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I Love You

written by Marcy

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Published: 30 Apr 1998 | Size: 1 KB (232 words) | Language: english | Rating: PG-13

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based on stories and characters created by Winnie Holzman

I know if you say it,
you'll be just fine.
Considering how you can recite the word "very"--
one thousand fucking times.
It doesn't matter if you mean it or not.
I really don't care.
All I want to hear,
is that someone is there.
And even if you're not,
and your shadow fades away,
I know I'll still find comfort
in those three words you could say.
It's not like lying hurts you,
because I've heard it all before.
There are times when all your bullshit
has kept me from walking out the door.
And see? I just said one.
I told a goddamn lie.
I'll probably never leave you,
I'll admit with a heavy sigh.
That's all I want from you,
and you can have every part of me.
I know it's not much,
but I think it's a pretty large fee.
And if your throat hurts because you said it,
(and I know it will, since all you do is whine)
I'll give you this black, torn, and broken heart of mine.
So, just utter those three words.
It'd be a wish come true.
Cause right now all I'm doing,
is dancing with a dream of you.

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