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ANGELA-VO: Have you ever decided not to think about a thing, but then it becomes worse, as all you
can think about is, like, not thinking about it? And then you suddenly realise you're actually thinking
about the thing again, and you can't stop. People have gone crazy like this, I know they have.

I've been self-indulgent and started with a quote from one of my own stories. But don't worry if you
haven't read them yet. It's the very first line of my episode #20 - "Continuation". Angela is lying on
her bed, trying not to think about the letter, and Brian. She's trying to hide from her thoughts. As we
all do eventually, she fails.

Every possible spin on the ending has been suggested. It has been seen as unfinished business, or a
resolution in terms of self-empowerment. The final scene remains powerful, but not totally
saddening. For within the abandonment of Brian by Angela, there's finally some understanding
between Angela and Brian. She can finally understand just a little more about him.

But there's so much more for all of them...

And I wanted to see it. The only way I could being able to believe in what I saw was to try myself. I
think everyone should make their own mind up as to what happens next. The way I do it myself
happens to be to write it out. I write with the vain hope that I will gain greater understanding of not
just the characters, but of all the people around the world.

Who am I? Eric Holdrigde was right when he said in his 'bio' that read the stories before you read
about him and form any preconceived notions that affect your reading. It's more important that you
know why I wrote the stories. I wrote because I wanted to know what happened next. I wanted to know
what would happen. And that's half the beauty and writing MSCL - you're not always creating,
sometimes you're just letting the characters do what they would do. So you can still believe that
they're existing, not that you're creating. The fact that people might actually be reading was also an
encouragement. It's nice to know that you may be influencing people a tiny bit, and most of all that
you may be getting them to think. And that's gratifying, there's no doubt about it.

And of course there was the reason in the quote.

Now, by going through my stories and explaining my interpretation, I destroy a lot of the fun of
reading the things. So I'm content to say that "Continuation" is about 'creating your own prison',
while "Vote" is about - itself - 'interpretation'. Neither are about just those things, but they're a good
place to start. There are more to come yet. I've just got this great idea for a scene...

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