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Chapter 8: The Nobelman and Paris

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Chapter 8: The Nobelman and Paris

written by anonymous author

added on: 10 Nov 1999 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Jordan, Angela and Brian remain standing in the middle of the street. Angela, looking a bit bewildered and upset breaks the silence.

Angela:ummm, jordan? I can like help you, or whatever.... with the part. Cause I'll be doing my juliet part already, and it'd be, like, no trouble for me to help you too. It could be like fun.

AngelaPOV: I sooooo can't let Jordan give that part to Brian, what will i do? I can hardly talk to him now, let alone pretend he's my like fiance, or whatever.

Brian:*looks slightly upset, but gives angela a resinged look* Yeah, cause i'm like already too busy with my calculus class. Cause you know, it's hard when you're in accelerated, or whatever.

BrianPOV: I shoulda known she'd never want me to be Paris, when she could have Jordan.

Angela: Exactly! It's be a perfect way to...... ummmm...... raise your mark in english.

Jordan: *looks at angela* You mean you'd really do that for me? I wouldn't want to be troublin' you or anything.

JordanPOV: i can't believe she's gonna do this for me! After all I've done to her. I'm so glad though, this will give me a chance to make everything up to her.

Angela: *smiles and does her trademark hair tuck* Of course not. I'd love to help you.

AngelaPOV: This is soo great! We're finally going to set things straight. Maybe we'll work things out in the end.

Jordan: That's great, cause i thought you were just saying that, cause... you know..... um....

JordanPOV: because you feel obligated to, cause you don't want Brian to be Paris, cause you think it's a good way to humiliate me in front of our whole class..... but maybe cause you still love me, the way i love you..............

Angela: No, really. I think it'd be good for us, to do something like this.

Brian just stands silently beside them, while they exchange their reasurances to eachother.

BrianPOV: Of course Angela wouldn't want me to be Paris. Cause then she'd have to like talk to me. And that so would never happen in my lifetime. Angela is never going to like me. I just better give up, cause I'm never going to be good enough for her...... Why can't she just like me?

Jordan's voice cuts into Brians thought.

Jordan: So, Brain, thanks.... but i think i'm gonna take Angela up on her offer. Sorry, do you ,mind?

Brian: Of course not *smiles sadly* it was your part anyways. And you'll make a great Paris.

BrianPOV: Why should i mind? You're only stealing away the only girl i'll ever love.

Angela: Yeah, you'll do great Jordan.... and you'll make a great nobleman too Brian.

AngelaPOV: This is too wierd.... But at least Jordan and I might finally work things out...

Jordan: Yeah *smiles at Angela* so, do you like wanna go for a ride with me?

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You have 2 choices: What should happen next?
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    Chapter 9: Taking a Drive by LadyD (10 Nov 1999)
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    Chapter 9: Dinner, Jordan, and Brian. Oh my! by Aleusha (10 Nov 1999)
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