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Chapter 7: Ready for the steet?

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Chapter 7: Ready for the steet?

written by KiBa

added on: 21 Nov 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

AngelaVo: Will there ever be the perfect moment to do it with Jordan Catalano or is the perfect moment just in illusion?
Jodan: so maby we can practise und .. you know.. a real street?
AngelaVo: You know the moments when you think somebody is going to get you somewhere but then nothing happens?
Angela: Do you think I'm ready for it.You know just one minute ago I had some kind of a crash with you car and on the street there are many other cars that I can crah with.
Jordan: So,you don't want to?
Angela: I don't know. Maybe later
Jordan: whatever

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