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Chapter 12: Floating

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Chapter 12: Floating

written by Joie

added on: 18 Nov 2001 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

BRIAN stares at the wall, thinking. ANGELA looks at him, then also stares into space.

BRIAN: Um. Maybe we can talk about this later, or something, I just...


ANGELA starts off down the hall.

BRIAN (VO): And suddenly, I just had this feeling... like someone dropped me into space, and I was floating. Like... I was free. And I thought... so *what* if Angela Chase knows I like her? I mean, it seems like everyone else knows anyway.

BRIAN starts after ANGELA.

BRIAN (VO): Like, what's the worst that can happen? It's not like... I've got anything to lose. Like the school is gonna collapse around me or something.

BRIAN: Angela, hang on, wait.


BRIAN: Listen, you asked me... and it's really not a big deal, it's just that. I mean, I guess I kinda like you. And... I guess I kinda meant what was in the letter. As in, from me? In a way. So... yeah.

ANGELA looks at BRIAN, stunned.

BRIAN (VO): Ohmygod, Ohmygod, Ohmygod, this was a *bad* idea!!

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Angela Chase, Episode 1: "My So-Called Life (Pilot)"