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Chapter 8: How Embarrassing!

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Chapter 8: How Embarrassing!

written by Joie

added on: 15 Jun 2001 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman


(Enter ANGELA and RAYANNE. They walk casually through to the KITCHEN.)

ANGELA: I can't believe Rickie even let you *talk* to him about Corey, let alone agree to set him up.


ANGELA: 'Cause. He was really upset about what-

(ANGELA enters the KITCHEN before RAYANNE, spots PATTY and GRAHAM making out on the table.)

ANGELA: (to herself.) Oh, God.

(ANGELA steps back a little, treads on RAYANNE's foot.)

RAYANNE: Hey! Ouch!

(PATTY and GRAHAM stop immediately, look up at ANGELA and RAYANNE in the doorway. They disentangle themselves.)

ANGELA: (to RAYANNE.) Sorry, sorry...

PATTY: (embarrassed, unsure how much ANGELA and RAYANNE saw.) Oh, girls, you're-you're-

ANGELA: Yeah. Rayanne decided to, you know, come by...

GRAHAM: (also embarrassed, unsure.) Hi. Rayanne. Good to see you.

RAYANNE: Hi. Likewise.

ANGELA: We're just... you know, getting something to eat. Is-is there anything.. to eat?

(PATTY goes to the cupboard, GRAHAM to the fridge. ANGELA watches, embarrassed. RAYANNE watches, unaware of what happened.)

ANGELA (VO): Witnessing your parents, like, expressing some kind of emotion, to one another? In front of your friends? Is not normal. I don't know, it's just... it almost forces you to relate to them. In this weird way that isn't possible.

(ANGELA looks up, sees RAYANNE selecting herself food. She half-smiles, walks toward the cupboard herself.)


(ANGELA sits on her bed, eating some pretzels. RAYANNE at the end of the bed, with a massive pile of snacks around her.)

RAYANNE: So... Patty seemed in a really good mood this afternoon.

ANGELA: Yeah. (Beat.) Do you get on with your mom's boyfriend, or whatever?

RAYANNE: What, Rusty?


RAYANNE: (shrug.) He's a slime, basically. But he wouldn't be the first. My dad, for example, would be another. I don't know. Why?

ANGELA: I just- I just wondered.


(PATTY and GRAHAM sit at the table.)

GRAHAM: Woah. That was close.

PATTY: Yeah, too close. How long do you think they were there?

GRAHAM: Not long.

PATTY: Yeah, right. How embarrassing. (Beat.) So, when should we tell Angela?

GRAHAM says:

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