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Episode No. 20 - Continuation

written by Julian Suddaby

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Published: 1997 | Size: 25 KB (4565 words) | Language: english | Rating: PG-13
Average: 3.9/5   3.9/5 (16 votes)

based on stories and characters created by Winnie Holzman


Angela's bedroom. First the camera views the whole room from above, with Angela sprawled over the bed, sleeping. A shot of her sleeping face for a second, then she wakes up with a startled expression.

ANGELA-VO: Have you ever decided not to think about a thing, but then it becomes worse, as all you can think about is, like, not thinking about it? And then you suddenly realise you're actually thinking about the thing again, and you can't stop. People have gone crazy like this, I know they have.

She rolls over but the scene ends with a shot of the back of her hair.


A standard American mall. Rayanne Graff is standing next to a shop window, but hopping on her feet as she keeps her eyes on the entrance. Rickie enters the mall. She jumps round and sets off towards him.

RICKIE: Rayanne, what do you want? I don't want to-

RAYANNE: Take it easy (she turns her head and smiles). I just want to give back the poster.

RICKIE: What poster?

RAYANNE: The one for 'Our Town'? The one you gave me when Angela was there? Like, when she wanted to kill me again.

RICKIE: Oh, right. You didn't need to, I mean, we have enough.

RAYANNE: Cool. (She looks down for a second then waves her hands around her) Angela's not here! You can talk to me. Without you around, who knows what could happen to poor me? (She smiles and looks intently at Rickie). Or you're turning into Mr. Katimski and it's all one big pause.

RICKIE: I - I am not turning into Mr. Katimski. Look, I don't want to argue with you right now-

RAYANNE: Then don't. Let's all make up and be friends! (she does a little dance right round Rickie).

RICKIE: Can't you be serious for just one second?

RAYANNE: Not with you.

RICKIE: Talk to Angela. Tell her you're sorry. (He turns and begins to go).

RAYANNE: (calling to him) I screwed up, I'm-

RICKIE: (turning around) Don't tell me. Tell her.

RAYANNE: (quietly to herself, playing with her hair) -sorry.


Angela's room again, she's still on the bed, but awake.

DANIELLE (OS, shouting from outside the door): Mom says go eat breakfast.

ANGELA: I'm coming!

ANGELA-VO: It's like you're whole week is centred around looking forward to the weekend, and when it gets there you have nothing to do. Like something is supposed to happen on Saturday.

PATTY (OS, shouting from downstairs): Angela! Breakfast!

ANGELA: (exasperated) Coming! (gets up and exits the room)


Normally a bustle of activity, but today is strangely empty. Patty is there, eating some toast. Angela comes down the stairs and looks around as she sits down.

ANGELA: Where's Dad?

PATTY: Oh, he's gone out already. The investors really liked his cooking. He's buying things for the restaurant. (she pauses, expecting some kind of response. Angela is intent on playing with her cereal and says nothing. She continues) So, I met Jordan last night.

ANGELA: Oh yeah.

PATTY: Yes, I really liked him. I think he's-(she continues under a Angela VO)

ANGELA-VO: What are you supposed to say when your mother's, like, not criticising your boyfriend. What can you do? I just hoped she would stop soon. And for some incomprehensible reason, that bowl of cereal reminded me of Brian Krakow.

PATTY: -and, you know, he really reminded me of Tony Poole.

ANGELA: (confused for a second) What? Oh... Did he say anything useful?

PATTY: (looking happy) Yes. I remember- (she pauses). You know, I think he's truly sorry about what he did, (quickly adding) not that I would-

ANGELA: (confused) What did Tony Poole do?

PATTY: No, (laughs) Jordan. What Jordan did.

ANGELA-VO: Although I've always tried to keep my mom out of my life, sometimes it seems she knows more about it than I do. I had to escape, so I could, like, take control.

ANGELA: I have to go. I'm meeting...(she trails off). Where's Danielle?

PATTY: Gone to a friend's. Look, I'm really OK with it if you're going out with Jordan again.


PATTY: That's all right. I'm sorry if I took an interest in your life.

Angela goes back upstairs, bowl of cereal untouched.


Outside the Chase's home, Angela looks around and then decides which direction to go and sets off on the sidewalk. She is passing the Krakow's house.

ANGELA-VO: I had to look at the Krakow's house to see if it had changed. But it was still exactly the same house, and that made up my mind to go to talk to him.

She turns and goes up to the front door, and rings the bell.

BERNICE (OS on the other side of the door): Who is it?

ANGELA: Er...Angela Chase. Can I see Brian?

BERNICE (OS): Let me see if he's in - though I sometimes can't tell - (shouting) Brian!?

ANGELA-VO: I regretted wanting to talk to him as soon as I knew he would be approaching.

BERNICE (OS): (still shouting) Brian! Sorry Angela, he must be out. I don't know where he is. I'm not sure when he'll be back.

ANGELA-VO: When you prepare yourself for something that's difficult, and then the other person doesn't turn up, you, like feel angry with them. For doing it to you. But I couldn't believe he wasn't there. I couldn't remember a time when he wasn't at home when I called.

ANGELA: Oh, OK. I'll see him at school.


A store in the mall. Rickie is browsing through some men's clothes and looking thoughtful. Angela sees him through the window and goes inside the shop.

ANGELA: Hi. (they kiss and hug)

RICKIE: Oh, hi. I just met.(he stops himself. Then continues). So, are you, like, still with Jordan?

ANGELA: Yeah. Why shouldn't I be?

RICKIE: It's just with the letter, and.Have you and Brian.?

ANGELA: Kinda. We talked, but I'm not really sure.

RICKIE: So you're like, with Jordan.

ANGELA: (trying to sound sure) Yes, with Jordan.

RICKIE: (smiling) Good, I'm just making sure of who I can sleep with.

ANGELA: (laughing) Brian!?

RICKIE: (laughing too) Ooooh. No way.

They look at each other and the laughter dies down. Angela looks at the ground. Rickie tries to look interested as he starts going through the clothes again.

RICKIE: Mr. Katimski's been uh...really nice. He's even given me an allowance.

ANGELA: (falsely enthusiastic) Yeah, he seems nice.

RICKIE: Oh yeah. It's this is like my first time in a, proper, family, and I don't, like, get beaten up or anything. But I miss my Aunt and Uncle. Not that I want them back, but, you know, I wonder what they're doing. Where they are.

ANGELA: But you're happy? And Delia's happy?

RICKIE: You heard about Delia...We're just friends. Like, she said wanted a crush on somebody that wasn't able to hurt her. Or something. After Brian dumped her. (looks up at Angela again)


The restaurant. The fountain is still not going, but there are now large boxes in the front of the room. The tables and display that had been for the investors is still there. Graham and Hallie Lowenthal are picking up dishes and cutlery from the tables.

HALLIE: First thing we should do is hire someone to wash dishes (laughs). Really, we should think about getting people in, now.

GRAHAM: I don't know.How much do we pay them? What qualifications do they have? I don't even have any qualifications I can't not hire people because of their qualifications. That would be hypocritical.

HALLIE: Graham, we're just opening a restaurant...relax. Just hire the best people. You'll know which ones.

GRAHAM: (shrugging). You worry too little.

HALLIE: (a little sharp) Have I made a mistake yet?

GRAHAM: No, but we haven't even got a name yet, and what if-

HALLIE: I know it'll be OK.

GRAHAM: (not impressed) I thought you didn't know everything.

HALLIE: I was just acting (smiles). You go wash these while I go look at some absolutely perfect tables and chairs we have to have. (Breezes out through the door. Graham sighs, both angry and happy about the restaurant. He glances one more time at the departing Hallie.

INT. CHASE HOME--Afternoon

In the front room. Door is opened and Graham comes in, looking unhappy. Patty is on the couch, not doing much.

GRAHAM: Hallie just drives me nuts.

PATTY: Hallie Lowenthal?

GRAHAM: Who else? -

PATTY: (to herself, quietly) Who else? (she puts on one of her smiles, then to him) You're arguing with Hallie?

GRAHAM: Aaah. It doesn't matter. Where are the girls?

PATTY: If there's a problem with the restaurant, I want to know.

GRAHAM: I'll tell you if there's a problem.

PATTY: There's no problem?

GRAHAM: (exasperated) No, I told you.

PATTY: Good. I just need-

GRAHAM: There's no problem with the restaurant. Hallie is just being her normal, loud-mouth, irritating self. That's all. Where are the girls?

PATTY: Danielle's over at a friends. Angela is upstairs. Playing depressing music.

GRAHAM: But I thought she was going out with Jordan again!

PATTY: So did I. I met him yesterday.

GRAHAM: Ah. What did you-?

PATTY: Why does everyone always assume it's my fault? I didn't do anything. I kind of...liked him. But I still think that someone with his own car and everything, and-

GRAHAM: I'm sure she'll tell us. (Patty laughs at that. Then they both smile at each other and kiss gently. Graham gets up). I've got to go change. Oh, and did Tony Poole say anything useful?

PATTY: (covering up) We just, uh, ended up talking about old times.

GRAHAM: Oh, OK. (goes upstairs).


Scene of Angela entering school, Monday morning, with accompanying VO.

ANGELA-VO: All weekend I had done my best to forget about the letter, and Jordan, and Brian. Now I couldn't avoid them, and I still didn't know what I was going to do. I really hoped they'd both died and I wouldn't have to deal with it. It's like I either want to kiss them or kill them.

Jordan Catalano is leaning. He sees Angela and walks towards her.

ANGELA-VO: I don't think Jordan Catalano had ever walked towards me before. It was like, I had to catch up with him, not the other way round. Now he was coming to me.

JORDAN: I've been, um, thinking about this a lot, and I can't pretend anymore that, like, the letter, was.I mean, I didn't, like, write it. (He avoids her gaze. He peers up after a few seconds as she doesn't seem to react. Her expression starts blank, and then turns into a really slight smile).

ANGELA: (quiet) I know.

JORDAN: (surprised) You know? (Easing back) How'd you know?

ANGELA: Brian told Rickie, and he told me-

JORDAN: Brain told Rickie, and he told you?

ANGELA: Yes! (pause) I don't, like, care.

ANGELA-VO: The biggest lie of my life.

JORDAN: Oh. It's not like didn't mean it, or anything. I did. It's just that...Brain knew the words, you know. He helped me.


Silence. They look at each other, Angela looks kind of battered by emotions. He doesn't know what to do. He tilts his head to kiss her and she lets him. They kiss. She breaks off.

ANGELA: I have to go.

She runs off, glancing back. He relaxes once she's gone, almost sags down into the corner. The camera pulls back and Brian is standing next to his locker. He is as close to truly angry as we've ever seen him. He glances around, looking for someone. When he sees they're not there, he closes his locker and swirls round. We catch sight of his face, and now he's displaying as little as he can.


Girl's bathroom. Sharon is there, studying herself in the mirror. Rayanne comes in.

RAYANNE: So, I hear Angelika's like, made up with Jordan.

SHARON: Oh, she hasn't?...ugh (rolls her eyes).

(Rickie enters)

RAYANNE: Catalano isn't so bad. I mean, she was lucky to find a boyfriend that I hadn't slept with before she went out with him. (Sharon does not look impressed) He's just...Hey Enri-que!

RICKIE: (exasperated) Have you spoken to her yet?

RAYANNE: Like, when did you become my mother? Maybe it's staying with Mr. Katimski-

RICKIE: I'm serious! But, I think, you should like, wait or something. Because she's like already dealing with Jordan and Brian-

RAYANNE: And Brian Krakow? Woah (laughs and jumps up) She did learn from me. I always had better taste, tho' (Sharon fixes her with an evil look).

SHARON: ("I'll get him" voice) What's Krakow done?

RICKIE: You mean, you don't know or whatever?


RICKIE: Jordan gave her this letter, but it was like from Brian, and she thought it was from Jordan. But they're like still going out, or whatever. Jordan and Brian.


RICKIE: (sighs) No, I meant Jordan and Angela.

SHARON: Krakow wrote a love letter? To Angela Chase?

RICKIE: Uh, yeah. So, I think you should, like wait. She's confused.

SHARON: Oh my god.That is so exactly like what happened to Judy Lawrence and Todd Daniels in the year above.


SHARON: Judy Lawrence? The one who like doesn't need makeup, ever? Todd Daniels had had, like, a crush on her since.since forever. And he finally writes this really beautiful letter for her, and then slips it in the wrong locker. Like he had this girl he didn't even like thinking he loved her. And he couldn't tell her.

RICKIE: And what happened?

SHARON: I don't know. He left the school to escape her, or something. She was real broken up.

RAYANNE: Excuse me, but what does this have to do with Brian Krakow writing a letter to Angela?

SHARON: (in a huff) Excuse me, I just thought it was similar, that's all.

RICKIE: So, you won't bother her?

RAYANNE: Are you kidding? I'll never be able to find her, she'll be in the (sultry voice) boiler room, with Brian.

SHARON: I don't think so. She's known him since, like, they were six. He's like her weird brother. Him and her is like...yuk.

RAYANNE: You'll see. Krakow is more of a man than you think. He has (sultry again) hidden passions.

SHARON: Right.

She leaves. Rickie stands there for a moment and then leaves too. Rayanne watches them both go.


It's the classroom that is used for tutoring. Jordan is sitting at the desk. Brian comes in.

BRIAN: (laughing almost hysterically) I can't believe you...I mean, I can't're, like, here.

JORDAN: (defensive) It's like, when you said, right?

BRIAN: Uhh...yeah. I just thought...(slumps shoulders). It doesn't matter.

JORDAN: We were doing those flash-cards things.

BRIAN: Yeah. Like, now you write sentences with the words in, or something. Each sentence is supposed to have, like, one of the words in. And then I look at them. (Jordan looks at him.) So? Write. It's not like I don't have better things to do. I have enough work to last me until I die, (begins to babble) which, I mean, will probably be soon, and then I'll be dead and there'll be no more work or anything and I'll go to Hell and be in eternal agony. Which will be, like fun (nods his head vigorously) compared to this.

JORDAN: (looks at Brian) Brain, are you ill or something?

BRIAN: Yes, I'm ill. Physically ill at myself. Yes. I'm dying. Everyone's dying. (leaps up. Heads for the door, sees Angela coming in and is slightly put off balance. He looks down at the ground and goes out without saying a word to her.

ANGELA: (looking back) What happened?

JORDAN: He, like, came to tutor me and then just like kept talking about how he was going to die like he had got a disease or something, and then he got up and walked out. (Looks back at the door). Brain is weird. (Looks back at Angela) Do you want a lift home, or whatever?

Angela's expression is mixed. She's trying to work out what to do. She looks at him for a second, and he looks, embarrassed, down at the desk.

ANGELA: No, no. I'll, take the bus. Thanks anyway. Seeya.

JORDAN: (thinking about Brain more than Angela) Seeya. (He picks up one of the flash cards and looks at it. He borrows a pen and begins writing the sentences.)


It's raining, but Brian is just standing there, hunched into his jacket. Angela sees him and runs up to him.

ANGELA: Brian?

BRIAN: I don't want to talk to you. (Angela runs around to face him).

ANGELA: Brian, I didn't get a chance to explain about-

BRIAN: Don't bother Chase. I don't care any more. (stony faced)

ANGELA: I...The letter, I mean.

BRIAN: I didn't write the letter.

ANGELA: (angrier) Yes you did. Jordan said you did.

BRIAN: (he looks at her. Without conviction). He was wrong. Or he was confused, or something-

ANGELA: No, he didn't. I just have to-

BRIAN: Look, don't bother. Just.The letter didn't mean a thing (she looks hurt). I don't want to talk about it. (completely different tone) You're wet. You might, catch a cold or something. Wait for Jordan.

He begins to walk away from the school. Angela looks his way with a look of desperation. She looks up into the sky, letting the water run off her face. He fades into the watery haze of the downpour. She's turns round and heads back inside. She meets Jordan as she comes inside.

JORDAN: You're wet.

ANGELA: (nearly crying) Can you take me home?

JORDAN: I thought you were taking the bus or something? (realises she's unhappy) Oh. Sure. I'm going to the loft. To like, practice, for Residue.

Angela is silent. She follows him tiredly to his car and gets in. It drives away.

ANGELA-VO: Sometimes you just can't speak. That part of you decides it's not worth it, and like, gives up. I wanted to open my mouth and say something, anything, but I couldn't.

INT. CHASE HOME-Late Afternoon

Shot of her opening the front door of her house and coming in, looking thoroughly wet and unhappy. Danielle is sitting on the couch.

DANIELLE: Mom's angry with you.

ANGELA: What? Why?

DANIELLE: You forgot your lunch money again.

ANGELA: What? (She suddenly bursts into laughter) My lunch money.

She laughs all the way up the stairs. Danielle tries not to look interested by the strange behaviour. She fails and leaps up after her sister.

DANIELLE: (calling OS) Mom's really angry! Weren't you hungry? Why didn't you take your lunch money?


Angela flops on the bed, Danielle comes in.

DANIELLE: Why didn't you take your lunch money?

ANGELA: It doesn't matter.

DANIELLE: Yeah, I know. But, was it, like because of your boyfriend or-

ANGELA: Danielle! I didn't plan to forget my lunch.

DANIELLE: So, you like, didn't remember it or something.

ANGELA: Not really. You wouldn't understand.

DANIELLE: Why not? I'm not a kid, you know.

ANGELA: Yes you are!

DANIELLE: (angry) No I'm not!

ANGELA: Just go away.

DANIELLE: Duh! It's my house too.

ANGELA: It's my room. Get out!

Danielle stomps out and slams the door behind her. Angela curls up in a ball on her bed. She holds herself. She doesn't cry, but she looks unbearably sad. Her eyes are open, staring at the wall of her room. Fade to black.

INT. RESTAURANT-Late Afternoon

The restaurant. Hallie and Graham are sitting at a table.

HALLIE: I really liked that last one.

GRAHAM: Only because you thought he was cute. We can't hire waiters just because you think they're cute.

HALLIE: What, there's a rule against that?

GRAHAM: (laughs) Really, I think that the first one-

HALLIE: And you criticised me about-

GRAHAM: No, it's not that. She was the most...uh...confident. And she had the best qualifications.

HALLIE: Oh, those things were the reasons.

GRAHAM: (laughing) No...I-

HALLIE: You don't have any qualifications, but I hired you.

GRAHAM: You hired me? (snorts). Without me you'd still be in cooking class with Stephen Dieter.

HALLIE: (laughing) Maybe we should hire him. Look, we have to have another chef. There are a lot around-

GRAHAM: But none like me. (Silence for a second as she hesitates to reply).

HALLIE: The second one was OK.

GRAHAM: Yeah, the second one. He was fine.


School again, Mr. Katimski's class has been dismissed. Brian instantly disappears out the door, Jordan not far behind, but he at least throws a glance back at Angela. Sharon comes up to Angela.

SHARON: I heard about the letter.

ANGELA: It's nothing.

SHARON: Brian Krakow wrote you a love letter and it's nothing much? He expressed his true feelings towards you, Angela. It'd be so cute...if-

ANGELA: If it wasn't Brian (drops head into her hands)

SHARON: You know, he's not that bad.

ANGELA: I can't believe you're trying to do this!

SHARON: Do what?

ANGELA: You know.

SHARON: (tilts head on side) Just promise me you'll think about it.

ANGELA: No. He said the letter was joke.

HARON: Oh had a fight with him?

ANGELA: (sniffling) He said he didn't mean it. Like, it was just another writing assignment. It's not that I, like, really...I mean,'s just that.

SHARON: Oh Angela. He's always like that. He's heartless. If I had known, I wouldn't...I thought he was just like that with Delia because he, liked you or something, but he's not worth worrying about. You've got Jordan.


Angela and Sharon are here, Rickie enters.

RICKIE: What's wrong?

SHARON: Only Brian Krakow just told her his love letter was some kind of sick joke.

RICKIE: Oh no. Angela, are you OK?

(Rayanne enters)

RAYANNE: Uh.excuse me. (They look at each other as she pushes past).

ANGELA: I'm going to be late for class. (She leaves).

RAYANNE: What happened to her?

SHARON: Brian Krakow's letter was just a really sick joke. Look, I have to go. (she leaves)

RICKIE: I have to go find Brian. (he leaves)

RAYANNE: (to herself) Once again, abandoned (giggles).


Rickie sees Brian just about to go into a class and calls him. He turns round and moves out of the way of the other students wanting to get in.

BRIAN: What? What? I told her, like you said.

RICKIE: Brian, I was just with her, she says you told her the letter was a joke!

BRIAN: I didn't say that.But maybe it's...I mean, oh. (desperation) So, she was, like, upset?

RICKIE: You tell her you love her and then tell her you don't. She doesn't know what to be. Why'd you tell her it was a joke?

BRIAN: I never...

RICKIE: Brian, sometimes you're an idiot. Do you love Angela Chase or not?

BRIAN: That's not the point, I like, wouldn't be involved if it, hadn't been because of Jordan Catalano. And now, like, I'm not involved anymore. So, it, doesn't, like, matter.

At this statement the lie shows through. He stands there for a few seconds, almost as if he's imagining Angela right there in front of him. He's close to tears. He turns away from Rickie and goes into the classroom. Rickie stands there, exhaling as he sees him go.


The bell rings and everyone start to leave the lesson. Brian is writing, head down. Sharon comes up.

SHARON: Krakow, you make me sick.

BRIAN: (looking up) What?

SHARON: What you did to Angela, like, you can't screw with people like that. You can't just go around making up letters-

BRIAN: I didn't-

SHARON: Like, when you called the teen hotline, at Christmas (Brian looks confused), that was just a sick little game too, and you knew it was Rayanne, you just, like, wanted to get some kind of turn-on...

BRIAN: What? But she said she was called Jade...I don't believe this. ( He stands up) My god, that was Rayanne? (desperate) That wasn't Rayanne?

SHARON: Don't play the idiot with me, Krakow, you knew-

BRIAN: (stands up) Get out of my way!

SHARON: I will not. You can't just order people like-

Brian physically pushes Sharon out of his way. He stumbles out of the classroom, pushing everyone out of his way. Turning round he shoots Sharon a startlingly angry look. She opens her mouth to say something, but stops. Everyone is looking at her. She stands up straight as if to say "It's not my fault". She swings her bag on her shoulder and walks out of the classroom. The camera pans down to show what Brian was writing.

All that's on the piece of paper is 'Dear Angela,'.

Fade to Black..


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