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Chapter 8: Temptation

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Chapter 8: Temptation

written by Sherry

added on: 10 Nov 1999 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

J:(Stoped to think A sec.) Um you know I better not.
A:(looking A little disappointed) Oh well, I mean that's OK I have stuff to do,and I know your busy so..........
J:(cuts in) No it's not that I like don't want to stay here with you. It's just you know(with A boyish smile) there's no one home and I want "us" to work this time and I'm afraid that if I come in you might feel pressured to do something that your not really ready for. And I like don't want us to start of like that again.
She's looking at him incredibly deeply, like she's not believing what she hears.
A VO:Where was all this coming from? It was like what I had always wanted him to say to me. But I could not help but think if maybe Brian Krakow was feeding him these words. But then I realized these were really Jordan's words. And true, they might not be perfect but they were his and that's why I loved them!
A small smile came across her face as she looked deep into his eyes. Then she grabbed the back of his head and kissed him. They kissed for A while then they pulled away slowly
J:No, Thank you!
A(A little blush)No I mean for respecting me like that.
J:Oh, Your welcome. So I'll pick you up tom.?
Jordan leans in and kisses her briefly again then pulls away to help him resist the temptation.
J:OK, So see you later.
A:Bye ( She turns around and starts to go into the house)
A:(turns back around) Yeah?
J:Don't forget I love you! (she grew A big smile) Oh and thanks.
A: For what?
J: forgiving me
A: Your welcome and I love you to!

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