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Chapter 9: Chatline

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Chapter 9: Chatline

written by Joie

added on: 02 Jan 2002 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

(ANGELA sort of rolls her eyes to herself at the sound of BRIAN's voice. JORDAN doesn't see, he is looking around the house.)

ANGELA: (making an effort to be nice) Hi... Brian.

(JORDAN glances over, not really interested, but still... maybe he should listen. ANGELA notices JORDAN's actions, and turns her back, smiling. A jealous Jordan, huh?)

ANGELA: So, what's up?

BRIAN (OS): Nothing, I just... I mean, you're at home, alone, with Jordan Catalano?

(ANGELA smiles. A jealous Jordan AND a jealous Brian, huh?)

ANGELA: (laughs) Yeah, so what?


(BRIAN turns away from the window. He smiles, softened by the warm tone to ANGELA's voice, and the soft laugh.)

BRIAN: (smiles) Nothing, I just noticed, that's all.

ANGELA (OS): (teasing) Are you watching me, Brian?

(BRIAN looks nervous, uncomfortable)

BRIAN: Of course not, like I've got nothing better than to watch *you* all day, I've got, like, a ton of homework to do tonight, unlike some people who never seem to do any! I just saw his car when I was going for a drink.


(ANGELA chuckles. JORDAN is trying to pretend he isn't listening, that he doesn't care that ANGELA is being so friendly with a guy down the phone, but he can't help it. He is watching her from underneath his hair.)

ANGELA: Fine. Don't tell me. Anyway, I may rely on your help later, I still haven't finished that thing for Chavatal...

BRIAN (OS): (warmly) You're really sick Chase, you only ever come to me for homework...

ANGELA: (laughs) Brian, you don't mind...

(JORDAN can't take it anymore, and...

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