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Chapter 10: Cut Dead

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Chapter 10: Cut Dead

written by Joie

added on: 30 Nov 2001 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

BRIAN stares at her, uneasy. ANGELA and JORDAN look at BRIAN, curious. SHARON narrows her eyes at BRIAN.

BRIAN: Why, what'd I do?

SHARON: Cut the crap, Krakow, I *know* it was you, okay, so don't even.

ANGELA: (to SHARON) What happened?

BRIAN: Excuse me. This isn't your business. (to SHARON) Let's talk... someplace else.

SHARON: (rolls eyes) Whatever.


JORDAN: Sounds kinda heavy.

ANGELA: Did you see that! "This isn't your business", what a hypocrite! He can't keep his nose out of *my* business but when I, like, ask my *friend* what's up, he snaps at me?!?

JORDAN: Yeah. Forget him, like it matters what he thinks.

JORDAN kisses ANGELA. She loses the angry look, and kisses him back.



BRIAN: Look, I-I couldn't help it, okay, something came up?

SHARON: Oh. Right. So they don't have telephones round where you live, huh?

BRIAN: I didn't have time to telephone her, and I lost her number...

SHARON is clearly not buying BRIAN's story.

SHARON: Look, Krakow... I can't believe Delia even agreed to go out with you again after what you did to her, okay. 'Cause there is no way I would in her position. But, she did. And you stood her up. You're a lowlife.

BRIAN: So she's like upset.

SHARON: Duh squared.

BRIAN: What *is* that?

SHARON: You're doing *calculus*... and you can't figure it out?

BRIAN: I don't even really care, it's just...

BRIAN stops, seeing something. PAN his vision, to where...

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