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Episode No. 22 - Back To Basics

written by Julian Suddaby

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Published: 1997 | Size: 25 KB (4447 words) | Language: english | Rating: PG-13
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based on stories and characters created by Winnie Holzman


The camera is on a close-up of a family photo, with Patty, Graham, Angela and Danielle all smiling. In the background we hear the noises of a conversation. As it becomes audible, the camera swings round to present Patty walking downstairs with Graham following her.

GRAHAM: I can't believe you said yes without asking me first!

PATTY: I...I didn't think you'd mind. We've kept putting it off, I had to accept sometime.

GRAHAM: Couldn't you just have made some excuse? With the restaurant, it's not a good time for me. It's really not a good time.

PATTY: I told them yes. We have to go now. Graham, I promised.

We see Angela sitting on the couch, reading a magazine. She looks up as they get downstairs.

ANGELA-VO: It's really strange, but when your parents are arguing about something that's going to affect you, you know.

ANGELA: Where do we have to go?

They stop arguing and Graham looks at Patty as if to say 'it's your fault, you tell her'. Patty looks at Graham, then puts on a slight smile as she looks back at Angela. She comes and sits down next to Angela. Graham heads for the door.

GRAHAM: (unhappily) I've gotta go meet Hallie and tell her.

The door bangs shut.

PATTY: Angela, for the past few years the Krakow's have kept inviting us to this cabin-thing they use for weekend breaks. And we've always been busy, or you or Danielle's been sick, so we've put it off. They asked again, and this time we have to go.

Angela eyes widen slightly.

PATTY: I know it's not your idea of a fun weekend, going to a log-cabin, but it's only two days. And I promised. (a bit more positive) Brian will be there, so you'll have someone to talk to.

ANGELA-VO: It was some sick joke. I couldn't even look at Brian, let alone talk to him.

ANGELA: (weakly) When?

PATTY: Oh, this weekend. You haven't said you have any plans.

ANGELA: (angry) Why do you have to assume I would tell you! I have plans.

PATTY: I'm afraid you're going to have to cancel them. We have to go as a family. Besides, it'll be good. We don't get much time with each other, and this will-

ANGELA: (pleading) I really can't go. This thing is so important, and it's, like, happening this weekend, only.

PATTY: (angry) I don't care. You have to cancel. This is family.

Angela doesn't reply for a second.

ANGELA: Can Jordan come?

PATTY: No, Angela, I'm glad you're going out with Jordan, but I don't want your boyfriends coming along. Just the Krakows and us. Besides, it's their cabin. We can't just go inviting other people.

ANGELA: I'm sure they won't mind-

Patty looks at her sternly. She then gets up. Angela looks unhappy. The camera sweeps back onto the smiling family photo.


Brian looks up from his bowl of cereal. He stares incredulously at someone offscreen.

BRIAN: The Chases? You invited the Chases?

He appears stunned. He looks down at what he was eating.

BRIAN: (a little desperate) There won't be, like, room. There's four of them. The cabin doesn't have enough rooms.

BERNICE: We'll find space, don't worry. It'll be fine. As long as their girls share a room it'll be fine.



Sharon is there with Angela. They're in the middle of a normal conversation.

SHARON: So, Kyle, like, invited me there tomorrow, and I was wondering if you could go with us.

Angela thinks about it for a second.

ANGELA: What? Are you and Kyle, dating again?

SHARON: (realises that Angela doesn't know about her 'relationship' with Kyle) Oh...yes. Kinda. It's not, like, serious, but...So, can you come?

ANGELA: Ohhh...I just remembered. My whole family was invited for a weekend away by the Krakows.

SHARON: The Krakows? Brian Krakow?

ANGELA: Brian Krakow. (pause) My mother says I have to go.

SHARON: You can't...I mean, he's...That's awful.

Angela gives her a 'thanks for telling me' look.

ANGELA: I would do anything to get out of it. I can't even bear to look at him.

SHARON: Maybe if I tell my mother. She could-

ANGELA: No! Don't tell her about it! I couldn't...(trails off)

SHARON: Well, it's either that or a weekend with Brian Krakow.

ANGELA: It's not like I'll be alone with him. Danielle will be there.

SHARON: (tilts her head) Do you want me to tell my mom to tell your mom?

ANGELA: No! Just...forget it. I'll figure something out. Eventually.

SHARON: But what can I do about Kyle?

ANGELA: Oh god, I have to tell Jordan.

SHARON: If you want my advice, don't. Just tell him it's with your family, or something. Maybe I should tell Kyle that.

ANGELA: Really? What if he finds out?

SHARON: (defensive) Who's going to tell him?

ANGELA: Brian tutors him.

Sharon looks confused, works it out then lets out an exasperated breath.

SHARON: That's the bell.



Graham comes, looking unhappy. Hallie, sitting at one of the tables now scattered around the room, laughs and he looks up.

GRAHAM: What's so funny?

HALLIE: (smiling) You! You can't bear to leave your restaurant for a second. This little trip Patty arranged just drives you crazy.

GRAHAM: It's not Patty...(pause) and the restaurant does need more planning...What if one of the investors needs to ask me some questions? What if-

HALLIE: I promised to phone you.

GRAHAM: Yes, but...(sighs) I'll probably be out hiking or something. It's not that I don't like hiking-

HALLIE: No, you hate it. (she laughs) But everyone has to do things they hate. Apart from me, of course. I don't do anything I don't want to.

GRAHAM: (he's smiling now too) Oh really.

HALLIE: It's true! You will never catch me doing something I don't want to.

GRAHAM: Well, what about the cooking class? You said you only did that for Brad.

HALLIE: I never said I didn't like cooking. Only I wasn't very good.

GRAHAM: (deadpan) You don't have to tell me.

HALLIE: (laughs and pushes him) Thanks!

Graham smiles.

GRAHAM: (serious) You will phone if anything happens? You promise? If you don't, I'll-

HALLIE: (smiles) I said yes. You-

GRAHAM: -worry to much. Yeah, you told me.

HALLIE: And I don't worry enough...right?

GRAHAM: Right.


GRAHAM: Great.


They're eating their dinner, all around the table.

PATTY: When you're finished eating, I want you to go pack your bags right away. We're leaving early tomorrow.

GRAHAM: It'll be a great way to start the weekend (he smiles).

Patty gives him a look.

DANIELLE: Are we going somewhere?

ANGELA: (sarcastically) No, we're just packing our bags in case the house burns down.

Danielle looks angrily at Angela.

DANIELLE: I would like to be told if we're going anywhere. Where are we going?

ANGELA: Like anyone's going to listen to you. (She looks at her mother with bitterness)

PATTY: (reaching over for some food) We're all (looks back at Angela) going to the Krakow's cabin outside the city. For the weekend.

DANIELLE: The Krakow's? (pause. Then, trying to sound casual) Will Brian be there?

PATTY: Umm...yes. He's coming.

DANIELLE: I'm finished (she lays down her cutlery). I'm going to go pack my bags.

Danielle leaps down from the table and bounds upstairs. Graham and Patty look bemused. Angela watches her disappear upstairs but doesn't catch on. She gets up.

ANGELA: (tiredly) I suppose I better go pack.

GRAHAM: Oh, OK honey.

They watch her go with fascination.

GRAHAM: Didn't that used to be a lot harder?

PATTY: (equally astounded, and quiet) Yes. (shaking her head clear) I better go help Danielle. (turning back to Graham, sounding suspicious) Do you think they're planning something?

GRAHAM: (laughs) No! You worry too much.

Patty purses her lips then walks upstairs. Graham stares at his plate, whirls some water round in his glass and then smiles.


Rayanne is rushing about, looking for something. The phone rings and her mother answers it.

AMBER: Raynie? Phone.

RAYANNE: (still frantically looking around) Who is it?

AMBER: Some girl called Sharon.

RAYANNE: Sharon? (she stops searching immediately and comes to the phone slowly)

Cuts back and forth from Rayanne and Sharon, who's also at home.


SHARON: Oh. Hi. It's Sharon. I was wondering if you could do me a favor.

Back at Rayanne's, and Amber walks past showing Rayanne that she's found the piece of clothing she was looking for.

RAYANNE: Cherski! What do want?

SHARON: You see, Kyle's invited me to this thing, and it'd be really great if you could, like, come along. Just...for fun, you know.

RAYANNE: What 'thing' ?

SHARON: It's nothing. Really. A movie.


SHARON: (exasperated) I want someone there who can.

RAYANNE: (grinning) Help you help yourself?

SHARON: Yes. That's it. Help me. (begging) Will you? (pause) Could you bring along Phil, or something?


SHARON: Phil? The...oh, never mind. Come to my house. At eight tomorrow. You know where it is? It's right near Angela's.

RAYANNE: (trying to sound unaffected by the reference) Yeah. I know. And Cherski.


RAYANNE: (smiling) You've really got to learn some self-control.

Sharon hangs up the phone and Rayanne smiles to herself. She places the phone back on the wall with a flourish and grabs the missing piece of clothing.


It's early, and Angela slouches tiredly into the couch. Danielle comes bouncing downstairs. She looks at her sister disdainfully.

DANIELLE: You're lazy.

Angela glares at her sister.

DANIELLE: So, what's the Krakow's cabin like? Is it very big?

ANGELA: (scowling) I don't know. But I hope so.



ANGELA: Go and help dad.

DANIELLE: You can't-

Graham comes in and sees the girls.

GRAHAM: Angela, do you want to go with Brian in the Krakows' car? Only ours is-

ANGELA: (worried) No! (pause as she thinks of a reason) Mom said it should be family thing.

Graham looks at Angela, thinking hard.

DANIELLE: What about me? I'll go with the Krakows.

GRAHAM: (still looking at Angela) Danielle, Angela's right. We'll stick together. I'll go tell the Krakows.


Graham comes and sees Patty hugging herself in the cold morning air. He goes up to her.

GRAHAM: Angela's going with us after all.

PATTY: (surprised) Oh.

GRAHAM: She said it should be a family thing.

PATTY: Really? Maybe this is a good idea. Oh look, there's Brian. Tell him about the arrangements.

Graham walks over to Brian, who's leaning on the Krakow's car, trying to look as invisible as possible. He looks tired.


BRIAN: (tired) Hi.

GRAHAM: Tell your dad we'll follow him.

BRIAN: (looking at the Chase's rather packed car) You've, like, got enough room in there?

GRAHAM: (trying to sound sure) Oh yeah. We'll be going together. Patty wants it to be a 'family thing'.

BRIAN: (not surprised, but still disappointed) OK. Sure. I'll tell him.

GRAHAM: How long does it usually take to get there?

BRIAN: Where? Oh, the cabin. About four hours I guess.

GRAHAM: Thanks.

Graham goes back to the other side of the street. Brian leans tiredly on the car.

EXT. THE CABIN-Afternoon

The two cars pull up outside the cabin. It's large, and secluded in what appears to be a whole forest. Graham and Patty get out of their car, Danielle leaps out and Angela sits in the car for a second then slowly gets out. We see the door of the cabin shutting after Bob and Bernice disappear inside to check nothing's changed. Brian leans on the car.

PATTY: Wow. I'm really...impressed. This is nice.

GRAHAM: (smiling) They're both shrinks. They can afford it.

Patty frowns at Graham.

DANIELLE: Wow! A cabin.

ANGELA: (not impressed) Wow.

Danielle walks shyly over to Brian.

DANIELLE: How long have you had this cabin?

Brian looks up, surprised, then over to Angela who's still by her family's car.

BRIAN: Oh, I don't know. A few years, probably.

DANIELLE: (sounding enthusiastic) Wow.

ANGELA: (shouting) Danielle! Come and help Dad unpack.

GRAHAM: No, you two girls go look around. Brian, do you mind helping me with this? (he indicates the car)

BRIAN: Oh. Sure.

Angela and Brian walk past each other without saying a word. The both pretend to ignore each other. Brian helps Graham wrench out stuff from the car.

BRIAN: (stating the obvious) You've got a lot.

GRAHAM: (whispering) I tell them it's only for two days, but they end up bringing just about everything. You know how they are.

BRIAN: Uh...yeah.

GRAHAM: I guess your parents drag you out here every holiday.

BRIAN: (morose) And more. I don't, uh, much like it out here to be honest. So, you're setting up a restaurant or something?



BRIAN: What's it going to be called?

GRAHAM: (pulling something heavy out) Uh?

BRIAN: The restaurant. What's it, uh, going to be called?

GRAHAM: We haven't decided yet.

BRIAN: Oh. Fine. I was just...wondering, if you had, like decided.

GRAHAM: Right. OK. (he moves back from the car and breathes out). That one's Angela's, and that's Danielle's, so if you'd take them to their rooms, you know more than me which room they should take.

BRIAN: (looking down at the bags) Oh. Sure. Yes, I mean, I know where they are.

Graham looks at him with amusement.


Brian leans down slowly to pick them up. He looks over his shoulder and sees Graham watching him, and picks up the bags and walks jumpily towards the cabin.

INT. THE CABIN-Afternoon

Brian comes in with the bags, Angela turns and sees him.

ANGELA: (tersely) Is that my bag?

BRIAN: Uh...yes. And Danielle's. Your Dad wanted them taken to your room.

ANGELA: (coldly) I'll do it.

Brian looks at her for a second, jaw clenching. He drops the bags - almost throwing them down, turns around and walks out without saying a thing. Angela stares after him.

ANGELA-VO: I never think things through.

ANGELA: (shouting) Mrs. Krakow? Umm...Which room should me and Danielle take?


Rayanne leaps up the stairs and Sharon, just coming out of the bathroom looks surprised.

RAYANNE: So, which room's yours?

SHARON: Umm...that one. (she points) You're early.

RAYANNE: What Cherski, you'd thought I'd be late for this? I couldn't miss it.

SHARON: (sighing) It's not a joke. I've got to tell Kyle.

RAYANNE: (joking) But he'll be broken up! He won't be able to take it. You know, I think he could...kill himself.

Sharon looks at her angrily.

SHARON: You break up with guys all the time. How do you do it?

RAYANNE: Y'see, I don't actually ever break up with them - as I'm never 'with' them.

SHARON: You're a great help.

RAYANNE: (smiling) Just tell him you've found someone else. That usually works.


RAYANNE: I don't know. Brian Krakow? If you ask nicely he'll even write you a genuine-original love letter. (smirks)

SHARON: You are so, like not funny. Angela was really...moved by that letter.

RAYANNE: When she thought it was from Catalano.

Sharon opens her mouth to say something, then the doorbell rings.

SHARON: That's Kyle. He's early.


KYLE: Hi Sharon. You ready?

SHARON: Hi Kyle. (pause) I hope you don't mind, but I invited-

Rayanne pushes past Sharon and looks Kyle up and down, giggles and pushes past him. He stands there looking confused.

SHARON: -Rayanne. (She smiles sweetly)

KYLE: I really wanted to spend more time with you-

SHARON: (angry) We're going to the cinema, aren't we?

KYLE: Yeah, but-

SHARON: Well then, let's go.

She pushes past him. He stands there for a second.

KYLE: (to himself) Rayanne Graff?


There's a film going on in the background. We see Kyle, Sharon and Rayanne sitting in that order from the left. Sharon is eating popcorn fanatically and concentrating fiercely on the screen, Kyle has his arm around her shoulders and is more intent on her than the film. Rayanne switches between watching the film and the 'couple'.

RAYANNE: (turns from the film and glances at the couple). Oooh. She would never do that.

KYLE: (looks at her angrily) Will you shut up and watch the film?

RAYANNE: What's the fun in going to a cinema if you don't talk?

Someone in front shushes her. Rayanne laughs.

SHARON: (quiet) Please Rayanne.

RAYANNE: (looks at Sharon, then Kyle) I still say he's using her.

KYLE: (to Sharon, begging) Please shut her up.

SHARON: (angry) She's my friend Kyle! Why don't you shut up.

They watch the film in silence for a few seconds.

SHARON: I have to tell you something, Kyle.

KYLE: (concerned) What?

SHARON: I...There's...

RAYANNE: (leans over) There's someone else buddy.

Sharon looks at her, stunned.

KYLE: (shouting) What? She's not serious? Sharon?

Someone shushes him angrily.


KYLE: Who?...I don''s not Phil is it? Who is it? I'll-

SHARON: It's not Phil.

KYLE: Who is it? I told you I loved you, Sharon...I...

An explosion goes off on the screen (which we can't see) and they all jump.

SHARON: It's...(thinking desperately, long pause) it's...(pause)...It's Brian.

KYLE: ('Who?') Brian?

SHARON: Brian...Krakow.

KYLE: (together) Krakow?
RAYANNE: (together) Krakow?

KYLE: I'm going to fucking kill him. He's dead. (turning to Sharon) I don't believe you, Sharon.

Kyle gets up and storms out of the cinema. Sharon watches him go.

RAYANNE: (smiling) I was only joking about the Krakow thing.

SHARON: (head in hands, crying) I couldn't think of anyone else.

RAYANNE: Aren't you worried he's going to, like, lobotomise him?

SHARON: (wiping her tears away) Oh, it's OK. (sniffle) He's not at home this weekend. He's gone away on this thing with Angela.

RAYANNE: (interested and confused) Oh. Cool. So Kyle will kill him Monday.

Sharon starts crying again and Rayanne tries to act like she doesn't know this person next to her. Sharon continues to sob mournfully into her popcorn. Another explosion goes off on the screen and they both jump.

INT. THE CABIN-Late Evening

Danielle looks cautiously up out of her bed. On the other bed, she sees Angela sleeping peacefully. She gets out from under the sheets and sits cross-legged staring at the wall at the head of the bed.

The camera sweeps sideways through the wall and on the other side we see Brian sitting on the edge of his bed, deep in thought and looking unhappy. He takes a glance the wall adjoining the girls' room.

Back in their room, Danielle sits and looks at the wall while Angela slumbers, unaware.


Patty walks in, wearing a towel. She's obviously just been showering/having a bath. Graham is talking on the telephone.

GRAHAM: (laughing) OK.That's great...Hire him!...Yes I'm sure.

Graham laughs and hangs up.

GRAHAM: (noticing Patty, smiling) Oh, hi.

PATTY: Hi. (she does a smile) Who was that?

GRAHAM: I was just checking on the restaurant.

PATTY: (still smiling) Oh, great. How's Hallie?

GRAHAM: She's fine. Everything's fine.

PATTY: Good. (pause) So, the Krakow's want us to go hiking today. Not really hiking, actually, just a bit of walking around in the woods. I hope Angela and Brian are up to it.

GRAHAM: What? (laughs) Oh, yes I hope they're feeling better.

PATTY: Must be some kind of bug going around at school. At least Danielle hasn't got it yet.

GRAHAM: I'm going to make breakfast.



The adults are walking in a line, we see their four backs and hear laughs and snatches of their conversation. The forest path is wide and easy to walk down. Angela and Brian both walk casually a bit behind the parents, a large distance between them. Danielle is behind them, moving around tiredly.

BRIAN: Um. My mom said you were sick. I hope you're feeling better.

ANGELA: (coldly) We don't have to talk.



DANIELLE: (who's been listening) Why don't you have to talk?

Neither of them reply.

DANIELLE: (she runs up next to Brian) Are you like, the cleverest person in the school?

Angela turns her head away in disgust.

BRIAN: I'm not the cleverest. (pause) There are people better than me.

There's a moment's silence then Angela turns her head back towards him.

ANGELA: Like who?

BRIAN: What? I...

ANGELA: Name one person who you think is better than you.

Brian looks at her and hesitates.

ANGELA: Ha! You think you're so much better than everyone else.

Danielle looks at Brian, then her sister.

DANIELLE: So you are the best, then?

BRIAN: (definite now) No.

DANIELLE: My teacher says I'm one of the best students she's ever had.

BRIAN: Oh. That's good.

He glances at Angela, who's looking straight forward again.

DANIELLE: What are you best at?

ANGELA: Danielle!

DANIELLE: What? If he's not talking to you, he can still talk to me.

BRIAN: I don't know. I'm good at most stuff, but-

ANGELA: (interrupting, acting innocent) Do you like English?

BRIAN: (surprised, confused) Er...yes. Quite.

DANIELLE: You know lots of words, don't you Brian?

He looks quickly at her, then back at Angela.

ANGELA: How does it feel to have the reader in your hands? (still playing innocent) To, like, you know, control them?

BRIAN: I don't really-

ANGELA: Like, do you think "Here I'll use this phrase. Then they'll feel really sorry for me."

BRIAN: (beginning to see, getting angry) No! It's not like that.

ANGELA: Wasn't it?

DANIELLE: What do you write Brian?

Angela laughs out loud.

ANGELA: (loud, sarcastic) He writes letters! Tell her Brian. Write one for her!

DANIELLE: Would you? Write a letter to me?

Brian stops walking abruptly, his face a mixture of fury and sorrow. He stares at Angela.

BRIAN: (shouting) It wasn't like that! The letter wasn't like that.

ANGELA: (laughs) Oh really.

BRIAN: (shouting) Maybe I lied or whatever, but it wasn't in the letter. (quiet) If you want to hate me, go ahead! (He pauses, realising he's repeated a part of the letter). No, I didn't...

He turns around and heads back down the path.

The camera is on Angela's face, her eyes wide, nearly crying. Danielle comes up to her.

DANIELLE: Where's he going? Where's Brian going?

Angela runs after him.

ANGELA: Brian! Brian, I'm...sorry...

Brian stops, and slowly turns round. They're close, almost touching each other.

BRIAN: (sad) Me too.

ANGELA: (quiet) For what?

BRIAN: For lying. For...everything. (pause) You asked Jordan to do the go-between thing, didn't you?

ANGELA: (looking down) Yes.

BRIAN: I thought so. But it's OK, in a strange way (starts to babble). That he did it, was like, OK. I thought I minded, but I don't really. It's funny, in a stupid way.


He fishes around in his jacket pocket.

BRIAN: Tissue?

He holds out a few neatly-folded tissues. Angela smiles and takes one.

ANGELA: Thanks.

Danielle comes rushing up.

DANIELLE: I can't see Mom and Dad. I don't know which path they took! I'm hungry.

ANGELA: (looks at Brian) Brian?

BRIAN: Uh.the left path. I mean, they always take the left path. Unless, something really strange happened to them. And they became, like, impulsive.

Danielle smiles happily, and Angela looks at her, then Brian, and finally smiles herself.

They begin walking off.

BRIAN: You see, that's the thing with my mom and dad. Because one's a psychologist, and one's a psychiatrist, you can always, like, predict what they're going to do...

He continues speaking as they take the left path.

BRIAN: ...Like they're deciding it from a book or theory or something.

They disappear out of sight.

Fade to Black..


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