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The Interactive FanFiction Story

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Chapter 13: To make matters Complicated

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Chapter 13: To make matters Complicated

written by anonymous author

added on: 12 Jun 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Brian grabs the phone and the screen splits back into two as he says:
Brian- Yeah I can come. Sooo, you, like want me to come over now, or.....?
Angela- Sure.
Brian- Ok, see you in a little bit.
Angela- Ok. Bye.
Danielle- What did he say? Can he come?
Angela- Yes, he's on his way.
Angela goes into the kitchen and puts a pot of water on the stove.
The doorbell rings.
Danielle- I've got it!!!! Hi Brian! Hey, you're not Brian.
Jordon- Well hello to you too. Is Angela here?
Danielle- Yes, just a second. Angelaaaaa! You'r boOoOoyfriend is here!
Angela- What? (comes to the door) Oh, hey Jordon. Come in. What are you doing here?
Jordon- Well I tried calling you earlier to see if you needed a ride, but the phone was busy so I decided I would just come over.
The doorbell rings again.
Danielle- I got it. Hi Brian.
Brian looks into the house confused as he sees Jordon, and then turns to walk home.
Angela- Brian wait. Come back.
Brian turns around and comes into the house.
Jordon- Um....whats going on?
Brian- What IS going on?
Danielle- You see...
Angela- (cutting Danielle off)Danielle how about you go into the living room?
Danielle- No..
Angela- Don't make me call mom...
Danielle- ...fine.
Danielle leaves.
Angela, Jordon, and Brian go into the kitchen. Jordon and Brian sit at the table and Angela continues to make the spaghetti as she starts to explain whats going on to the dumbfounded boys.
Angela- Jordon, I tried to tell you at school today that I had to babysit my sister tonight, but you didn't hear me, so on the busride home I asked Brian if he could like fill-in for me and he said ok, so then I got home and my mom said she had to go to my Dad's restourant to help him out, and that I had to cook dinner. So I invited Brian over for dinner. I figured it was the least I could do since he was covering for me so I could go to your house. And then I was going to call you to see if you could come pick me up. You must have called while I was on the phone with Brian. And Brian, Jordon came over to see if I needed a ride to his house, which I do. So this is perfect. Did you eat dinner Jordon?
Jordon- No.
Angela- Cool, the four of us can eat here, and then after dinner we can go back to your house and go over lines. Sound good?
Jordon- Ok.
Brian- Ok.
Angela- Danielle! Dinner is ready!
The four eat in almost complete silence except for Daniele complimenting Brian and trying to make small talk while being as flirty as possable. Brian hardly responds.
Angela Voiceover- This is so weird! This whole situation. Oh jeeez....I just hope we can get through all this woithout talking about the ....*gasp*....letter.
Danielle cleans up the table.
Angela- I'll go grab my stuff and then we can leave.
Jordon- Well we can stay here if you're more comfortable?
Angela Voiceover- The four of all togther....mainly the three of us....this is just so akward. Though I wouls be more comfortable here, and then I wouldn't need Brian anymore.....

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