIAN: (winces) That, is *horrible*! (he sticks the bottle back out to her)

RAYANNE: (smiles) Not in my opinion. (Takes the bottle back and chugs it down. She giggles as he wipes his mouth.)


Sharon and Delia are sitting on a white couch, deeply intent on the TV screen.

SHARON: (clutching a pillow)He is *so* hot.

DELIA: (with a sigh) Why can't guys like Brad Pitt go to like, *our* school?

SHARON: That'd be impossible. It'd make life too good.

DELIA: (Nodding) I suppose. So, what's going on with you and Kyle? I thought you were going to break up with him for good? (turns to her)

SHARON: (quickly) I don't want to talk about it.

DELIA: Okay.

SHARON: (pauses the movie) It's just that, I feel so horrible, cause I'm like, *using him*, and he like, *loves* me.

DELIA: Well, that-

SHARON: I mean, I should dump him, really I should. Shouldn't I?

DELIA: I guess so, but-

SHARON: I know I *should*. But what do I *tell* him? The truth? But the truth is so...*low*... I couldn't.

DELIA: In my opinion, I-

SHARON: I'm going to break up with him. Tomorrow. In school. Thanks for the advice, Delia.

DELIA: (sort-of annoyed) problem.

SHARON: (sighs) Let's watch the rest of the movie now. (presses play)


("An Elderly Woman Behind a Counter in a Small Town" by Pearl Jam plays in background plays throughout next 4 scenes) Angela and Jordan are sitting side by side on the grass. Angela is absentmindedly pulling out leaves of grass, alternately looking at the sky, and at Jordan. Jordan keeps closing his eyes, as if he's in deep thought.

ANGELA: (takes a deep breath)It's so beautiful out tonight.

JORDAN: (softly)Yeah. (he opens his eyes slowly)

ANGELA: (out of conversation) The movie was really good. Did you like it?

JORDAN: It was cool. (he starts moving his chin around as he looks up at the sky)

ANGELA: (looks at him, then at the stars) (VO) Sometimes, just sitting, and doing nothing is better than anything else. Like, more special.

JORDAN: ( even softer) Did you ever, like, make wishes, on stars?

ANGELA: (smiles) When I was little, yeah.

JORDAN: (brushes his hand through her hair) What did you wish for?

ANGELA: (giggles a little to herself) Usual kid's stuff. A new bike, a new tape player, that Sharon could keep a secret. (she smiles again) What did you wish for?

JORDAN: (thinking) I don't really remember...I guess, for like my mom, to come back, and my dad would stop beatin' me up and stuff...and a new bike. (he laughs a little. Angela looks at him, like he just revealed his inner soul or something like that. He shifts, uncomfortable with what he said.) I'm sorry-I usually don' about those things or anything...(he looks away)

ANGELA: (VO) Sometimes, you just don't know what to say. I never even knew his dad beat him up. Or if his mom was even.... I felt, really...I don't know....shallow...somehow (she looks back to the stars)

JORDAN: (softly, changing the subject, gathering up enough courage to get sentimental.) Did anyone ever tell you, like, how beautiful you are? (She turns to gaze at him, and sees him staring at her. She smiles slightly. They don't speak for a moment.)

ANGELA: (whispers sentimentally) I made a lot of wishes on stars, to like, be with you...(Not knowing what to say, Jordan kisses her.)


Rayanne and Brian come out and both immediately see Jordan and Angela sitting on the lawn and talking.

RAYANNE: (looking from them to Brian) So, I guess, they're like definitely, *together* now, huh?

BRIAN: Yep. (they're both hurt. Rayanne at the fact Angela forgave Jordan and not her, and Brian for obvious reasons. They watch as Jordan and Angela kiss. They watch in silence. Angela and Jordan break away from each other. Rayanne turns to Brian.)

RAYANNE: (panicked) I better go. Before, she, like, sees me here or something. (she turns to leave) And Krakow?

BRIAN: (doesn't really care) Yeah?

RAYANNE: (forcefully) You mention I was here, like, to *anyone*, I'm going to sic Tino on you. (Brian nods and go inside) Man, this has been one weird night. (She hurriedly runs off down the street. Brian closes the door and watches Jordan and Angela.)


Sharon opens her front door to find Rickie standing on the front step.

SHARON: (surprised) Rickie? What are you doing here?

RICKIE: I hope you don't mind, but I called Delia's house and her mom said she was here, so...

SHARON: Oh, sure, no problem. As a matter of fact, she was just getting ready to leave. Delia? (She turns to see where Delia is.)

DELIA: (happily) Hi Rickie. (Coming up to the door)

RICKIE: Hi. Are you walking home?

DELIA: Yeah, I guess so!

RICKIE: (smiling) Want company?

DELIA: Sure! Sharon, you want to come with?

SHARON: (sighs) I think I'm going to go call Kyle.

DELIA: (quietly) Good luck, Sharon. I'll talk to you tomorrow. (she takes Rickie's hand and they leave. Sharon sighs again and heads up to her room to call Kyle.)


Jordan pulls away and smiles.

JORDAN: (with a sigh) I have to go...

ANGELA: Okay... (they get up)

JORDAN: Need a ride? Tomorrow?


JORDAN: Great. I'll see you in the morning then. (he heads for his car)

ANGELA: Bye. (he turns around in front of his car.)

JORDAN: (his voice cracks) Hey Angela?


JORDAN: (pauses) I...I mean...I lo-(pauses again, his courage failing) Forget it. See you tomorrow...

ANGELA: See ya. (she smiles, guessing what he was trying to tell her)


ANGELA: Bye! (he drives off, and she practically floats inside her house)


Door shuts. Angela goes into kitchen, humming happily and smiling.

PATTY: Hello Angela, how was the movie?

ANGELA: (in sing-song) Wonderful. Everything is wonderful. Just *wonderful*.

GRAHAM: So, I take it everything is wonderful?

ANGELA: Yep. (grabs a piece of bread and twirls out of the room)

PATTY: Wonderful? (They look at each other, astonished)

GRAHAM: Wonderful. (Patty heads up to bed)

PATTY: (puzzled) Everything is wonderful...? (she shakes her head as if to clear it and walks into the living room)


Angela is at her locker, still humming. Rickie watches her as she spins her combination.

RICKIE: (knowingly) So, Angela, *where* have you been all day?

ANGELA: (maybe offended) What do you mean, *where* have I been? I was in class!

RICKIE: Yeah, your body was. Where was your mind?

ANGELA: (thinking) Well, someplace else, I guess. (smiles to herself)

SHARON: (sadly) Hey you guys.

ANGELA: Hey. (concerned) What's the matter? You look horrible. (Kyle passes by and shoots Sharon a dirty look)

SHARON: Me and Kyle, we broke up last night. Actually, I dumped him.

ANGELA: (surprised and shocked) Why? I thought that everything was great with you two?

SHARON: (loudly) It wasn't. Believe me.

RICKIE: Well, here's some even more astonishing news. Delia, like called Brian and made up with him last night.

SHARON: I know, I made her. Didn't she tell you? (They walk into the Girl's bathroom)


Rickie walks in first. Angela sets her bag on the edge of the sink, then sits next to it. Sharon leans against the radiator.

RICKIE: (remembering) Oh, yeah. She did. So anyway, isn't that great?

ANGELA: (relieved Brian might have found someone else to like) Yes! That's great! That's wonderful!

RAYANNE: (coming in) What's wonderful? (Angela's face falls)

SHARON: Delia, and Brian, made up.

RAYANNE: He didn't tell *me* anything about it.

SHARON: Why would he tell you? (curious)

RAYANNE: (laughing) Don't you know? Krakow and I are like *this* now! We both have one thing in common. ( she looks at Angela.) So anyway, did Tino ever show last night, Vasquez? RICKIE: (still sort of angry at her) No. I don't think so.

RAYANNE: (shrugs) Figures. He never does.

SHARON: *Who* is Tino?!?

RAYANNE: He's like *totally* unreliable! (then there is silence)

SHARON: I have to get going. I'm supposed to meet Delia.

RICKIE: Me too. See you all in lunch. (They leave, and Angela and Rayanne just stand there, silent)

RAYANNE: (nervously) I should get a move on! Have to meet Corey in a few.

ANGELA: I...really should go too...I'm like, supposed to meet Jordan. (Neither of them move. The bell rings)

RAYANNE: (angry) Why is that?

ANGELA: Why is what?

RAYANNE: How come you parade around with him, like he's *god* or something when you're still ignoring me? I don't get it! How come you forgive him and not me?

ANGELA: (taken aback) Maybe because *he* at least apologized. (turns to go)

RAYANNE: I can't believe you! What? You think I'm not sorry about what happened? I lost the best friend I ever had and now! Well, I'm stuck hanging with *Corey* and *Sharon*-I mean-

ANGELA: Oh! *That's* why you're sorry? Cause you have no friends? Not because you betrayed me? Not because-

RAYANNE: No! That's not what I meant! Angela-I did a horrible, horrible thing. I can't-

ANGELA: You're just realizing this now? (she turns to go.)

RAYANNE: (grabbing her arm) Angela!

ANGELA: (angry) What?

RAYANNE: Don't you think I've been sorry for like, every minute since it happened?

ANGELA: (still angry) Well, you sure didn't seem to care, Rayanne.

RAYANNE: (starting to cry) Well, I did, Angela. I am *so* sorry...for everything. I know, I don't deserve for you to forgive me or anything, but, please? Just say you'll forgive me? (Angela looks at her, trying to restrain her tears.) Please?

ANGELA: (she relents) Do you really mean that?

RAYANNE: Would I lie? (pause) Don't answer that. (Angela laughs at Rayanne's expression.) Please? Angelika?

ANGELA: (takes Rayanne in a hug) Yes... I wanted to forgive you so many times...but you never gave me the chance...

RAYANNE: (smiling through her tears) I know. I'm so sorry, I mean it. (suddenly gets excited) You know what this means? It means, like, we can like tell each other stuff now! Cause I have like, so much stuff to tell you! And you have so much to tell me! And like, we can be like happy! I say, we like, ditch the rest of the day, and , go out and, like celebrate! (She is jumping up and down and smiling, Angela just watches, amused)

ANGELA: Well...

RAYANNE: (her face falls)'re meeting Catalano for lunch...

ANGELA: Aren't *you* meeting Corey?

RAYANNE: Naw. He's not even in school today, he's like, got the flu. I made it up to have a reason to leave.

ANGELA: You did? Cause, I mean, I *wasn't* exactly supposed to meet, well, Jordan's in Foster's office, cause he like parked his car in the secretary's spot again or something. So, I'm sort, I guess.

RAYANNE: (happily) Wicked! Great! Where do you wanna go? We can get Tino to drive us! (Angela smiles as Rayanne grabs her arm and drags her out into the hallway. )

ANGELA: (VO) And just like that, I was suddenly thrown back into this...*normality* soon as I said I forgave Rayanne...she acted like it was back to the way it was. And maybe it was. But it felt weird. (She forces a smile at Rayanne as she throws her arms around Angela and gives her a hug, happily.)


Brian walks up to where Delia, Sharon and Rickie are sitting.

BRIAN: Hi...Hey. it okay if I sit here? (He nervously puts his hands in his pockets)

RICKIE: Sure, Brian. (He moves over and makes room for him to sit)

DELIA: So, Rickie, like I was saying, my cousin is coming into town this weekend, and he *happens* to be gay too, like you, and...

RICKIE: Could you say it a *little* more bluntly, Delia? (Embarrassed at how easily Delia mentions his sexuality)

DELIA: Sorry. But he's *really* cute, and I thought that maybe you could like, show him around town or something.

RICKIE: (Surprised) Yeah, well, sure...what's his name?

DELIA: Mark.

SHARON: Trust me, Rickie, he's super nice. I've met him. (Angela and Rayanne run into the cafetaria, hand in hand, laughing. They come over to where everyone is sitting.)

SHARON: (Stunned) Hey....?

RICKIE: (smiling) So, I see you two have made up?

RAYANNE: (kisses his cheek) Yes, my wise friend, we have! We're like, gonna skip out for the rest of the day-(Angela looks at her. Rayanne jokingly rolls her eyes.) Actually, until ninth period, cause *Angela* has to meet *Catalano* after school. Anyway, we're gonna, like, celebrate or something. Wanna come Vasquez? It'll be like, us three, again, like old times! (She whacks him on the shoulder)

RICKIE: (Uncomfortable being asked in front of people who weren't.) Well, sure...when are you leaving?

RAYANNE: (her hands and hair flying around) We ran into Tino on our way to find you, and, he's picking us up in...10 minutes. In the back parking lot. (Rickie looks at Delia, who nods.)

RICKIE: I'll be there.

ANGELA: (to Sharon) If Jordan is like, looking for me or something? Tell him I'll meet him later, k? (Angela hurries to catch up with Rayanne, who had already headed back out into the hall.)

SHARON: (a little hurt) Sure. I'll see you guys later.

DELIA: (calling after them) Bye! (Neither of them look back)

BRIAN: Yeah, bye.

RICKIE: You guys, don't like, *mind*, do you? This seems really important to Rayanne, that I like, go, or whatever.

SHARON: Rickie, stop worrying about everything! We don't mind! We've been like hoping they would make up for, like forever! Besides, I have like all this geometry to do next period.

RICKIE: I better go get my stuff. Delia, can you call me tonight? About your cousin?

DELIA: (smiles knowingly) to you later. (he walks away)

SHARON: This is so cool! Wouldn't it be great if Rickie likes him? And they like, start going out?

DELIA: I know. Hey listen, I've gotta go, cause I promised that I'd like, help at the counseling center during lunch, so... I'll see you all later.


BRIAN: Bye! (Delia stops and smacks her head with her hand.)

DELIA: I almost forgot! Brian! Do you want to do something? Sometime? (Delia quickly glances at Sharon, who gives ber an encouraging smile.)

BRIAN: (suspicious) Yeah, I guess so...

DELIA: (happily) Great! Call me? (Brian nods, and she smiles.) Later! (Brian fixes his gaze on the floor.)

SHARON: (worried) Brian, are you okay with this Angela thing?

BRIAN: (lying) Yeah, I think I am. I ...why wouldn't I be? I mean, she had a choice, and she made it. She chose Catalano, and I can, like, live with it. (he gets up)

SHARON: Are you sure? I mean, really?

BRIAN: (loudly) Yes! Leave me alone about it, okay? I don't want to talk about it! (pause) (Sharon looks at him, he sits down.) I mean, it's just like, he does these, horrible things to her and still she is like, in *love* with him. It's like, now that this happened, we can't even be, like friends's not like we were that great of friends before, though...

SHARON: (tugs his arm) Come on! Remember when were little? We were all, like, super close! (Brian pulls his arm away from her.)

BRIAN: We weren't really that close. You and Angela were. I was just..there...

SHARON: (looks at him sadly) You should talk to her. Seriously. You have to work things out-you two can't, like avoid each other forever, you know.

BRIAN: I know. Thanks, Sharon, for like listening, and everything. And being my friend.

SHARON: No problem.

BRIAN: So, what's going on with you and Kyle?

SHARON: (quickly) I don't want to talk about it. Not with you. (She gets up and leaves. Brian sits there, confused)


Angela is sitting on the hood of Jordan's car, with Rickie. Rayanne is standing as far away from Jordan's car as possible. She turns to search the parking lot for a sign of Tino.

ANGELA: (sort of mad) I *knew* Tino wouldn't show up.

RAYANNE: (angrily) He promised he would! God, I could *kill* him right now! (They all fall silent.) RICKIE: (looking around, unsure.) Should we like, go back to class now or something?

ANGELA: (unsure too) I guess so, I mean...

RAYANNE: I guess. (sighs sadly) I really shouldn't skip out anyway-Katimski says I need a "C" average to stay in the play.

RICKIE: (getting down from the hood and heading to the doors.) Well then we better go back. (They go inside, and the halls are empty)

ANGELA: (looking around her) It looks like lunch is over...

RICKIE: We better get to class.

RAYANNE: (Jumps a little) Whoa, I never thought I would say somethin' like this, but I agree. (She shivers.) But this is the last time Rayanne Graff does what's right, mind you! (They all laugh and Rayanne skitters into her classroom)

RICKIE: I'll see you later, Angela. (He turns down the hallway.)

ANGELA: (VO) At that moment, I don't know why, the world seemed perfect. Like in every way. (She opens her locker and a flower and a note tumbled out. It was a daisy, simple but pretty. She stoops to pick it up and reads the note, and smiles. She sticks it into her text book and walks down the hall.)


Patty is talking on the phone and trying to organize her desk at the same time.

PATTY: All right, we will send those out right away. No, thank you. (she hangs up) I am *never* going to get this cleaned up.

GRAHAM: Having a hard day? (coming in)

PATTY: (surprised) What are you doing here?

GRAHAM: I thought I'd bring you some lunch. Hallie and I took a break.

PATTY: (Smiles until she hears the name Hallie) How, thoughtful!

GRAHAM: (Looks around him) I really do *not* miss the place.

PATTY: (her happiness fades) I'm glad you're happy. ( she turns away, her forced smile growing tighter.)

GRAHAM: (almost unbelieving) I never thought I would find something to make me happy. And now, I'm living out my dreams! Doesn't that make you just...want to jump up and down?

PATTY: (turns back to him, with renewed effort.) So, things are going well at the restaurant?

GRAHAM: Yep. Hallie and I are getting along just fine. (he looks around him with an almost child-like giggle.) You know what? It's like I don't miss a single thing here!

PATTY: (mad) Would you *stop* saying that?!?

GRAHAM: (clueless) Saying what?

PATTY: (loudly) How much you *hated* this place and your old life and just *everything*! Just stop it!

GRAHAM: Patty, I mean, aren't you *happy* for me?

PATTY: (yelling) Of course I am, Graham! I'm happy! You're *happy*! Everyone is happy! (She tosses the food into the garbage and storms out of the office)

GRAHAM: Where are you going?

PATTY: (still yelling) To get something to eat! (Graham stands there, dumbfounded. After a minute he shrugs and leaves)


The bell rings, and everyone pours out of their rooms, and heads for their lockers. Angela comes out and looks down the hall, then the other direction. She sees Jordan down the hall at his locker and smiles happily.

BRIAN: Chase, wait up! (Angela stops walking and turns to him)

ANGELA: (annoyed) What, Krakow?

BRIAN: (determined to talk) Are you, like free, after school today? Cause, I mean, I think we need to talk. We can't like, avoid each other, like forever.

ANGELA: (quickly) We're not *avoiding* each other, Krakow. *I* have just been a little...preoccupied, that's all.

BRIAN: You know that's not the truth!

ANGELA: (even more annoyed) Yeah, well so what, Brian? Just give me some time, to think and sort things out, okay? We're still friends...for now. (She looks down at the piece of paper she's holding and almost giggles.) I...have to go to class. (She walks away, and Brian turns around and crashes into Delia.)

BRIAN: Oh...Sorry!

DELIA: No problem. Happens all the time! What class are you going to?

BRIAN: Biology.

DELIA: Do you want to like, walk together? I'm headed that way.

BRIAN: Sure. (VO) For the rest of my life, I always wondered *why* Delia Fisher forgave me. I never found out. But I really didn't care. Not a lot anyway.


Angela walks down the hall to Jordan's locker. He is leaning against it, as if in deep thought. ANGELA: (softly) Hey.

JORDAN: (softly) Hey. Did you- (Angela kisses him. They relax in each others arms, seemingly not caring what is going on around them. Brian and Delia come around the corner and Brian stops.)

DELIA: It's-

BRIAN: (The color drains from his face) I think...I think I might ...I'm going to...go to the nurse. I'm not feeling that well, or whatever. I'll see you later.

DELIA: Brian, wait! (She runs after him)

JORDAN: (As he pulls away slightly) What was that for?

ANGELA: (VO) The truth was, I really didn't know. I saw him, and I couldn't do anything else, but, like, kiss him. It was, like the *only* way, to like show him how I felt. (aloud) Just...because. I got your note, and the flower.

JORDAN: ( a little embarrassed) I know it's not, like the *best* letter you ever got or anything (he laughs) , and everything's probably spelled wrong..

ANGELA: I didn't even notice.

JORDAN: (looks at her.) So, you liked it? (looks at his hands) I had to like, look up some words in the dictionary, and stuff. Cause I wanted it to be...special, or whatever. I guess, I decided you deserved to have...the letter I should've wrote by myself in the first place.

ANGELA: It *is* special. It doesn't matter what words you used. I mean, the fact that it was from you, was enough. (He leans over and kisses her again.)

(Slam cut to Brian hurriedly walking down a different hallway, trying to outwalk Delia.)

BRIAN: I'm fine, Delia! Really.

DELIA: Brian!

(Slam cut back to Angela and Jordan)

ANGELA: (they break away and they look at each other for a minute, silent. Neither want to leave. ) Well, I sort of, have to go to class.

JORDAN: I guess I do too. I'll see you later. (Angela smiles and walks down the hall and goes into the bathroom.)


The bell rings, but Delia comes in anyway. Angela is looking at the mirror. Delia stares at her, angry.

DELIA: (disbelieving) Angela? How could you do that?

ANGELA: (confused) Do what? (She checks her hair in the mirror)

DELIA: How could you just do that with Jordan Catalano, like, right in front of Brian when you know how he feels about you?

ANGELA: (Angry) First of all, I had no idea he was even *watching* me, second, I can not let the fact he likes me, like, *control* my life, and third, what right do *you* have to yell at *me*?

DELIA: Well, I'm sorry, but you already wrecked my relationship with Brian once, and I just don't want it to happen again. You're, like breaking his heart!

ANGELA: What do you mean *I* wrecked it for you? *He* was the one who-

DELIA: (getting more angry herself) Oh, come on. The only reason you got involved was because *you* were jealous that Brian found someone else. You wanted him to stay your little *puppet* , to use whenever you needed something! You couldn't *stand* knowing he liked someone else!

ANGELA: You are *so* wrong! I didn't even *know* Brian liked me until a little while ago!

DELIA: Well, you know what? He is in *love* with you...and you don't even seem to care...

ANGELA: (calming down a little) It's not *my* fault that he likes me, and I can't help not liking *him*. I like *Jordan*. Nothing, can like change that right now.

DELIA: I know...but...

ANGELA: I really don't want to talk about this. It's like none of your business anyway.

RAYANNE: (runs in) Angelika! Great-I was hoping you'd be here! I looked in social and you weren't there yet, so...I figured you'd be here. (Rayanne looks at Delia.) Oh, so *you're*, that Delia girl, right? Rickie's new friend, huh? (she looks her up and down, then just laughs.) Please. (she looks at Angela) He could do *so* much better. (Delia looks hurt.)

ANGELA: Come on. Let's talk on the way to Social. We can't talk here. (she glares at Delia)


ANGELA: (VO) I can't help feeling guilty about Brian. I keep telling myself I shouldn't care, but I can't, like help it. (She looks at him, then looks at the clock. It's 8:45) I *know* it's not my fault. is.

KATIMSKI: So, the play is going to two...uh, weeks, (touching is forehead) And um, it would be nice, if you all...came to it...Why don't you get out your text....books and open to page...eighty....nine. Yes, eighty-nine. (Everyone slowly gets out their books) Gee whiz! Come on, come on class, we haven't got all day!

ANGELA: (VO) And it makes me feel heartless. (She gets tapped on the shoulder and someone passes her a note. She sees it's from Jordan and looks to the door, and sees him standing there. He gives her a quick wave before the teacher sees him, and then he walks away. She opens it and reads it, and tries to hide her smile.) But, I know I'm not. Heartless. I don't think. I need to talk to Rickie.


The final bell rings and everyone starts heading outside.

RAYANNE: Angelika! Wait up! Guess what?

ANGELA: What? (Rickie comes up with Delia and Sharon.)


RAYANNE: I called home, to tell her we're friends again-yeah, I couldn't wait to tell her- and she says she's is like going out with Rusty tonight, and she says you guys, can like, come over if you want! Oh man, she was so totally jazzed when I told her, Angela! You should've heard her. So, can you guys, like come?

RICKIE: (smiles) I'll be there.

SHARON: So will I. And Delia too. (Delia just smiles as Sharon answers for her. Rayanne rolls her eyes.)

RAYANNE: Thanks Cherski. I didn't invite *Delia*, but okay...and, Angela, you can invite Jordan, if you *must*, we all know you can't live without him, (she smiles) and like, Corey is coming-he's like feeling better or something-

RICKIE: (surprised) When did you talk to Corey?

RAYANNE: (matter-of-factly) Oh, I just spent like the last period on the phone. That thing like, eats quarters, I'm telling you.

DELIA: (hopeful) Can Brian come? (Angela looks worried)

RAYANNE: No. I hate Krakow-he is *not* invited. (Delia looks taken aback.)

DELIA: (confused) But he told me-what about last-

RAYANNE: Shut up. (to Angela) So, are you coming?

ANGELA: (smiling slowly) Yeah. I'll be there.

RAYANNE: (Smacks her arm) Great! This is going to be awesome. What do you think guys? Won't we have a time?

ANGELA: (smiling) Yeah. We'll have a time.

RICKIE: Definitely. (They all head off down the hallway.)


("An Elderly Woman..." starts to play again) Rayanne's living room is dark, except for the bluish-glow from the TV. Jordan, Angela, Sharon and Corey are sitting on the couch, and Rayanne and Rickie are squished next to each other on the smaller couch. Delia is sitting on the floor near the TV. Camera focuses on Angela's face.

ANGELA: (VO) There are some things that you thought would *never* change...
(Visual: Patty and Graham laying in bed.)
But then they *do* ...
(Patty rolls over and turns her back to Graham.)
like when you least expect it.
(Visual: Brian sitting in front of his TV. Shot of TV, then back to Angela.) (pause)
And then, there's things that stay the same...
(Visual: Danielle sneaking into her sister's room and leafing through her diary, then looking out the window with an evil smile. Shot of window, then shot of the window above Rickie and Rayanne's chair. Shot drifts down to the pair.)
like, no matter *what*.
(Angela looks at Rayanne and Rickie, their arms around each other, eating popcorn. Corey is sitting to the left of Rayanne, on the edge of the couch, looking at her but she doesn't notice.)
There's the people who are always there, no matter what changes...
(She looks at Sharon, who is fingering a locket with a picture of Kyle in it, sadly.)
Then there's the people that you want to *disappear*,
(she looks at Delia)
Like, completely. I think maybe, the *best* surprise is when a person changes, like, directly because of you.
(She rests her head on Jordan's shoulder and sighs happily. He pulls her close.)
But I guess *nobody* can stay the same forever.

Author's Note: "An Eldery Woman Behind a Counter in a Small Town" is off Pearl Jam's album VS

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