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Chapter 10: The Devil Becomes Her...

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Chapter 10: The Devil Becomes Her...

written by vicki

added on: 10 Nov 1999 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

ac turns and goes back into the house, slamming the door, leaving jc alone on her porch.
jc goes back over to bk who is stood looking at the ground, snivelling...
jc:brain, I...
bk:save it! I don't need your apologies, or anything...
jc:(confused) actually i was gonna ask something -
bk:oh - right... well what? what could you possibly want from me now?
jc:It's Angela.
bk:Oh God, I should have guessed. I hope you're not going to, like, ask for my help or something.
jc:Well, actually...
bk: Oh God. Oh My God. That's what you were going to ask? I can't believe you. I can't believe...this. (he gestures at the street.)
jc: The street?
bk: No, my life! This, like, so can't be happening.
jc: Umm...whatever. So will you help me?
bk:NO! No, I won't. I'm sick of this, I'm sick of you, of Angela, of everything and everyone.
jc:don't, like, freak over this, or whatever. It was just a question. (He walks away.)

(The next day in school. The corridor. Brian getting stuff from his locker Jordan with Tino and crowd at the other end Rayanne, Rickie and Angela turn the corner.) that's, like, so last year!
rg:Oh - Angela, have you er...(she points to Jordan.)
ac:Oh God, I can't handle this right now.
acVOC: But did I mean that? Did I want to handle it now?
rg:You've got to face him sometime.
acVOC: And then, from somewhere deep inside, this, like, idea came to me.
(Angela walks over to Brian's locker)
rg: Chase, what are you doing?
ac: Cut it out Rayanne. (she reaches Brian) Hey.
bk: (Turns and looks) Oh. What do you want?
ac: I, er...(she glances at Jordan, who is looking at her. She smiles at Brian) just wanted to say hi. So...hey. Are you all right?
bk: Oh sure, yeah, I'm fine. Just fine.
ac: Right...(glances at Jordan again). So, what part do you get to play in Romeo and Juliet?

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