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Episode No. 21 - Vote

written by Julian Suddaby

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Published: 1997 | Size: 24 KB (4390 words) | Language: english | Rating: PG-13
Average: 4.0/5   4.0/5 (7 votes)

based on stories and characters created by Winnie Holzman

INT. THE LOFT--Evening

Rickie walks about nervously, back and forth. He's obviously waiting for someone. He hears a car pull up and a door slamming shut. He pauses, then calls out.

RICKIE: Hello?

A figure passes through the shadows and speaks.

JORDAN: Uh, it's Jordan. You know, Jordan Catalano.

He comes out of the shadows.

RICKIE: Oh, good. You're not with anyone?

JORDAN:, I don't think so.


JORDAN: (nodding his head) Yeah.

The telephone rings. We hear only Rickie's part of the conversation.

RICKIE: Hi...yeah...No, er...later. In an hour? OK...I'll be here.

JORDAN: So, who was that? (he points at the phone).

RICKIE: They're coming in an hour. Look, if you want to tell me, you should start...soon. She's coming with them.

JORDAN: Oh. (pauses, twangs on the string of a guitar. Then looks up again). It, like, started in English.

Fade to black


Mr. Katimski is ending the lesson.

KATIMSKI: thing. Mr. Foster has...(pause)...decided that someone from each grade should be a go-between staff and pupils.

People both laugh and groan at this proposal.

KATIMSKI: Don't laugh! This could be...a very important thing for all of you. (He looks around). We need someone who can represent the students in

ANGELA-VO: Teachers have got this, like, insecurity, where half the time they want you to do exactly what they say, and the other half when they feel guilty about it, and want to ask your opinion. But the thing is, they've got so, addicted, to power they'll ignore you anyway. And some people even fall for this. I knew exactly who would.

KATIMSKI: So, if you're interested, read this (he waves a few green sheets) and get back to me.

The bell goes. Brian Krakow tries to look casual as he goes over and takes one of the green sheets.

ANGELA-VO: I hadn't spoken to him since he had told me his letter was all just a lie. I think I really wanted to do something just as bad to him. Not to get even, just him what it's like.

He's reading the green paper intently, as he stands right in front of the desk. Angela stands up and breezes over to the desk and takes one of the sheets. Brian looks up. He looks confused.

BRIAN: Chase, are you, I mean, going to put yourself forward as a candidate or something?

She pretends not to hear him and walks out of the classroom. Brian watches her go. He sees Sharon and tries to become invisible. She also ignores him. He leaves the classroom after her.


Brian comes out of the classroom, looks about to find Sharon, then hurries up to her.

BRIAN: So, is she, like, considering this.go between thing? Not that I mind, or any-

SHARON: I have nothing to say to you Krakow. You just can't expect me to forget about what you did to Angela!


She walks away. He looks confused for a second, standing right there in the corridor. In the midst of all the people pushing past him, he looks down at the paper again and begins reading.


Angela sits cross-legged on her bed, with the paper in her hands in front of her.

ANGELA-VO: The more I read the sheet, the more I realised what a stupid and meaningless job it was. And that Brian would be devastated not to do it.


Angela is on the couch, with the piece of paper still in front of her.

ANGELA-VO: ...But I didn't want to do it. That'd be...desperate.


Angela is sitting on her bed. She sees the paper on the floor, and looks over out the window to the Krakow house.

ANGELA-VO: But someone had to do it.


Angela is there with Rickie. Sharon comes in. She sees the green paper in Angela's hands.

RICKIE: You're not, like, thinking of doing that. Are you? Not that I mind, or anything, I just didn't think you would, like, do something like that...(He trails off).

ANGELA: I don't know...It's really, like, important for the school and all the students. But not enough people know me. You'd need someone who everyone liked. (She turns and pretends to be surprised to see Sharon). Sharon!

SHARON: (turns to Angela tiredly) I would do it, but I am so like, overbooked, and so busy with this charity thing. I'm really sorry. No one cares about it anyway. Krakow will win becuse no one else, will, like, vote.

RICKIE: She's right, you know. (He laughs).

ANGELA: (to Rickie) What does Krakow know about the students? He's more like one of the teachers.

RICKIE: Well, if you really want anyone but Brian to get it-

ANGELA: Anyone (smiles).

RICKIE: There's someone who, like, craves attention from everyone, and can, er, pull all the votes you need.

ANGELA: (unhappy) I don't want her involved.

RICKIE: It's her or Brian.

ANGELA: Just don't tell her I want her to do it, OK?

RICKIE: Are you sure you want to do this?

ANGELA: Yes! Jeez, you're like my mother.


Rayanne and Rickie are walking down the steps together.

RAYANNE: And you think they're going to let someone like me do this stupid thing?

RICKIE: It's a vote, you see. So they have to let the students decide. They think only people like Brian Krakow will put themselves forward.

RAYANNE: My only opposition is Brian Krakow? (Seductively) I can have him begging to let me win.

RICKIE: Er, Rayanne. Just don't get in any trouble or they'll, like, find a reason for taking you off the list.

RAYANNE: (looking around) Where is Tino...? (to Rickie again) Don't worry, I'll be perfect.

Rickie sighs as she bounces away.


Mr. Foster looks up from his desk at Mr. Katimski.

FOSTER: Brian Krakow and Rayanne Graff? The girl who nearly overdosed?

KATIMSKI: But you said the vote was to be open. We...we can't let the students down now. They've put their names down. It's only preliminary-

FOSTER: I am quite sympathetic with your concern for fairness, Mr. Katimski, but I'm afraid I just can't let a girl like that in the meetings. We'd be accused of condoning drug and alcohol abuse.

KATIMSKI: I've been told that she is no longer using drugs, and has stopped drinking. She's also participating in the school play. We can't-

FOSTER: Mr. Katimski, I am afraid this school cannot run like a democracy. It is an establishment that should teach them the difference between right and wrong, and we must provide suitable role models. I must ask Rayanne Graff to be removed from the list. I also have my doubts about Mr. Krakow's suitability, but I must insist on Miss. Graff's removal. That's it.

Katimski nods silently, gets up and goes out the door, not looking overjoyed.


RICKIE: Mr. Katimski was definite. Mr. Foster will not let you in the vote.

RAYANNE: Well, it's no big deal or anything. I don't care. I don't know what Foster was so worked up about. It's not like I would have gone to the meetings (smiles).

RICKIE: But it's unfair.

RAYANNE: Let Krakow win it. He'll like, get a thrill out of it.

RICKIE: I don't like Foster.

RAYANNE: No one likes Foster. Not even the teachers. He needs to...relax. I could-

RICKIE: Rayanne!

RAYANNE: You're no fun since you moved in with Katimski.

RICKIE: (angry) Well, I won't be there much longer. There's an opening in Pride House.

He walks off.

RAYANNE: Oooh. Vasquez.


ANGELA-VO: It wasn't an obsession or anything, but I couldn't bear to look at the Krakow's house without seeing his smug, satisfied grin at winning. It's awful, I'm obsessing about the wrong things. I'm finally going out with Jordan Catalano and all I can think about is Brian Krakow.

PATTY (OS): Angela! Jordan's here!


The car's parked outside the Chase's house. Angela and Jordan are sitting, in silence, looking straight forward out of the car. She's appears as lost in her thoughts as he normally is.

JORDAN: So. We're here.


She turns her head with a flick and looks at him. He looks at her and the tension is palpable. They seem about to kiss.

ANGELA: So. You were in Katmiski's class today, right?

JORDAN: (surprised) Oh. Yeah. I think so.

ANGELA: It's just this student representative thing, I think you could be really good.

JORDAN: (dumbfounded) Student...representative?

ANGELA: Yeah (enthusiastic). You see, everyone knows you. And I'd really like you to.

JORDAN: You would? (long pause) Are you joking?

ANGELA: No, I think you'd be really good.

JORDAN: Uh...I've got to go to a practice.

ANGELA: Oh, OK. Have this.

She passes over the green piece of paper. She then leans over and kisses him. It's quite short, and she opens the door and bounces happily out. The camera focuses on Jordan as he watches her go. He looks perplexed, and glances at the paper. The car draws slowly away from outside the Chase's house.


Jordan is hanging with Shane and his other friends. Angela sees him as she walks past. She stops, away from the group and looks at him. He sees her and looks down, then up again.

JORDAN: (to friends) I gotta go.

Mumbled 'seeyas' from his friends. He walks over to Angela.

ANGELA: So, have you thought about it?

JORDAN: (quietly) Do we have to talk about that?

He goes down to kiss Angela. She pushes him away.

ANGELA: Yes. Are you going to do it or not?

JORDAN: I don't know. It's not...

Angela slumps down and looks all around her. She sees Brian opening his locker, but he's oblivious to everything.

ANGELA: Please?

Jordan looks back at his friends. He looks at Angela with genuine affection. She smiles. He melts.

Jordan looks down at her and nods gently. She kisses him.


Angela leans against the basins. Rickie is there, as is Sharon.

ANGELA: So, I asked Jordan. And he's doing it.

RICKIE: Jordan Catalano? The same Jordan Catalano who leans great?

ANGELA: Everyone knows him. They'll vote for him?

SHARON: I'd vote for Jordan Catalano over Krakow.

ANGELA: See? I was right.

RICKIE: But, it's just not He's not, you know, first person you'd pick as a go-between.

SHARON: I guess not. But he's better than Krakow.

RICKIE: Really? He's not much like the other students either.

ANGELA: Look, anyone but Brian Krakow, OK?

RICKIE: I thought you just wanted someone, who was, like, in touch or something?

ANGELA: (sees her mistake). Oh yeah. I do. And isn't Jordan, like, in touch?

RICKIE: I...suppose so.

Angela leaves, satisfied. Rayanne appears out of one of the toilet booths.

RAYANNE: Now I have to, like, listen in on conversations 'cause no one will speak to me. (Looks at Sharon) She wants to get back at Krakow, it's obvious.

RICKIE: But what about Jordan?

RAYANNE: What about him?


It's the classroom used for tutoring. Brian is sitting at the desk, occasionally glancing about, but whenever he catches someone's eye, he looks down. Jordan slinks in, and pulls out the chair. He slouches down in it.

JORDAN: I need your help.

BRIAN: What? With the sentences.or something? (Jordan doesn't respond. Brian suddenly looks stunned, then wails out) I'm not helping you to write anything to Angela Chase. I am not-

JORDAN: (angry) It's not Angela, OK?

BRIAN: Fine. OK. Fine.

Jordan takes out the green piece of paper, unfolds it carefully and throws it down on the desk.

JORDAN: I wanna do this.

Brian looks flabbergasted. He turns the paper and looks at it. He can't believe his eyes.

JORDAN: I like, understand most of it. There's a few parts, where, you know, I don't get it, or something.

BRIAN: You want to be the student go-between? You *do* realise what you'd have to do!?

JORDAN: Yeah! I said I understood it. I want to do it.

BRIAN: (cries out) Why?

He's hushed by the other people in the class.

JORDAN: She...I think I' Good. Everyone knows me, or something.

BRIAN: But I was going to put my name forward! I don't believe...(he trails off).

JORDAN: Huh. (pause) Ironic.

BRIAN: Shut up! Stop using that word! Just shut up!

JORDAN: (preparing to get up) Look, if you don't want to be my tutor or something, I'll just go. It's not like I can't do it myself.

BRIAN: No, I'm your tutor. I guess, it's not like, unethical, to help you understand the sheet, or something. (to himself) I mean, there aren't any rules about interfering with the other candidates, or-

JORDAN: So, were you going to, like, advertise?


RICKIE: So, you're like telling me that you're helping Jordan with his campaign. Does he know you want to do this too?

BRIAN: (mucking about in his locker) Yeah. He knows. Look, it's not like last time. I'm going to, like, tell him all the wrong stuff, so he mucks it up. It's not like I have to be nice to everyone, all the time. I mean, he wouldn't be a good student representative, would he? He's not, like, representative of the students. Most have, like, one braincell at least.

RICKIE:, but Brian-

BRIAN: I don't care. You know you said I was using him, well, it doesn't matter, because last time he won, not me, so I don't care. I don't. This time, I'm going to win.

Brian slams the locker and walks off.

RICKIE: (to himself) You know, I'm going to Pride House soon. Thanks Brian, you too. Thanks. (pause) Thanks.


Jordan comes up to Brian, who is walking down the stairs alone.

JORDAN: So, have you like, come up with a theme, for your campaign. Yet.


JORDAN: I won't have to, give a speech or anything, will I?

BRIAN: It's not stated on the sheet.

JORDAN: I mean, who wins doesn't matter to you, does it? It's like, what the other people choose anyway.

BRIAN: (trying to cover up his feelings) No. I mean yes, (breathing out) I mean, it doesn't matter to me.

JORDAN: (looks at Brian) Oh. Seeya Brain.

BRIAN: Uh, yeah. (And as an afterthought) Seeya.

Brian walks off. Jordan goes to his car. Angela runs up.

ANGELA: What were you talking to Brian Krakow about?

JORDAN: The campaign, you know.

ANGELA: (amazed) You spoke to him about the vote?

JORDAN: (defensive) Yeah. I know he's in it too, but he's my tutor, so...

ANGELA-VO: I couldn't believe him.

JORDAN: ...and he said he didn't like, mind...

ANGELA-VO: It was like he thought everyone would just do exactly what he wanted them to. Like they didn't have feelings and desires of their own. Brian Krakow thought we were all just experiments.


Jordan is playing with the rest of Residue. They sound awful and Jordan is unhappy.

JORDAN: This is shit.

DRUMMER: (sneers) Maybe you should teach us better.

They all snicker.


DRUMMER: We hear you're running for that class president thing.

JORDAN: It's not class president.

He puts down his guitar.

DRUMMER: (looks around) What is it then? Principal?

More laughs.

JORDAN: Fuck off.

He grabs his guitar and walks out, and we hear the car start and drive off.

DRUMMER: This blows. Tino's got a party going.

The rest get up and walk out. They don't seem affected by Jordan's loss.

EXT. A STREET-Late at Night

Jordan sits on a step, drinking sullenly out of a paper bag. He's looks unhappy. He sees Rayanne exit the bar he's obviously recently been in, and calls out, sounding drunk.

JORDAN: Graff!

Rayanne sees him and turns away quickly.

JORDAN: Graff!

She walks over, looking all around her.

RAYANNE: Howz it going, Catalano?

JORDAN: It sucks.

RAYANNE: Cool; me too. (changing the topic) How's Angela? I wouldn't know, 'cause she won't talk to me.

JORDAN: Angela (he says this slowly, slurred and not all there). She, like, wants me to be someone else. Like Brain or something.

Rayanne says nothing, but doesn't even pretend to be bored. She looks at him.

RAYANNE: You're drunk, Catalano. And you know something really crazy? I'm not. There must be something wrong.

Jordan shrugs.

JORDAN: I don't want to do this stupid vote-thing anyway.

RAYANNE: She wants you to, though, right? She asked you?

She then looks around nervously.

RAYANNE: Ha! I keep thinking that Brian Krakow is hiding somewhere filming us.

JORDAN: Brain? He's weird. He reads a lot. But, you know, it really matters to...But Angela, like, needs me to change..(pause) I better go. I don't want to be seen with you, or anything.


Jordan gets up into his car and drives away. We see Rickie in the background, watching. He comes up to Rayanne.

RICKIE: That was Jordan.

RAYANNE: Vasquez! Thank god, I was just beginning to get bored. Now there's someone here to hate me (she laughs). Mr. Katimski let you out?

RICKIE: Why were you talking to him?

RAYANNE: What, I can't talk to people without asking you first?

RICKIE: Rayanne! You slept with him, what is Angela supposed to think?

RAYANNE: Whatever she wants. She won't-

RICKIE: If you're sorry, apologise.

RAYANNE: You just love telling people what to do, don't you? And what do you know about it? Go sort your own life out, Vasquez, before you start preaching to me.

Rickie is silent, looking at the ground angrily.

RICKIE: And what do you know about Angela and Jordan? You've never loved anyone. But you try to be, like, her teacher, but you don't know what it's like yourself. You've got to admit that you were wrong.

RAYANNE: (angry) Yeah, I was wrong. So what? He was wrong too, and she forgave him. It's like it was all my fault, and just for once, you know, I would like it to be his fault as well. 'Cause she thinks I get them to do anything I want, but I can't.

RICKIE: (sad, apologetic) Look, Rayanne, I'm-

RAYANNE: (interrupts. She's back to her normal self) Why are we out here? There's a party at Tino's!

RICKIE: (smiles) Let's go.


Brian's tutoring Jordan. Suddenly a pained expression comes over his face.

BRIAN: I've, er, gotta go. I'll be back, in a while.


Brian leaves for the bathroom.

Jordan picks up Brian's pen and looks at intently. He turns it round in his hands, Putting it down, he picks up one of Brian's books. He doesn't open it, he just moves it around in his hands.

Angela comes in and sees Jordan playing with the book. She moves over next to him, but he doesn't even notice.

ANGELA: What's that?

JORDAN: (surprised) Oh. Nothing. Just a book.

He puts it down quickly.

ANGELA: Where's Brian?

JORDAN: He's gone. To the toilet I think.

ANGELA: Oh, right.

She sits down.

ANGELA: Katimski wants all candidate's names by the end of Friday. So, you have to, like, write yours down on this.

She puts a slip of paper forward.

JORDAN: Oh. Good.

She's waiting for him to sign it. He instead takes it and puts it inside his jacket.

JORDAN: I'll do it later.

ANGELA: (perplexed, but not angry) Good. I better...go.

JORDAN: We're reading this play. He says it's French. But it's like, in English. And it's not set in France. So I think he might be, wrong, or something.

He shows her a book.

JORDAN: You've read it?


JORDAN: Oh. (pause).

ANGELA: I've got to go.

JORDAN: Seeya.

ANGELA: Seeya.

A little later, Brian and Jordan are back tutoring/being-tutored.

BRIAN: No, you see though it sounds like 'two', it's spelt like that 'too', not that 'to.' Do you understand?

JORDAN: Uh. No. Why is it like that?

BRIAN: (smiles) Well, you see...I mean,'s a...I guess it's pretty stupid.

JORDAN: (grin) Yeah. But I think I see.

BRIAN: Oh. Good.

He looks at Jordan intently, as if trying to work something out.


Mr. Katimski is rounding up a lesson.

KATIMSKI: So, I want that assignment in tomorrow. And all slips registering your candidacy for the Staff-Pupil go-between must be in now.

The camera shows first Jordan, then Brian. Both look tense and unsure.

INT. HALLWAY-Afternoon

Mr. Katimski comes out of a classroom and sees Angela walking down the hallway with Rickie. He comes up to Rickie.

KATIMSKI: Enrique!

Rickie smiles and looks at Angela as if to apologise, and turns to Mr. Katimski.

KATIMSKI: There were - gee whiz I still can't believe it - no entries for the go-between...As you know Brian...Krakow, I thought you could ask him why he didn't give me the slip? He put his name down before.

RICKIE: Oh, OK. I'll do that.

ANGELA: There were no entries? None?

KATIMSKI: No, Angela. I would have thought that you would have made a very good candidate. I'm disappointed you didn't put your name down.


KATIMSKI: Do excuse me, I have to see that girl-

Mr. Katimski rushes up to a student, saying something about 'Our Town'.

RICKIE: Don't worry about him. He's always like that. Even at home. You wouldn't believe what he's put me down for.

ANGELA: (confused) I...Brian would never forget to hand in the slip. He wouldn't.

RICKIE: What about Jordan?

ANGELA: What about Jordan? (Realises) Oh!

RICKIE: I have to go to Computer.

Angela stands all alone in the corridor, thinking.

ANGELA-VO: I didn't know who to feel more angry with. And that made me more angry.


Angela comes in, slams the door shut behind her.

ANGELA-VO: But I had this really silly idea, how we had all beaten the teachers. No one had been fooled. (pause) It didn't matter who the go-between would be now.

INT. HALLWAY-Afternoon

Brian is talking to an off-screen Rickie.

BRIAN: No one handed in a slip? No one? I like, thought...Oh god, it's so stupid it makes me sick.


We're back where we're started, and Jordan seems to be finishing telling a story.

RICKIE: So, why didn't you hand the slip in?

JORDAN: I don't know. I've been thinking about it all day. I can't think about, you know, anything else. I like, know reasons why, but I don't know why I didn't, or something. You know them both, so that's why I asked you to come here.

RICKIE: They're coming in five minutes, you have to decide before they get here. Angela will want to know.


They sit there in the silence for a few minutes, Jordan thinking intently, Rickie looking nervous.

The noise of a car pulling up. They both tense up. It pulls away.

RICKIE: (croaks) Oh, that isn't them. You could leave now.

JORDAN: No. She wants to know. She has to, like, know.

Silence again. They hear another car. This time it's them.

ANGELA (OS): Why is Rickie here?

Angela opens the door and sees Jordan and Rickie. She looks behind her, then back up at them. Jordan steps forward.

JORDAN: Angela, I-

ANGELA-VO: He was going to tell me. My whole body was tuned just to listen to what he was going to say. He was going to tell me. I forgot about everything else, and just stared into his eyes.

Fade to black.


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