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Chapter 7: Words of Love

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Chapter 7: Words of Love

written by Joie

added on: 30 Oct 2001 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman


(ANGELA walks along the hall to her locker. She seems a little more down than usual. She passes by SHARON, who is in mid-conversation, catches her eye.)

SHARON: Hey Angela.

ANGELA: (half-hearted) Hey.

(ANGELA walks on. SHARON watches her, thinking. ANGELA bumps into MS. CHAVATAL.)


ANGELA: Oh, sorry. (CHAVATAL is about to go on) Oh, um... Ms. Chavatal? (CHAVATAL stops, turns) Um, we have that assignment due today, right? Those genetic diagrams?

CHAVATAL: Uh, yes. That's right...

ANGELA: Well... I didn't get a chance to do the assignment, and I was wondering, if I could get extended on that?

CHAVATAL: Until when?

ANGELA: Um, well, I should have it done by, like, Wednesday.

CHAVATAL: Okay... is everything alright?

ANGELA: (nods sadly) Pretty much. Thanks.

(ANGELA walks on. CHAVATAL too looks after her, concerned, but with a million other things on her mind, she walks on. ANGELA stops at her locker.)

ANGELA (VO): Sometimes, it feels like you are the loneliest person in the world. (She sees people going past with friends) As though everyone else figured out some big social secret, but you never heard it. And when you know that someone out there dislikes you?... It's a really horrible feeling.

JORDAN (OS): (faint, call) Angela!

(ANGELA doesn't hear, continues at her locker.)

ANGELA (VO): You feel like the biggest fool.

(JORDAN touches her shoulder, she turns.)

JORDAN: Aren't you talking to me?

ANGELA: (confused, frustrated) What?

JORDAN: I called out...

ANGELA: (shakes head) I didn't hear you, sorry.

(ANGELA continues slowly taking things from her locker. JORDAN watches her.)

JORDAN: So... h-how are you?

ANGELA: (nods) Alright. You?

JORDAN: (shrug) Okay.


JORDAN: Are you mad at me?

ANGELA: Why would I be mad at you? I'm not mad at you.

JORDAN: You're just kinda quiet.

ANGELA: Yeah. Well.

(JORDAN stops, thinking.)

JORDAN: (quietly) Listen, Angela... what that guy, Brain, said yesterday... that wasn't true, and it wasn't fair... just 'cause you grew up with him or whatever, it doesn't mean that he like knows you or something. I mean, I disagree with him. I think.. pretty much everyone would disagree with him... I-I just wanted to say it.

ANGELA: (overcome) Thanks Jordan.

(JORDAN hesitates, then hugs her. ANGELA hugs him back.)

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