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Chapter 9: Not Yet

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Chapter 9: Not Yet

written by Joie

added on: 15 Mar 2001 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman


(ANGELA and JORDAN, kissing passionately, fall over onto the bed. JORDAN starts kissing stronger, ANGELA pulls away, sits up.)

ANGELA: Hang on, stop! Stop.

(JORDAN sighs, sits up.)


ANGELA : We can't just- I mean, (nervous laugh.) We can't do this.

JORDAN: Why not?

ANGELA: Because! (falters) We're in my house, my parents will be home, like, any second.

JORDAN: No they won't.

ANGELA: Yes, they will.

(JORDAN stares at ANGELA. ANGELA stares back at JORDAN. Beat.)

JORDAN: Well, you said you wanted to do it someplace special or whatever.

ANGELA: Yeah, I didn't mean in my bedroom where my parents could, like, come in at any time! Are you crazy?

JORDAN: Well... what about my place?

ANGELA: We..what about your parents anyway?

(JORDAN shrugs.)

ANGELA: Look, Jordan... I can't, okay? God! (sudden laugh.) I mean, I don't even know, you know... we aren't even, I don't know, going out or whatever, and you just suddenly expect me to do it with you? I mean, come on.

JORDAN: What, we aren't going out? What do you mean, we're kissing, but we're not dating, is that what you're saying?

ANGELA: No! I'm just- I don't know what's happening now, okay? I didn't even mean to start anything with you, okay? So just... don't.

(ANGELA sits, annoyed, on the side of the bed. JORDAN stands.)

JORDAN: Okay, so I'll go.

ANGELA: What, you'll only stay if I have sex with you?

JORDAN: I thought you wanted me to go!

ANGELA says:

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