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Episode No. 22 - Mixed Emotions

written by Laura

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Published: 1997 | Size: 52 KB (10028 words) | Language: english | Rating: PG-13
Average: 4.0/5   4.0/5 (18 votes)

based on stories and characters created by Winnie Holzman

Rickie is kneeling on the floor, sorting through a pile of clothes on the floor. People are running around everywhere, trying to get things done, and organized. Corey is carrying scenery from the back of the auditorium towards the stage. Mr. Katimski can be seen in the background, talking to a young girl, and pointing every which way, frustrated. Rayanne slinks in through the back door, but Katimski sees her.

KATIMSKI: (running over to her) Rayanne! Where...? Where have you been? Rehearsal started half an hour ago!

RAYANNE: (somewhat ashamed) I know...I'm sorry, I just-

KATIMSKI: Spare me the explanation, just find your place on stage and get to work! We're on a deadline here! (Rayanne just nods slightly and walks slowly towards the curtains, to go on-stage. Rickie sees her, and gets up.)

RICKIE: Rayanne! Hey! (He smiles as she comes over, then his smile fades.) What's the matter?

RAYANNE: (alarmed) What? Nothing's wrong. (Rickie looks at her, knowing she's lying.) Vasquez, *nothing* is the matter.

RICKIE: (slowly) Okay...I just thought you looked kind of...nervous or something.

RAYANNE: (trying to act upbeat) *Me*? *Nervous*? What have *I* got to be nervous about?

RICKIE: (giving up) How come you're late?

RAYANNE: (Shrugging) I just...forgot...about practice...

RICKIE: (laughing) You *forgot*? How could you *forget*? (Rayanne looks at the ground, and Rickie decides to try a different tactic.) We only have two weeks left-aren't you excited?

RAYANNE: (quietly) Yeah...thrilled... (Louder) Have you seen Angela? (she looks around her.)

Close-up shot of Jordan and Angela are kissing, quite passionately. The shot draws back to reveal them standing in an empty school hallway outside the auditorium. Noises from the people in the play echo out into the hall. The doors at the end of the hall, that lead outside, are open; it's still very sunny and nice, but the evening shadows are falling. Angela is leaning against the lockers. Slowly, Jordan pulls away, and they both open their eyes.

ANGELA: So...I guess, I better play practice now...(He kisses her lightly again.)

JORDAN: (softly) Are you sure you have to go? I mean...I was thinking that we could go somewhere... (He brushes his hand against her neck, looking at her with pleading eyes. Angela smiles, looking as if she's about to change her mind, then frowns.)

ANGELA: Yeah...I told Rickie I'd be there...and I'm already really late...

JORDAN: Okay...(They kiss again, then he turns to go.) So, I guess Tino got us this space tomorrow, so...there's band
practice, like, until 10:30.

ANGELA: (smiling) Do you want me to come?

JORDAN: If you want to. (Angela nods, and Jordan smiles.) So....I'll see you tomorrow morning?

ANGELA: (nodding) Yeah. (He walks away, and she turns to go into the auditorium.)

Angela steps inside, and then steps back, a bit startled by the noise and people hurrying around. She walks cautiously forwards, but someone crashes into her from behind.

COREY: Oh-sorry! (Angela laughs and turns to him. He's carrying a small piece of scenery.)

ANGELA: Hi! Sorry, I didn't mean to, like, crash into you.

COREY: (setting the scenery down) No, it was my fault. You're not hurt, are you? (Angela smiles and shakes her head.)

ANGELA: No. ( she looks around the room) Is there even anything left for me to do? I'm sorry I'm kind-a late....

COREY: (pointing off in the direction where Brian is pulling out a piece of the backdrop from behind a stack of wooden planks.) He probably needs some help getting that out front. It's heavy.

ANGELA: (her smile fading as she sees Brian.) Oh. Okay...(She forces a smile at Corey and starts towards Brian.)

COREY: Wait-have you seen Rayanne around?

ANGELA: Um...not yet. Sorry. (Corey walks away, and she dreadingly heads towards Brian. Brian, seeing her coming over, becomes visibly uncomfortable. He looks at her, then clumsily turns back to his job, almost crashing into an arched trellis. He laughs nervously at himself as Angela stops.) Um...Corey said you need

BRIAN: Who, me? Um...yeah...I guess...(He looks at the backdrop he's pulling out.) Um...I'm just trying to get this out from behind here or whatever, so...

ANGELA: (nervously) Uh...I'll get this end of it... (She walks to the other end, and starts to push it. It edges slowly towards Brian, and he pulls until it's out from behind the planks. )

BRIAN: (holding up his hand.) Okay, okay...You can stop pushing.

ANGELA: (Sticking her head out to look at him.) What?

BRIAN: Um...I guess we can lift it now, and take it out there...on stage...

ANGELA: (thinking, not really hearing what he said.) are you here? I mean...I didn't think...

BRIAN: Oh, well...Rickie asked if I both are silent, with the kind of awkward silence when two people aren't sure how they're supposed to act towards one another. Brian starts to say something at the same time Angela does, and they both laugh nervously, then look away from one another. Suddenly Rayanne grabs Angela's arm. Angela jumps.)

RAYANNE: Angela!

ANGELA: (Relieved to see her.)Rayanne! Hi! (Rayanne pulls her away from where Brian is standing. Brian sighs as they walk away. Angela doesn't look back.)

RAYANNE: Where have you been? I've been looking for you, like, forever! (Rayanne looks back at Brian with an evil smile as she pulls Angela out into the hallway. Brian is still standing there, watching her go. The door slams with a bang.)

It's getting darker. Rayanne is searching through her large bag, not really paying attention to what Angela is saying. Angela is upset about something.

ANGELA: And I mean, I've known Brian since I was 5, and now it's like...I don't know how to act around him any more...

RAYANNE: (taking a container of Tic Tacs out of the bag) Angelfood, listen. *Brian* *Krakow* does not matter, okay? Even if he does have a small...*crush* on you, or whatever, you should definitely *not* be wasting your time worrying over it and everything.

ANGELA: (thoughtful) Am I? Wasting my time? I mean, should I just let it go? I mean, I think it does. Matter.

RAYANNE: (seriously thinking about it) I guess...if Krakow's feelings matter, like, to *you*...then....

ANGELA: (finishing Rayanne's sentence) I have to really...*talk* to him about that *stupid* letter and everything. Sometimes I wish he had never wrote it. Written it.

RAYANNE: (popping another Tic Tac into her mouth.) But then you and Jordan wouldn't have gotten back together.

ANGELA: (thinking about it.) Well...I don't know about that...but the thing I don't understand is...if he really liked me that much, then why would he want to help Jordan get me back?

RAYANNE: (laughing) He's seriously screwed up. I don't know if there's an answer to that one. (They are both silent for a minute.)

ANGELA: So are you nervous?

RAYANNE: (confused) Huh? Nervous about what?

ANGELA: About the play.

RAYANNE: (rolling her eyes with a laugh) Oh. *That*. I'm *totally* not in the slightest bit nervous. (thinking) Besides, I still have two weeks to practice. (Angela smiles knowingly at Rayanne, and Rayanne tries to laugh off Angela's suspicion.) Come on! I'm not worried! (She gets up from the curb and throws her container of Tic Tacs back into her bag.) Let's go back inside. Katimski's probably looking all over for me.

ANGELA: (remembering something) Oh, yeah. I forgot to tell you. Corey was looking for you before.

RAYANNE: (laughing) Well, let's hope he never finds me. (Angela looks confused.) Oh come *on*, Angela. He is *so* not my type.

ANGELA: (sighing) But he thinks he is.

RAYANNE: So? Just...let him keep thinking that. He'll find it out on his own soon enough. (Rayanne opens the door to the school, and Angela walks inside, a bit saddened by Rayanne's words. Rayanne rolls her eyes to herself and then follows her inside, letting the door close slowly behind her.)


Danielle is doing her homework on the coffee table. Patty walks in from the kitchen, with Angela following.

ANGELA: But Mom, I already told him that I could stay out later tonight!

PATTY: I don't *care* what you told him. It's 10:00 on school nights. We've already stretched it as far as we can go.

DANIELLE: Mom, when is dinner?

ANGELA: Why can't I stay out till 10:30? Just for tonight? Dad would let me.

PATTY: Is your father here?

ANGELA: But why can't I just-

PATTY: Because I said so.

ANGELA: (VO) I hate it when they say that. There's no possible argument to make after they say that. (She sighs and storms upstairs.)

DANIELLE: Mom! I'm seriously hungry.

PATTY: Don't you dare slam that- (A door slams upstairs.) door, Angela! (Patty sighs and goes back into the kitchen. Danielle gets up and follows her.)



PATTY: *What*, Danielle?

DANIELLE: When's dinner?

PATTY: I called for pizza. It should be here soon. (Satisfied, Danielle goes back into the living room. Patty starts to wipe the counter with a dish cloth. She seems to cleaning off a spot that isn't even there. A knock can be heard on the front door.)

Danielle races to the door and opens it.
DANIELLE: Yay! Pizza's here! (She sees Brian Krakow is standing there.) You're not the pizza guy.

BRIAN: (taken aback.) Angela here?

PATTY: (coming in from the kitchen.) Brian! Hi! I'll go get Angela. (she goes to the stairs.) Angela! Brian Krakow is here! (Brian stands there, waiting nervously. Angela storms downstairs, looking angry at Brian's existence. Danielle leaves the room, sensing something is up, but listens from the dining room.)

BRIAN: Um, hi. You know that copy of The Westing Game, that I like...left October? Can I like...have it back?

ANGELA: (rolling her eyes) I'll go get it. (She runs back upstairs, and not sure what to do, he follows her to her room.)

Angela kneels on the ground and starts pulling things out from under her bed. Sighing, she gets up and goes to her closet.

ANGELA: (VO) I swear, I'm never borrowing another thing from Brian Krakow as long as I live. It only gives him a reason to come over here. (Brian looks around her room, taking everything in. He sees a picture of Jordan sitting on her dresser and quickly looks at the ground. Angela finally notices Brian's in her room. ) What are you doing in here? What, you don't trust me to get your book on my own? Get out! (She pushes him out of her room and shuts the door. A knock can be heard on the door downstairs, followed by Danielle's bouncing footsteps to the door.)

DANIELLE: Finally! Mom! Pizza's here! (pause) You're not the pizza guy. (longer pause) Angela! Jordan's here! (Angela's door opens and she passes by Brian and goes downstairs.)

Jordan is standing in the front foyer. Danielle is at the window, waiting for the pizza to come. Patty walks in again as Angela grabs her jacket from the rack.

ANGELA: Hey. (She gives Jordan a kiss on the cheek. Brian walks downstairs slowly, and he and Jordan sort of eye one another.)

JORDAN: (to Angela) Hey. (to Brian) Hey, Brain.

BRIAN: Hi....hey.

PATTY: (pulling on Angela's jacket.) Listen. I want you home by 10:00, *not* 10:30, understand? (Angela pulls away and hands Brian the book.)

ANGELA: Here's the stupid book. (to Jordan) I'm ready to go.

JORDAN: (to everyone) Bye. (Brian dorkily waves good-bye. Patty turns to him.)

PATTY: Brian...why don't you stay for pizza? Mr. Chase isn't coming home till late, *again*, and a large pizza is a lot for me and Danielle to eat on our own. (She smiles at him, expecting him to accept.)

BRIAN: Um...I'd rather not...I mean, I think I should just go home... (He goes to the front door, then, realizing Angela and Jordan are out there, turns and walks to the back door.) I'm...I'm gonna go out the back. (He clumsily leaves, and Danielle stifles a giggle. Patty sighs.)

The door to the restaurant opens, and Graham and Hallie walk in. They're both laughing hysterically about something, and Hallie keeps slapping his arm. Graham's carrying a cardboard box, and Hallie of course has her huge brown bag. Graham sests the box down on the ground with a smile, then turns to Hallie.

GRAHAM: You don't honestly think that, do you?

: Of course I do! I don't see what the big deal is!

GRAHAM: (stopping, and looking around the restaurant.) Anyway...(From Graham's POV, the camera pans right across the huge empty room, with the fountain in the middle of the vast, cement floor. There are building supplies scattered all over the place. The stainless steel kitchen door can be seen off to the far right side of the room, and a dark hallway to the right of it leads down to the bathrooms, and a back office. There is one large table in the room, covered with dust, and tools. Hallie clears off a small space to set her bag down. Graham turns to her.)

HALLIE: You know what would be great?


HALLIE: If this place actually *looked* like a restaurant, you know?

GRAHAM: (laughing) What do you mean?

HALLIE: You know...when you look you think..."Hey this is going to be a beautiful, elegant, refined restaurant" or do you think "what a mess"?

GRAHAM: Well, Hallie! You can't expect it to look like that *now*! They only started work on it a week ago! God you're impatient.

HALLIE: (with fake innocence) Who? Me? *Impatient*? No way. (she claps her hands together and turns to face the large windows in the front of the room.) So, what do you think we should do with these huge windows? Should we put the name of the restaurant on them, with big draping curtains, or should we go Italian restaurant-style and have-

GRAHAM: Hallie, before we start talking about *window* *treatments*, and how we're stenciling the *name* of this place on the glass...shouldn't we at least *have* a name?

HALLIE: (shot down from her enthusiastic high) Oh. Right. (The front door opens and Patty walks in.)

PATTY: Hi...I figured you would be here. (she shuts the door and walks over to them. Graham looks at her with a half-smile.)

GRAHAM: Hi, Patty. Um...

PATTY: Yeah, I happened to be in the neighborhood, so...I thought I'd stop by and say hello. You didn't get home till late last night again, and you were *gone* when I woke up, so... (Hallie and Graham sort of look at each other, then Graham looks at Patty.)

GRAHAM : Yeah, I'm sorry. We were up last night going over those final estimates-we have to present them to the investors next week, and this morning I had to get here to let the construction workers in here. I'm sorry. I should have called, or left a note or something. (Graham looks somewhat sorry, and Patty half-smiles. Hallie smiles at Patty.)

HALLIE: Don't worry. These first couple of weeks? Well, they're gonna be *really* hectic, but after that...

GRAHAM: Right, right! (He lets out a full-watt smile.) I'll be able to come home at 5 o'clock like any other normal American citizen. (Patty looks like she doesn't believe him.)

PATTY: Great! (she looks around the room.) Well, um, I guess if you two are really cramped for time here, I better get going. Angela doesn't have play practice tonight, and Camille's coming over, so I have to go...pick up some dinner. I'll talk to you later. (She kisses Graham on the lips quickly and smiles. He smiles back. Hallie watches, sort of wistfully. The camera follows Patty to the door. She's a little happier than she was when she came in. Graham waves good-bye and she shuts the door behind her. The shot goes back to Graham, who turns to Hallie, clapping his hands together.)

GRAHAM: So, what's next? (Hallie just smiles a forced smile and searches for something to say.)

Angela is sitting on the radiator, next to Rickie. Rayanne storms in, looking completely pissed off. Rickie stops mid-sentence and looks at Rayanne as she throws her bag into the sink and starts pulling things out of it. Then she starts re-applying her eye-liner.

RICKIE: What's the matter?

RAYANNE: I hate Corey Helfrick.

ANGELA: What? Why do you *hate* him-

RAYANNE: (She turns from the mirror.) Cause. I do. (She looks around the bathroom, as if searching for something.) *Where* the hell is Sharon today?

ANGELA: I told you already. She's visiting her uncle. She's coming back tomorrow afternoon.

RICKIE: So why do you hate Corey now? I thought-

RAYANNE: The little jerk asked me out. (Rickie looks at Angela, confused.) I mean, he calls me last night, and is acting all *nice* and stuff. So I invite him to come over today afterschool to watch Sesame Street. But *no*, he says he'd rather go to a movie or something. Like a *real* date. Can someone please tell me what *that* is supposed to mean?

RICKIE: (starting to pull Rayanne's hair back into a ponytail for her.) It means, that he wants to go out with you.

RAYANNE: (rolling her eyes.) I know that. I didn't actually want anyone to answer me. (She starts applying her eyeliner again. Rickie grabs it from her.)

RICKIE: No, Rayanne that's too much. You'll look like a racoon.

ANGELA: So? Why don't you just...go out with him? I mean, I know you said he wasn't you know, your...*type* or whatever....but...


ANGELA: Why don't you just give him a chance? How do you *know* it won't work out?

RICKIE: (smiling) I know! I mean, he's so great.

RAYANNE: Vasquez...I'm trying to veer away from getting involved with my friend's crushes. (She looks at Rickie, then at Angela, pointedly. Angela sighs and looks at the ground.)

RICKIE: (tossing Rayanne's eyeliner back into her bag) Well, I don't know if I even like Corey anymore. I mean, Delia supposedly has this cousin, or whatever, that she's going to like, set me up with, so...

RAYANNE: (picking up her bag) Still. I already told him no. (Angela and Rickie look at each other as Rayanne heads
for the door. Delia comes into the bathroom, and Rayanne practically ploughs over her.)
Get out of my way! God!
(She throws Delia an evil look and storms out into the hallway. Delia rolls her eyes and walks to Rickie.)

DELIA: Rickie! Hi! I figured you'd be here.

RICKIE: Hey. What's up?

ANGELA: I have to go. (Delia seems saddened by this. Angela starts for the door. Rickie gives Angela a kiss good-bye on the cheek.)

DELIA: Angela, wait. (Angela stops, and waits expectantly)


DELIA: If this is about, what I said before? About you and Brian and that whole thing? Well, I just wanted to say, you know, I'm sorry. Cause it was really none of my business and I should have never gotten involved. (Angela doesn't say anything.)

ANGELA: (VO) The thing that really got me was the fact that even though she was apologizing...there was still that sound in her she secretly wanted me dead. I hate it when you can just *tell* what a person is thinking. Even if different words are coming out of their mouth. (Angela sets her jaw determinedly, and Delia gets the message.)

DELIA: Maybe...maybe I better go. (She passes by Angela quickly and walks out of the bathroom. Rickie looks confused.)

RICKIE: What did she say to you?

ANGELA: It''s nothing. I was about Brian. And that stupid letter, and Jordan...and everything.

RICKIE: You still haven't talked to him about it, have you?

ANGELA: (walking back to the sink) Not exactly...but...I'm going to! Eventually....

RICKIE: (wrapping his arms around her.) What are you afraid of?

ANGELA: (defensive) What do I have to be afraid of? I'm not scared.

RICKIE: I know. It's just...if I had to face someone. I mean, how do you look at someone and tell them...that you know, you don't feel that way about's scary to have to break someone's heart...not that I would like, *know* or anything.

ANGELA: I'm not going to break his heart cause he is *not* in love with me. There has to be another explanation. (She throws her backpack over her shoulder and starts to leave.) I'll see you later.

RICKIE: (quietly) Yeah, see ya. (He stares around the empty bathroom.)

The car is parked by Angela's front walk. Angela and Jordan are sitting in the front seat of the car, alternately talking and kissing. The camera focuses in on the clock on the radio set, and it reads 7:00 pm. The car is running, but the radio isn't on. Patty's car pulls into the Chase's driveway, and Angela pulls away from Jordan with a smile. Angela glances over at her mother, who gets out of her car with a big paper bag. Camille gets out of the passenger's side, and half-yells something to Patty. Angela turns to Jordan as Patty and Camille walk inside the house, Patty looking towards Jordan's car.

ANGELA: (Jordan kisses her again.) I guess we're having takeout again for dinner. Do you want to stay here...or...?

JORDAN: (looking at her.) I don't care...whatever you wanna do...

ANGELA: (VO) Whatever I want to do...I wish I *could* do whatever I wanted. That would be...the perfect world. (She looks at Jordan, but her eyes fall on Brian's house across the street. Brian has just stepped out of the door to get the newspaper out of his mailbox, and he sees Jordan's car. He grabs the paper hastily and goes back inside.) But the world isn't anywhere near perfect. (to Jordan) Let's go inside. (She opens her door and gets out slowly. Jordan gets out and walks around to the sidewalk. He takes her hand gently and they turn to walk up the path.)

Brian steps inside, the newspaper in his hand. He shuts the door, gently and looks at the headline of the paper.

BOB KRAKOW: (OS) Brian? Did you get the paper?

BRIAN: (loudly) Yeah.

BERNICE KRAKOW: (OS) Can you bring it into the kitchen? But only if you want to, honey!

BOB: (OS) If you feel you shouldn't have to, just leave it in there! It's okay to feel that way! (Brian rolls his eyes, and is about to head into the kitchen when the phone rings.)

BRIAN: I'll get it!

BOB: (OS) Make sure that's what you really want to do!

BERNICE: (OS) Bob, our child is fully capable of making up his own mind without any help from us. He *is* 15 years old after all. We have to make him feel like he is growing into an adult.

BOB: (OS) But that is-

BRIAN: (Picking up the phone, his parents' voices fade.) Hello? (Shot goes to Rickie, in Katimski's apartment.)

RICKIE: Hey, Brian? (shot slams back to Brian.)

BRIAN: Oh, Rickie, hi. (Rickie's words are audible through Brian's phone.)

RICKIE: What's new?

BRIAN: Nothing much, you?

RICKIE: Same as always. So, listen...Delia and I are catching a movie tonight at... (Shot goes to Rickie, glancing at the clock.) 8:00. You want to come?

BRIAN: (can be heard through Rickie's phone) Yeah...sure. Um...

RICKIE: Great! We're going to meet in front of the Cineplex at 7:30.

BRIAN: (Shot goes back to Brian. He looks at his watch.), what movie are we seeing?

RICKIE: That new one...with Daniel-day Lewis? And that...that girl. I can't remember the name...

BRIAN: (thinking) I think I know which one you mean. So...7:30? (Shot flips to Rickie.)

RICKIE: Yep. See you then?

BRIAN: Yeah, see ya. (Rickie hangs up, and camera pans up from him hanging up the phone, to show Brian's face, who has just hung up his phone too. He sighs and heads upstairs to get ready.)

Patty is unpacking Chinese food from a huge brown paper bag. Angela and Jordan are standing there, trying to remain out of Patty's way. They back up into the kitchen door way as Patty rushes around. Camille comes into the room from the back entrance, shaking her hands dry.

CAMILLE: Patty, you need to put out a towel in the bathroom. There's not one in there. (Camille goes over to the drawer by the sink and pulls a towel out to dry her hands with. Patty thinks for a minute.)

PATTY: Oh, right. I forgot I did a load of towels yesterday. I'm sorry-I must have forgot to-

CAMILLE: (seeing Jordan and Angela standing in the doorway, she walks to Angela and gives her a kiss on the cheek.) Hi, sweetie. (Camille looks at Jordan.) And...this would be... Jordan...?

ANGELA: (laughing slightly) Oh! Yeah, Camille, this is Jordan, Jordan, Camille. (Camille extends her hand, and Jordan shakes it uncomfortably.)

CAMILLE: Nice to finally meet you, Jordan. I've heard *a lot* about you. (Jordan sort of half-smiles at her, not knowing what else to do. Patty starts taking dishes out of the cupboard.)

PATTY: Angela, will you go find your sister and tell her to set the table? (Angela rolls her eyes and walks out, nodding to her mother.)

ANGELA: (yelling as she walks up the stairs) Danielle! Mom wants you to set the table! (Jordan follows Angela up the stairs, and Camille walks to the kitchen door. She tilts her head, checking out his butt. Patty laughs at her.)

CAMILLE: (turning to Patty) I can *certainly* see why Angela likes *him* so much. (Camille walks to the counter with a sigh.) That is one *fine* lookin' kid, Patty. You better watch Angela with him.

PATTY: (her smile fading) Oh, I don't think I have to worry about...that...Angela wouldn't...

CAMILLE: (throwing Patty a knowing look) I'm sure you're worrying about it anyway. I mean, *I* wouldn't trust *myself* alone with someone like that.

PATTY: (thinking) No, I really mean it. I trust Angela. (Camille is still questioning Patty with her eyes. Patty laughs.) *Really*! I do! (She starts pulling the rest of the meal out of the paper bags. Camille opens the fridge and pulls out the milk. Patty walks to the edge of the stairs.) *Danielle*! I *asked* you to set the table!

DANIELLE: (OS) I'm coming! (A door can be heard slamming upstairs, followed by pounding footsteps. Patty turns and goes back into the kitchen.)


Wide shot of the entire building and parking lot. The parking lot is very busy, with cars pulling in and out. Laughing couples can be seen exiting and entering the theaters. (This is not the movie house from episode 14, it's a large, modern-type Cineplex.) The lights above the ticket office are bright and neon. The ticket lines are long. Shot zooms in slowly to reveal Brian waiting towards the side of the building, alone. He looks slightly worried. He glances at his watch, then sighs. Camera closes in on Brian. Suddenly he jumps as someone says his name.

RICKIE: Brian! Hi! (Brian turns to face Rickie, who is with Delia. They both look beyond happy. Delia smiles at Brian.)

BRIAN: Oh, hi. You scared me.

DELIA: Did we? Sorry we're kind of late. (She looks at her own watch.)

BRIAN: (with fake reassurance) Oh, no. Don't worry it's...okay. Um...

RICKIE: (pointing to the ticket office.) I guess...we should go get in line, right?

DELIA: Right. (She giggles a little and takes Rickie's hand. Brian sees this, and feels out of place.)

BRIAN: (fumbling for an excuse) guys? (They both turn to him.)


BRIAN: (backing up, pointing over his shoulder.) Uh...I forgot, there was this thing...I have to do at home. So...Maybe I better go.

RICKIE: Are you sure? I mean-

BRIAN: Yeah. I better. Go, I mean. (He turns to go, almost stumbling over his own two feet. Delia and Rickie look at each other, confused.)

DELIA: Okay...if you're sure...

BRIAN: I'm...I'm sure. I'll...I'll see you guys in school, I guess.

RICKIE: Okay...I'll see you, then. (Delia and Rickie wave good-bye as Brian slowly walks off into the darkness.)

It's very dark outside now. Street lights give the street sort of an eerie glow. A large sign on the lawn of the school reads: Three Rivers Elementary School. Brian is walking on the sidewalk. He stops and looks at the sign at for a moment, as if recalling a faint memory or something of that nature. He seems very sad. After a moment's hesitation, he turns onto the sidewalk leading up to the school. Slowly, he continues past the school to the playground. The playground is illuminated with security lights, but it's so foggy from the cold night air that it appears to be ghostly. There's a set of swings, two slides, a sandbox, and a huge wooden playset that resembles some kind of fort. It's very tall and appears to be very complex. Brian walks towards it, his pace quickening. He climbs up the wooden ladder to the top of the fort, then stops suddenly, as he steps onto the platform. He lets out a small gasp of surprise. Camera follows Brian's gaze to reveal Rayanne sitting on the corner, drinking out of a small flask. She turns, surprised herself.

RAYANNE: (Annoyed) What are you doing here?

BRIAN: It's public property. What are *you* doing here?

RAYANNE: (in a mocking tone) It's public property, remember? (She downs another large gulp and turns the flask upside down, then tosses it back into her bag.) You don't happen to have anything to drink do you?

BRIAN: (Sarcastically) Of course I do. I carry around large bottles of vodka and whiskey whenever I go out. I love it everyone thinks I'm an alcoholic.

RAYANNE: (rolling her eyes.) I knew you wouldn't have any anyway. Forget I asked.

BRIAN: (sitting down, but far away from her.) So, what are you *really* doing here? (looking around him.) And I thought you were afraid of the dark.

RAYANNE: (looking at him.) I'm sorry, did I say I wanted to, like, have a conversation with you? (Brian looks away from her. He thinks for a minute, then starts to get up. Rayanne relents.) You really want to know why I'm here?

BRIAN: Yeah, sure.

RAYANNE: Well...the truth is, I was supposed to like, meet Tino or something. But he stood me up again. So...I'm just here. For like, no reason other than I don't want to go home.

BRIAN: (getting interested) Why don't you want to go home?

RAYANNE: (laughing) My mom has her stupid boyfriend, *Rusty* over. And I just...really don't want to be there. I hate him. I hate her. I hate my life.

BRIAN: Why do you-

RAYANNE: (getting suddenly fed up) Why do you ask so many questions?

BRIAN: (taken aback) I don't...I don't know...(He looks at his hands. Rayanne turns back to searching through her bag.)

RAYANNE: So why are *you* here?

BRIAN: You wouldn't really care if I told you.

RAYANNE: (interested) Yeah I would. (She looks at him earnestly, and he gives in.)

BRIAN: I was supposed to go to this movie, with Rickie and Delia, but they were, like, acting like a couple, or something. It, like... felt weird being there, or whatever. So I left. And I passed by here. So...And I was thinking about when I was little and...(His words drift off. Rayanne waits for him to continue.)


BRIAN: I was know, when we were kids? Sharon and I, and Angela, we'd play here. And Angela and I...whenever we had a secret to tell each other...or when we were mad at our parents...or needed someone to talk to...we'd meet there. (He points to the other corner of the fort.)

RAYANNE: (snorting) How very Kodak. (Brian stops talking.) Sorry. Go on.

BRIAN: (slowly) And I this stupid way...I was wishing I'd find her here. (Brian laughs stupidly at himself.) I mean, I *knew* she wasn't going to actually *be* here..but...

RAYANNE: (laughing a little) But instead you found me. Bet that was a disappointment. (Brian looks at her. She stops laughing and they are both silent for a moment.)

BRIAN: (honestly) wasn't... (Their eyes lock. Suddenly Rayanne blushes slightly and turns away. She gets up.)

RAYANNE: See you tomorrow, Krakow. (Brian smiles faintly at her, and she laughs a little, trying to get the weird feeling out of the air.)

BRIAN: Yeah..see ya. (She walks over to the ladder and climbs. Then she stops and pulls something out of her bag.)

RAYANNE: Hey, Krakow? (He looks at her. She turns on the flashlight she got out of her bag.) With this, I'm not afraid of anything, am I? (She flicks it on and off a couple of times with a wicked smile and then jumps to the ground. Brian's gaze falls on the corner of the fort he was talking about. He stares at it for a minute, then sighs and closes his eyes, tilting his head to look at the sky. Camera switches to shot of starry sky, then slides down to reveal the Chase's house.)


Angela and Jordan step out of the front door and into the night. Angela looks up at the sky, then at Jordan. They stroll down the path to the sidewalk, very slowly, as if both aren't sure if they want the night to end yet. They stop in front of the passenger's side of his car, and Angela turns to face him. They kiss. In the background, Brian can be seen, walking down the street.
BRIAN'S POV: He sees Jordan walk around to the driver's side of the car and get in. Angela waves good-bye as he pulls away from the curb and drives down the street. She turns to go back inside and sees Brian. They both stand there, on opposite sides of the street for a minute, silent, looking at each other.

Patty is washing some dishes in the sink. Camille is putting on her jacket, getting ready to leave. The phone rings, and Patty picks it up.

PATTY: Hello? (Switch to Graham, in the kitchen of the restaurant. Hallie can be seen in the background, putting papers into her briefcase.)

GRAHAM: Hi! It's me.

PATTY: (tightly) Hi, honey.

GRAHAM: Just called to say I'm going to be here for a little while longer. But I should be home within the next hour or so. Is that okay with you? (Switch to Patty, who smiles even more tightly into the phone.)

PATTY: (trying to sound okay with it) Sure...sure. So you'll be home by ten, then?

GRAHAM: At the latest.

PATTY: Okay...well, Camille's just about to leave, so, I'll...I'll see you later.

GRAHAM: I love you.

PATTY: Yeah, I love you too. Bye. (She hangs up, somewhat angry. She turns to Camille, who is looking at her, waiting.) What?

CAMILLE: He's staying late, *again*?

PATTY: Not...not as late as usual. (Camille rolls her eyes.) Oh, shut up.

CAMILLE: I didn't say anything.

PATTY: But you're standing there thinking it.

CAMILLE: (picking her purse up off the counter) Patty...(She walks over to her and kisses her on the cheek.) I think you really need to talk to Graham about this. (Patty sighs)

PATTY: I know...

CAMILLE: (heading for the door) Well, I better go. Sharon's probably wondering what happened to me. I'll call you tomorrow.

PATTY: (waving as Camille exits.) Okay. Talk to you later. (She sighs again and turns back to the dishes.)

"Parachute" by Guster begins to play. Lyrics Brian meets Angela's gaze directly for a second, then quickly turns away, and starts heading towards his house. Angela hurriedly starts across the street.

ANGELA: Brian? (Brian turns back to her, and waits for her to reach him.)


ANGELA: (sheepishly) Listen...I'm sorry about the other night, you know, when you came over? I was sort of in a bad mood.

BRIAN:'s okay.

ANGELA: Can I...can we talk for a minute? I mean...I think we need to. Talk. I mean.

BRIAN: Um...sure...(pretending not to know.) What about?

ANGELA: (annoyed) You *know* what about, Brian.

BRIAN: (quickly) Why do you want to talk about that? I's over. It's in the past. It doesn't matter. Not to you.

ANGELA: Of *course* it matters! How can you think that it doesn't matter to me? (They're both silent for a minute.) Brian..I *need* to know. Why did you write it?

BRIAN: (quickly) Because! Jordan, like, asked me to! He need help, so, I helped him! It's as simple as that.

ANGELA: (staring at him.) Is it really? That simple?


ANGELA: (softly) But what about...what you said...

BRIAN: (rudely) What did I say?

ANGELA: About meaning every word? I mean...

BRIAN: I didn't...I mean...I didn't mean it like that. (He looks at her.) I mean...maybe I did. Mean it like that.

ANGELA: (VO) Sometimes there's nothing to say. I kept trying to think of a reply...but there's nothing that I could possibly say to make everything right between us. So I just have to stand here like a complete idiot.

BRIAN: (wishing he hadn't admitted it) I should probably...go inside...I mean...

ANGELA: (as he turns to go) Brian?

BRIAN: (turning back, hopeful.) Yeah?


BRIAN: Um...why...what?

ANGELA: (walking towards him) Why *me*?

BRIAN: (completely uncomfortable) I...I don't know...*because*'re...because you're...*you*. (He laughs stupidly.) I don't know *why* I'm in love with you-I just *am*. Does there have to be a reason?

ANGELA: (somewhat angry at him for not knowing) Then why did you help him? Jordan?

BRIAN: (sitting down on the curb, beaten) I don't know that either. (Angela sighs and sits down next to him.) I just...I wanted you to be happy. And I *knew* then...that *Jordan* is what made you happy. I didn't want you to hurt anymore. (He looks at the pavement. Without a word, Angela wraps her arms around him.)

ANGELA: (crying) I'm sorry, Brian.

BRIAN: (gazing at her as she pulls away.) For what?

ANGELA: For everything. I'm sorry that I don't feel the same way as you. (He turns away, awkwardly) I know I *should*, Brian...but...

BRIAN: But you don't.

ANGELA: Brian...things have been so different between us. I mean...even before...*this*. I don't want to lose you as a friend...we've both...*changed*. Since we were little. It can't be...the *same* as it was. I wish it could be.

BRIAN: So what are you saying?

ANGELA: I'm saying...that even though I don't...can we be friends? Again? Like we used to be?

BRIAN: (quietly) I don't...I *want* to be...

ANGELA: Do you?

BRIAN: (strongly) Yes. I do. (Smiling through her tears, Angela quietly places her hand in his.)

ANGELA: Good. (They sit there in silence.)

Rickie is at his locker, piling books into his bag. Delia runs up to him, thrilled. Rayanne can be seen down the hall, at her own locker. She sees Rickie and Delia and rolls her eyes.

DELIA: Rickie! Rickie!

RICKIE: Hi, Delia. What's-

DELIA: You will *not* believe this.


DELIA: You know how I was talking about my cousin? Mark?

RICKIE: What about him?

DELIA: (slyly) Well, he's coming for a visit next week, and I was thinking, that maybe you could show him around town?

RICKIE: week is really busy...I can't-

DELIA: Think about it? Please? (she tugs on his sleeve.)

RICKIE: (relenting) Okay. (Rayanne bounds up to Rickie, ignoring Delia.)

RAYANNE: Hey, Vasquez! What's shakin'? (She practically pushes Delia away from him.)

RICKIE: Hi. Um...Delia was just saying her cousin is coming for a visit, like, next week.

RAYANNE: (turning to Delia)'re Delia, right? (Delia rolls her eyes, and Rayanne spots Angela walking down the hall with Brian.) Angelika! (She grabs her arm and pulls her over. Brian looks around him, not sure what to do, then walks over.) You're coming to practice tonight, right?

ANGELA: (she frowns) There's practice tonight?

RAYANNE: Yeah-we're having a complete run-through, with the costumes and everything, right, Rickie? (Rickie nods.)

ANGELA: Oh...I was going to Jordan's band rehearsal tonight...

RAYANNE: Oh. Well, that's okay. There's plenty others to come to, right? Still got about a week and a half left of this hell. (she smiles at Angela, showing she's not angry at her. Rayanne looks at Brian.) What about you, Krakow. You coming?

BRIAN: (taken aback) Me?

RAYANNE: (looking around her, rolling her eyes.) Is there another Krakow around here I don't know about?

BRIAN: Yeah. Sure, I'll come. (Brian exchanges glances with Delia and Rickie, who both look confused by Rayanne's invitation. Angela wasn't even paying attention. She was scanning the hallway for Jordan. She spots him coming out of the bathroom.)

ANGELA: I gotta go. I'll see you all later. (She kisses Rickie and Rayanne on the cheek, and after a quick hesitation, kisses Brian on the cheek too. Then she walks down the hall to Jordan. Delia's face falls, but no one notices. Rickie and Rayanne look at Brian questioningly.)

BRIAN: Um...I guess...we're friends again. (They both nod, and Delia forces a smile at him. For some reason she seems jealous.)

Graham is sitting at the table, a pencil in his mouth. Hallie comes in with huge books of carpet samples in her arms. With a huge sigh she drops them onto the table and Graham jumps up.

GRAHAM: Hey! That's all the menu information! I was working on that!

HALLIE: Sorry. (She picks up the carpet samples one by one and drops them onto the floor. Graham, bends down and looks at the top piece of carpet, which is an oriental pattern.)

GRAHAM: This is nice. That might look good over by the-

HALLIE: Just stop talking about rugs. I hate rugs. I just spent the past two hours at that *stupid* store, arguing with this unbelievably *ditzy* sales clerk about how many of these books I could take out of the store.

GRAHAM: Two hours?

HALLIE: Yes, two damn hours! Can you believe it? I thought there was an IQ requirement for someone to get a job in Pennsylvania, you know?

GRAHAM: (smiling) Not around here there's not. You're proof of that. (Hallie slaps him, and he laughs.)

HALLIE: (plopping down at the table) So what we got here? (She picks up a paper and starts reading it.)

GRAHAM: Just some ideas for the menu, some possible layouts, yada yada yada. You know the deal.

HALLIE: (picking up one) This one is nice. Where'd you get it?

GRAHAM: (looking at it) Actually, that's one that Patty made up. (Hallie looks surprised) Yeah, a long time ago she was doing this printing job for some restaurant or whatever, and she came up with this...*plan* and they didn't use it's just been *sitting* around. I thought we could possibly use it.

HALLIE: (setting it down) Well, let's see what else you got, first. (remembering something) Oh! I forgot to tell you! The investors want us to meet with them tomorrow night, you know, to-

GRAHAM: Tomorrow night?

HALLIE: Yeah. Why, is that a problem?

GRAHAM: I was planning on taking Patty out for dinner or something, but it's okay. She'll understand.

HALLIE: (smiling) Great! Then I'll call them and let them know it's all set. (She picks up her cellular phone and Graham goes back to work.)

The auditorium is dark. Rayanne, who is playing Emily, is on stage with Brett Cody, who is playing George Gibbs. They are walking across the stage, slowly.

GEORGE: A *change*? Wha-what do you mean?

EMILY: Well, I used to like you a lot. And I used to watch you as you did everything...because we'd been friends so long... (The shot switches to Angela getting into Jordan's car afterschool. Brian walks out of the school and sees her, and she gives him a little wave. He tries to smile.) And then you began spending all your time at *baseball*....and you never stopped to speak to anyone anymore...(Shot of Graham and Hallie in the restaurant, laughing.) Not even to your own family you didn't. (Shot of Patty alone in the kitchen, staring out the window sadly. She looks at her watch.) and, George, it's a fact, you've got awful conceited and stuck-up, and all the girls say so. It hurts me to hear them say it, but I've got to agree with them a little. I'm sorry if it hurts your feelings...but I can't be sorry I said it. (Rickie and
Delia come in the back door of the auditorium, and Rickie points to the front row, where Brian is sitting, alone. He gives Delia a small nudge, and she slowly walks down the aisle.)

GEORGE: I...I'm glad you said it, Emily. I never thought that such a thing was happening to me. I guess it's hard for a fella not to have faults creep into his character. (They take a step or two in silence, then stand still in misery.)

EMILY: I always expect a man to be perfect and I think he should be. (Delia hesitates for a moment, then sits down next to Brian, with a smile. He looks at her, surprised.)

GEORGE: Oh, I don't think it's possible to be perfect, Emily.

Author's Note: "Parachute"by Guster is off Parachute


there we stand about to fly/
peeking down over land/
parachute behind/
what was that moment for which we live/
without a parachute about to dive/
I find myself convincing/
blindly falling faster/
how easy/
I know the place I'm leaving/
and the rest is just gone/
oh the adoration/
but how much strength does it take/
for exploration for split decision/
are you stronger to remain/
it crept up on me/
ignored all my pleas/
begging to leave/
no justice to name me/
fell out of the sky/
cease it to be/
without a reply/
gravity fails me/
but when I awoke/
I knew what was real/
hope to convince you/
lies they all torture me/
opened the door/
knew what was me/
I finally realized/
parachute over me

by: Guster

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