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Chapter 12: Wishful Thinking

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Chapter 12: Wishful Thinking

written by anonymous author

added on: 12 Jun 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Patty- Sheesh! Ok, ok, ok. I didn't know you were so interested in acting...I was the star of my high school play, you know?
Angela Voiceover- You were the star of everything. Do you always have to rub that in my face?
Angela- Yes I know. Thanks, mom.
Patty-'re going to have to make dinner tonight because I have to go right now which also means I can't give you a ride. Is that ok?
Angela- MoOoOom.....I guess. I'll find something to make and then find someone to take me.
Patty- Well I pulled out everything you'll need for spaghetti, so that's covered. Doesn't this Jordan boy drive?
Angela- Yes.....?
Patty- Well can't you ask him to come pick you up?
Angela- I'll call. Thanks. You better get going.
Patty- Are you sure you have everything under control?
Angela- Yes mom. Tell Dad I said hi.
Patty- Alright. I love you guys, bye sweeties!
Angela and Danielle (who has been sitting on the steps listening to everything, and is so very excited that her crush Brian is going to babysit her) together- Bye Mom!
Angela grabs the phone and calls Brian.
The screen splits into two as Brian answers, so we can see them both.
Brian- Hello?
Angela- Hi Brian. It's Angela.
Brian- I know.
Akward silence
Angela- So I'm making spaghetti for dinner, it's just me and Danielle, and I was wondering if maybe you wanted to come over and we could all eat and then I would go over Jordan's....what do you think?
Brian- Umm, alright, I'll go ask my mom.
Brian sets down the phone and the screen becomes one again as we see Angela staring off into space and waiting.
Angela Voiceover- Part of me wants him to come back and say he can, and the other part wants him to say he can't. What is going to happen tonight?

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