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Chapter 10: Friends will have to do

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Chapter 10: Friends will have to do

written by Shakira

added on: 24 Jul 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Angela walks up the front door of the krackows, and Brian answers the door.
Brian-what do you want chase, didn't i just see you like 10 minutes ago or something.
Angela-I um..just wanted to see how you were know?
Brian-I'm fine. I'm not some kid who you have to check up on and see how they're doing like every 10 minutes. i'm fine chase, okay. (long silence)
Angela-Look Brian i know how you feel about me, and i wish i could return those feelings to you but its not that easy. I mean i'm sorry but jordan and i are back together and you're just gotta deal with know what i'm saying. I'm really sorry Bri.
Brian-(half smiles) thanks, for being honest though and not like takin pity on me or something.
Angela-Me, pity Brian Krackow. That'll be the day
(they both laugh)
Angela- so i take it we're friends right. i mean cause i dont want anything or anyone to get in the way of our friendship?
Brian-We're always gonna be friends chase,thats like impossible. you can't know someone for over 10 years and just all of a sudden stop being friends with them one day.
Angela-(vo) brian was my friend. and jordan was my boyfriend. i can't lie, i did kind of pity him, becuz i knew we were only going to friends for like ever. he wanted more but, i guess i just wasn't down with that.
(out loud) So bri, yah wanna come ova and eat dinner with us or what. rayanne and rickie are at my house.
Brian-nah, i think imma pass on that one. maybe tomorrow or something.
Angela(smiling from ear to ear) of course. see yah tomorrow. later
Brian-(half smiles) see yah.

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